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The Universe Conspired For Us To Meet summary:

For him,She was a mystery...She was like an ocean with secrets hidden in the deepest corners of her heart.But he wanted to take a chance to unravel the mystery, dive deep into the bottom of her soul.He was ready to fight against the world to have her by his side. After all love cannot be one of the monotonous things of life.. 'Though this is the first ever time I 'm meeting...

The Universe Conspired For Us To Meet Chapters

Time uploaded
196 Surprise! Aug-13-19
194 James Bradford Aug-13-19
Chapter 184 Aug-06-19
Chapter 183 Aug-06-19
Chapter 167 Aug-06-19
Chapter 166 Aug-06-19
Chapter 165 Aug-06-19
Chapter 99 Aug-06-19
Chapter 98 Aug-06-19
Chapter 97 Aug-06-19
Chapter 86 Aug-06-19
Chapter 85 Aug-06-19
Chapter 84 Aug-06-19
Chapter 83 Aug-06-19
Chapter 82 Aug-06-19
Chapter 81 Aug-06-19
Chapter 80 Aug-06-19
Chapter 79 Aug-06-19
Chapter 15 Aug-06-19
Chapter 14 Aug-06-19
Chapter 1 Aug-06-19
188 I'm Late! Aug-03-19
186 Finally Free Aug-03-19
174 Being Human Jul-18-19
172 It's Kate! Jul-18-19
163 Call Me Vira Jul-09-19
161 This Is Home! Jul-09-19
158 Consent Form Jul-09-19
155 Hideou Jul-09-19
149 "Love" Jul-09-19
148 Our Baby... Jul-09-19
147 I Know My Maya Jul-09-19
144 Heartbroken Jun-15-19
143 Lady Boss Jun-15-19
142 Payback Time Jun-15-19
137 Mrs Jayne Roy Jun-10-19
136 The Same Song Jun-10-19
135 Nine On Ten Jun-10-19
134 Crazy Girl! Jun-10-19
133 Help Me.... Jun-10-19
132 Good Mood Jun-10-19
130 Reunion Jun-10-19
126 Bake A Cake Jun-10-19
124 Missing Pieces Jun-10-19
111 You'll Be Mine Jun-10-19
110 Our Time! Jun-10-19
108 Duet Dance Jun-10-19
106 Dance Partner Jun-10-19
105 Song Of Love Jun-10-19
102 Once More! Jun-10-19
101 Complain Jun-10-19
100 My Wife Jun-10-19
99 January 1S Jun-10-19
98 Wedding Night-2 Jun-10-19
97 Wedding Night-1 Jun-10-19
95 Toxic Love! Jun-10-19
94 Hitched! Jun-10-19
92 Second Chance Jun-10-19
86 Diary-9 Jun-10-19
85 Diary-8 Jun-10-19
84 Diary-7 Jun-10-19
83 Diary-6 Jun-10-19
82 Diary-5 Jun-10-19
81 Diary-4 Jun-10-19
80 Diary-3 Jun-10-19
79 Diary-2 Jun-10-19
78 Diary-1 Jun-10-19
77 Confess Jun-10-19
75 City Lights Jun-10-19
71 Grandchild Jun-10-19
70 Love Story Jun-10-19
69 Important Task Jun-10-19
67 "Character" Jun-10-19
65 Hold On Baby... Jun-10-19
63 Tonight Baby! Jun-10-19
61 Surprise! Jun-10-19
60 The Documents Jun-10-19
58 Bad News! Jun-10-19
55 Warning! Jun-10-19
53 Our Home Jun-10-19
52 Christmas Eve Jun-10-19
50 First Date Jun-10-19
49 Special Interes Jun-10-19
43 A Letter Jun-10-19
38 'Missing' Jun-10-19
33 Please Leave Jun-10-19
27 I'll Try Harder Jun-10-19
22 Nature's Fury Jun-10-19
20 Ma'am Is Angry Jun-10-19
19 In The Woods Jun-10-19
12 Guardian Angel Jun-10-19
10 Confession Jun-10-19
9 My Dear Husband Jun-10-19
8 Da Nuru Sherpa Jun-10-19
7 Jayne Roy Jun-10-19
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