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"Little fox?"

A cute little face appeared in Jiang Yi's mind as the corner of his mouth revealed a smile. He glanced over at Zhuge Qingyun's courtyard and quickly exited the college.


Before he went out of the college gate, an air-piercing sound could be heard from behind. Jiang Yi turned around to look and actually saw a green jade talisman that was used for messaging, which was similar to the one Qi had. He quickly used one hand to catch it.

"This is a messaging jade talisman. Refine it with your essence force, and you can communicate with me. I reckon that the Demon Empress is looking for you. If it is, then you can be rea.s.sured and go. Your grandfather and Xiaonu will stay here peacefully." Zhuge Qingyun sent another message while Jiang Yi nodded and swiftly went out of the college. He then descended the mountain.


Facing the moonlight, Jiang Yi actually saw two giant Demon Kings towering on a peak of a little hill. On a blood red demonic beast which had a bear's head and lion's body was a cute little fox which was calling out to him. A pair of little eyes bent into a crescent shape while the three pretty tails were wagging lightly; it was obviously delighted to see Jiang Yi.

"My Lord, my Lord. I am Xiao Fei; I came looking for you to play."

Jiang Yi ran down and approached them while the little fox immediately sent a message, as it leaped off from the Demon King and jumped right into Jiang Yi's arm.

"Xiao Fei."

Jiang Yi carried the little fox and rubbed its small head while his eyes were filled with pampering. He could clearly feel the friendliness and affection from this little fox, which was sincere and without any hint of false feelings. Jiang Yi naturally liked the little fox from the bottom of his heart and smiled as he said, "Xiao Fei, don't call 'My Lord' anymore. My name is Jiang Yi; you can address me by my name."

Xiao Fei lifted her head as she scratched her head with her furry claw and sent another message: "Empress Mother once said that calling someone 'Lord' represents respect. Xiao Fei respects you a lot; I cannot address you by your name. Why don't I call you Big Brother instead?"

"That will work, too."

Jiang Yi nodded while he looked down and spoke to the little fox, "Xiao Fei, does your Empress Mother know that you came out? You shouldn't run around recklessly; there are too many bad people outside. Do you understand?"


The little fox perked up its head with pride and said, "Xiao Fei left the mountain under orders this time. Empress Mother asked Xiao Fei to invite you back to be a guest. Don't worry, Xiao Hong and Xiao Hei are both very strong. Normal people will never be a match for them."

"Xiao Hong? Xiao Hei?"

Jiang Yi looked over at the two big fellows and rubbed his nose embarra.s.sedly. Only the little fox would dare to give such a name to two Demon Kings which were comparable to Vajra Realm martial experts, right?Find authorized novels in Webnovel,faster updates, better experience,Please click for visiting.

These two Demon Kings were both several feet tall and were really no different from a little hill. One of them was the blood red demonic beast which had a bear's head and a lion's body—clad in fur that was s.h.i.+ning with a red glow. Those mace-like eyes were filled with an ominous glint while the chilling light coming from the sharp claws and fangs in that huge mouth was admirable. Jiang Yi even doubted if a peak-stage Soul Travel Realm expert's body would actually be able to withstand a blow from it.

The other Demon King was one that Jiang Yi saw outside Stellarsky City. It was a black giant ape that didn't have any fur and was covered in pieces of black scales instead. It was needless to say how astounding its defenses were.

Zhuge Qingyun got it correct that the Demon Empress had summoned him. Jiang Yi didn't know why the Demon Empress was looking for him. When he saw the two Demon Kings—bursting with vicious combat strength—obviously didn't have any ill intentions towards him, it caused Jiang Yi to be relieved. He muttered to himself for a moment and said, "Alright then. Wait here for a moment, I will go back for a short while and follow you to the depths to the mountain."


The little fox nodded as though it was human and flew towards Xiao Hong. That blood red demonic beast extended one of its giant limbs and allowed the little fox to climb up towards its shoulder.

Jiang Yi returned to Mt. Spirit Beast College and informed Jiang Yunhai, Qian w.a.n.guan, and Jiang Xiaonu. When he saw how worried Xiaonu was, he rubbed her head and smiled while saying, "Xiaonu, don't worry. I am friends with the demon race's little princess. They will not harm me."

After bidding goodbye, Jiang Yi went over to Zhuge Qingyun for a moment before he flew down Mt. Spirit Beast. When he was nearer to the two Demon Kings, he waved his hand and said, "Let's go. Lead the way; I will follow you."

Jiang Yi's well-built body trembled when that blood red Demon King had a flash of mockery in its eyes. It suddenly opened its mouth and m.u.f.fled something, "With your strength, do you think you can keep up with us?"

Jiang Yi was so shocked that he was speechless. Xiao Fei's eyes smiled into a crescent shape again; it was beaming when it sent a message. "Big Brother, don't be surprised. Xiao Hong and Xiao Hei are very strong; they can even talk! Big Brother, quickly come up and let Xiao Hong carry us. It is very fast!"

"Go—go up?"

Jiang Yi blushed with shame. Going on top a Demon King's shoulder? Would it not kill him in a single palm strike? The Demon King was equivalent to a Vajra Realm martial expert, and they were prideful and dignified.

"You humans are just hypocrites and unreasonable."

The blood red demonic beast revealed a despising look in its very human-like eyes. Its giant paws clawed over and grabbed Jiang Yi with lightning speed, throwing him onto its shoulder. Activating both of its hind limbs, it dashed towards the depths of the mountain while giving rise to tremors and rumbling noises.

When Jiang Yi felt the fearful might of the demonic beast below him, he felt suffocating; and his face was nothing but pale. This wasn't fear in his heart, but a human's instinctive reaction. The Demon King natural release of its might was too overwhelming.


When the little fox saw Jiang Yi in his current state, its little face was filled with anger as it called out to the blood red Demon King. It was then when the Demon King did weaken its fearful might, which made Jiang Yi feel much more comfortable. At least, he wasn't immobilized anymore.


Outside of the college, Qi and the others were all standing on top for a mountain peak while there were many patrol team members below the mountain. Every one of them looked at Jiang Yi, who was riding on the shoulder of that blood red Demon King, and looked at one another's faces.

Demonic beasts and humans had been opposing each other since ancient times. They would kill each other upon sight, and it was fine if Jiang Yi had just broken this norm. Right now, he was actually riding on top of a Demon King's shoulder?

Mighty individuals all had their pride and dignity. The Demon King was on the same level as a Vajra Realm martial expert, and it naturally had its own unyielding character, too. Jiang Yi was probably the only human to sit on top of a Demon King's body.

"Perhaps…" Qi looked on in a daze as Jiang Yi and the Demon King vanished into the distance. She muttered to herself, "Because of Jiang Yi, the relations.h.i.+p between humans and high-tiered demonic beasts has made great improvements. The continent might never have to suffer the fate of being overwhelmed by demonic beasts…"

"Why is the Demon Empress giving Jiang Yi such preferential treatment?"

Another vice looked at Qi with doubt and asked, "If the Demon Empress didn't give the orders, this Demon King will never have allowed Jiang Yi to sit on its shoulder, right? If it is merely because Jiang Yi saved the little fox and is on good terms with the little fox, the Demon Empress will never offer such treatment to Jiang Yi. What kind of secret is this Jiang Yi hiding in his body exactly? Even the demon race's emperor is giving him such special treatment?"

"I do not know as well." Qi shook her head and revealed a light smile. "Let us wait and see. Perhaps… Jiang Yi might bring us great surprises soon enough."

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