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"Surprise surprise!" Sanvi announced excitedly.

"Virat! Sanvi! h.e.l.llooo!" Jayne exclaimed.

"h.e.l.lo Jayne! h.e.l.lo Mr Roy!" Virat and Sanvi took turns to greet each other.

"If you're addressing her as Jayne, you don't need to be so formal with me either guys. Call me Ronnie." Ronnie laughed.

"Sure Ronnie!" Virat joined him in his laughter.

"You guys have come in at the perfect time.. Come on in! Join our Sunday brunch!" Ronnie invited them.

Mr Richard Roy had some work at one of his companies in Germany. So, he took along his wife and Jayne's parents along with him. They all had left the previous day. Hence, only Ronnie and Jayne were at home right now.

"Where's uncle and auntie?" Virat enquired.

"Oh they left to Germany yesterday on work Virat. My parents too accompanied them." Jayne answered.

"Oh I thought we'd be getting to eat Sona aunty's  Indian food." Sanvi sounded disappointed.

Virat and Sanvi thought they might get to eat Jayne's mother's Indian food. They were slightly disappointed when it was the British Sunday brunch instead. Nevertheless, they dug in.

All four of them had a great brunch. They then walked towards the living area. The maids served them some mouth watering desserts. They were all having a great time.

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Virat then began speaking about their sudden visit, "Jayne, Ronnie, actually the reason we came unannounced is to invite you."


After getting back home from Maya's inaugural day function, where she performed as Juliet, Virat had thought through enough before deciding to marry Sanvi. In any which way he tried to a.n.a.lyse, marriage with Sanvi was the best option available. He thought it was high time for him to walk out of Maya's life.

Her character portrayal was like a reality check on him. Realisation finally dawned on him that it would be futile to continue to pursue Maya and if he did, it'll only ruin not just Maya's life but Ronnie and Sanvi's life as well. Neither of them would be happy.

He had thought that Maya would be his future. But then he realised, life doesn't always happen in the way it's planned. One incident changed everything. His Maya moved on to become somebody else's while on the flip side, he also got his true love.

Maya was never his to begin with. So, he came to terms with reality and accepted Sanvi and their child wholeheartedly. He didn't want to ruin their love just because of his insanity. Plus, this choice would mean the rightful ending for all the four of them.

"The universe indeed conspired for Ronnie and Maya to meet. As for me, she was just a pa.s.serby, who left an indelible mark in my life." ~ Virat


Sanvi turned crimson after Virat spoke.

Jayne eyed them both. "Hey! Hey! Hey! You guys are getting married?" Jayne was so excited that she began clapping her hands.

Ronnie loved to see Jayne carefree like this. He pulled her into his embrace.

Sanvi just blushed even more. It was Virat who answered Jayne. "You're right Jayne! We both are planning to get married in the next week. It'll be a very low key affair with just a few of our colleagues and of course you guys! It's like the entire London is attending our wedding when our Mr Ronnie Roy comes."

"Oh come on Virat! You're exaggerating it!" Ronnie laughed out loud. "So, where do you plan to hold your wedding?" He enquired.

"Next Sunday, at the Southwark Cathedral Church Ronnie." Sanvi answered.

"What a coincidence! Even we both got married there!" Ronnie exclaimed!

"Oh wow! That's great!" Virat and Sanvi were surprised. They just checked on the church available on that day. Coincidentally, only Southwark Cathedral wasn't engaged. Thus, they decided to get married there.

"I don't care about you guys being married already. You two will be our Best Man and Best Woman." Virat proposed.

"Sure!" Ronnie himself didn't know why he was so happy to hear their wedding news.

Jayne spoke up, "Hey, your wedding attires will be designed by my company's designer Ms s.h.i.+rley Symonds. So, it's on me alright!"

Virat and Sanvi agreed with her happily.

"Daniel West will a.s.sist in your wedding preparations Virat. Don't hesitate to ask him for anything you guys want." Ronnie insisted.

"Thanks a lot to you two!" Sanvi was overwhelmed.

"Please ask aunty and uncle to come back soon." Virat requested.

"Haha definitely! They should be here by tonight." Jayne explained.

"Okay then, we'll leave for now." Virat and Sanvi bid goodbye to them and left the Roy mansion hand in hand.


Katherine Bradford finally regained her conscious. She fluttered open her eyelids. Her face had turned pale. The nurse who was observing her asked, "Hey, you awake? How are you feeling?"

Katherine Bradford felt her throat had gone dry. She struggled hard to speak.

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