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Chapter 66: Do it (Part 4)

“Master, his royal highness the Crown Prince is here.”

Qing Lian, who was wearing a blue dress, came with a bamboo basket in her hand.

“His Royal Highness, what is he doing here?”

Su Zimo frowned: Did Jun Shaochen came to thank her?

“Master, the crown prince came to find Eldest Miss Su.”

“Looking for my sister?”

Su Qingjie: “…”

Su Zimo: “…”

“Momo, what’s wrong with the crown prince? Why is he looking for me?”

Su Zinian became a little nervous.

After all, the other party was the crown prince.

“Sister, don’t be nervous. His Royal Highness is a reasonable person. He will not come to Mingyue Villa just to mess around. If I guessed it correctly, the Crown Prince came here to thank elder sister for taking care of him.”

Su Zimo looked at Su Zinian and said with a vague tone. Why does she felt like that the crown prince motive was a little impure?


Su Zinian looked at Su Zimo with a bit of blame.

The smile on Su Zimo’s lips was getting wider and wider.

Ancient women really couldn’t stand a little teasing. Look at her sister, her face was as red as an apple.

“Okay, elder sister, Qing Lian will go with you! If you have someone with you, you will not feel uncomfortable. Qing Lian… …”

Su Zimo stopped making fun of Su Zinian.

The playfulness in her eyes disappeared.

“Yes, Master.”

Qing Lian nodded with a smile. Their Master was so happy. Usually, she always looked serious. There was a coldness in her eyes. But at this moment, she looked a bit naughty.

“Then you go! I will go out of the house to do something.”

Su Zimo smiled at them and then turned to leave.


At the gate of Mingyue Mountain Villa, He Yunting was already there with the carriage. A fire-red horse was pulling the carriage.

The carriage was not decorated with any precious items. It looks plain and simple. It looked just like any ordinary carriage.

Only knowledgeable people know that there were many precious items that worth thousand of silvers were placed on it.

“Momo, this time, it is estimated that we will be back before it gets dark.”

Looking at Su Zimo getting on the carriage, He Yunting let the fire-red began to walk on the road.

“It’s good to be back before it gets dark. All the things we need are in Yuhua Village. Whether we can produce a ma.s.s of colored paper depends on Yuhua Village’s natural dyes.”

Su Zimo didn’t dare to be sloppy. When she decided to take revenge, she had thought about the consequences, but still, her heart was burning like fire. She doesn’t know if it was the ancient Su Zimo’s anger or herself. She simply cannot swallow this anger.

He Yunting pursed her lips, he knew her character very well. She will not listen to him regardless of his pain or her pain. All she could do was to help her as much as possible.

As the fire red slowly walked outside the capital, Su Zimo was lost in thoughts, but her face still looked dignified.


In the Third Prince’s palace, a dark shadow quickly appeared in the study room.

Jun Lintian was burying his head on the table.

The man in black knelt on one knee and respectfully said, “Your highness, the master of Mingyue Villa went out of the capital.”

Jun Lintian didn’t look up, he just coldly said: “Keep an eye on them, then set an ambush halfway.”

“Yes, your highness.”

The man in black didn’t hesitate, he quickly walked out of the study room.

Jun Lintian put down his pen, as a trace of vicious attempt flashed in his eyes. His eyes that squinted revealed a trace of killing intent.

“Su Zimo, if you are really alive and return to Haoyue Country, then the first thing you want to do is to take revenge, isn’t it? I will reveal the answer to this question tonight.”

Jun Lintian got up and went out… …


In Yun City, in the study room.

Mu Yunxuan was in a good mood all day after returning.

In addition to being happy, he quickly finished all the things he had to do. In just half a day, he already read all the accounting books.

Mu Yunhan, who was wearing a red robe, with a streamer of gemstones tied around his waist. His whole body was full of charming l.u.s.ter.

Mu Yunhan slowly walked inside the room. He knew that his elder brother didn’t come back all night, so when he saw his elder brother was in a good mood, he didn’t ask anymore where did he go.

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