Ghost Marriage, The Abandoned Wife Has Three Treasures Chapter 67.2 - Stronger than the last one (Part 2)

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Chapter 67: Stronger than the last one (Part 2)

“Yeah! She’s turning her elbows out, why can’t my, Mu Yunxuan’s wife do that?”

Mu Yunxuan smiled, his eyes became a little soft.

Ling Qiushui, who just came in heard of that last sentence. When she heard of it, she suddenly felt a thousand layers of waves in her heart. Her body trembled in nervousness: Yeah! She is turning some elbows out, why can’t my, Mu Yunxuan’s wife do that?

Who is she? Who’s his wife? Ling Qiushui hated herself for being one step late. Mu Yunxuan didn’t return last night. Where did he go?

“Miss Ling.”

As soon as Qing Feng entered the door, she saw Ling Qiushui with a pensive look. Seeing her holding her breath, he immediately became displeased.

However, he simply said h.e.l.lo according to the etiquette.

Ling Qiushui, who was startled, looked at Qing Feng with extremely unnaturally facial expression.

“Oh! Qing Feng, you’re back. I came to see if the Lord is here. Madam wants to ask the lord if he wanted to have dinner together.”

Ling Qiushui didn’t make any excuses this time. Jun Zixi really asked her to come in here.

Qing Feng’s displeased expression was already in her eyes. He was displeased because she held her breath. In Qing Feng’s eyes, she came to eavesdrop.

“Why is it so noisy outside?”

Mu Yunhan’s voice suddenly sounded.

Ling Qiushui followed Qing Feng in.

Ling Qiushui’s eyes immediately fell on Mu Yunxuan’s body.

“Lord, second master, the madam is asking if you wanted to eat dinner together.”

Mu Yunxuan continued burying his head and ignored everyone.

Mu Yunhan coldly looked at Ling Qiushui.

“Miss Ling, I said this many times, you don’t need to do this. Miss Ling, you are a guest in Yun City, I dare not let you do this kind of thing.”

“Yunhan, this is just a trivial matter, is it not?”

Ling Qiushui’s facial expression looked very unnatural. She understood the meaning of Mu Yunhan’s tone. He was thinking that she was being too nosy, but who can blame her? If Mu Yunxuan put her in his eyes, does she need to sneak to his room every day?

“Miss Ling, you go out first! I and my brother still have to talk about something.”

“Then, the dinner… …”

Ling Qiushui pursed her lips and looked at Mu Yunxuan. Unfortunately, Mu Yunxuan still didn’t pay her attention.

Mu Yunxuan seemed like condensing essence from the heavens and the earth, which made his figure looked stunning and gorgeous. He was charming every time she saw him, which she couldn’t help but want to look at him more, but he… …

“Tell mother, we’ll go over for dinner.”

Mu Yunhan answered indifferently.

“Ok! Then, I’ll go back first.”

Ling Qiushui turned and walked outside, as discomfort and sadness immediately showed on her face. What was Mu Yunxuan’s heart made of? Although she was not as beautiful as a fairy, she was a beautiful lady in Ling Family. The people who wanted to marry her lining up for a long time every day, but with Mu Yunxuan, he doesn’t even look at her.

Mu Yunxuan, one day, I, Ling Qiushui will make you serve me well.

“Qing Feng, where have you been? Why did you come back so late?”

Mu Yunhan thought that his elder brother must have asked Qing Feng to check on their elder sister-in-law’s whereabouts.

“Lord, second master, the master of Mingyue Villa went out of the capital, together with Housekeeper He, but was followed by the people of the Third Prince, who set up an ambush halfway.”

Suddenly, Mu Yunxuan’s dark pupil flashed with coldness and killing intent.

“Big Brother, it seems Lintian still hasn’t given up. Why does he think that sister-in-law would be Su Zimo?”

Mu Yunhan was very puzzled. He couldn’t doubt Su Zimo just by looking at Su Qingjue and Su Zinian alone. The former Su Zimo was nothing in Jun Lintian’s eyes. So why would he a.s.sociate with the master of Mingyue Mountain Villa? Why was he thinking about Su Zimo?

“Of course, there was someone who deliberately pa.s.sed the news on to Jun Lintian. Qing Feng was very clear.”

Mu Yunxuan sneered. Some people just like to jump in front of the blade of a knife. They were determined to seek death. Well, he, Mu Yunxuan has no reason to fulfill their wish.

“Big Brother means …?”

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Ghost Marriage, The Abandoned Wife Has Three Treasures Chapter 67.2 - Stronger than the last one (Part 2) summary

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