Ghost Marriage, The Abandoned Wife Has Three Treasures Chapter 67.1 - Stronger than the last one (Part 1)

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Chapter 67: Stronger than the last one (Part 1)

“Big Brother, look at you. You just didn’t come back all night, but your mouth is curving all day.”

In fact, deep inside Mu Yunhan’s heart, he had never seen his elder brother so happy like this before.

Especially after that ghost marriage, and after Su Zimo fell off the cliff, his elder brother’s heart has been tied with a knot. This so-called knot needs to be untied by a person. And when that person appeared, his elder brother’s mood changed.

“Yunhan, Qi’er is willing to call me father, so of course, I am very happy. I told him that I will come and see him again tonight. That kid is like a ghost spirit, his small mouth always speaks tender and funny stuff.”

Mu Yunxuan didn’t conceal anything to Mu Yunhan. As the master of Yun City, he has very few friends. The only two friends he made went to inspect shops for him in various countries.

“If Zi Mo and Jin Cheng are here, they’ll be surprised at your changes.”

Mu Yunhan poured himself a cup of tea, he was happy for his elder brother.

He also thought that this was some kind of blessing to his elder brother. After 6 years, 3 children entered his life. His elder not only didn’t feel abrupt but felt very lucky. It seems that there was a constant fate between his elder brother and Su Zimo.

“Yunhan, did you find anything?”

Mu Yunxuan began asking about their business.

“Big Brother, I found it, but I’m afraid you will feel sad after listening to it.”

Mu Yunhan’s face was filled smile. After his elder brother heard of it, he will definitely be jealous.

“It’s a fact, how can I feel sad? If I guess it right, the Hengfeng Commercial Business belongs to Murong Shaofeng.”

Mu Yunxuan’s face was slightly cold. He had already guessed something in his mind. He asked Mu Yunhan to investigate it, just to confirm things.

“Big Brother is really powerful, you’re right, Hengfeng Commercial Business belongs to Murong Shaofeng.”

Seeing his elder brother’s cold face, Mu Yunhan knew that his elder brother was very uncomfortable.

Mu Yunhan added: “In the Xingyue Country, there is no conflict between the goods in Hengfeng Commercial Bank and the goods in Mingyue Mountain Villa. The person who provides goods to Hengfeng Commercial Business is sister-in-law. Sister-in-law has more goods than we imagine. If Murong Shaofeng didn’t come to Haoyue Country this time, we wouldn’t have a chance to find out these things.”

After hearing those words, Mu Yunxuan sneered. This Su Zimo was very different from the Su Zimo he had previously met. Thinking about it, when he first saw her, she was cold and calm. She didn’t even cry. At that time, she dared to rebel against him and fight back by saying bad words.

Later after that time, he found out that Su Zimo in Su Family was being bullied by others, but dared not speak. At best, she can only be regarded as an empty vase! So when he saw her the second time, probably because of guilt and because he knew she was unwilling, she easily attracted his attention. After 6 years without seeing her, she seemed to have been reborn. Not only provoked the Third Prince, she even became pro in business, which surprised him even more. And not only that, she, who couldn’t cultivate reached the 5th stage of Jinxuan Period. If he didn’t see her before, he will think that they were not the same person.

“Big Brother, judging from the current situation, sister-in-law doesn’t seem to know Murong Shaofeng’s true.”

Mu Yunhan frowned, that was what he found.

“Hmph!” Mu Yunxuan coldly snorted: “With her shrewd personality, do you think she will cooperate with an unknown person?”

From time to time, Mu Yunxuan’s eyelids exuded some mysterious shadow.

“Big Brother, you mean …?”

“With Su Zimo’s personality, she never does anything that she was uncertain. She knows Murong Shaofeng’s ident.i.ty, she only shows on the surface …”

With the way the two of them getting along together. Mu Yunxuan was sure that Su Zimo was pretending to be confused.

“Then, sister-in-law turned her elbows out. The weather in Xingyue Country was cold. The wine business under the name of Hengfeng Commercial Bank is particularly good. While we, I received a letter that our wine business has plummeted. Hengfeng Business has a large variety of wines. They even have wine for women, which sells like crazy.”

Mu Yunhan said with a rigid tone. But in fact, he admired Su Zimo.

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Ghost Marriage, The Abandoned Wife Has Three Treasures Chapter 67.1 - Stronger than the last one (Part 1) summary

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