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Chapter 859: Fire-Snake Orchid

There were myriads of treasures in the world, and there were plenty which allowed one to alter their external appearances like the appearance alteration elixir, Hundred Transformation Mask, illusion stones. However, one’s soul spirit aura presence could never be changed as it was the soul spirit inside of the aura presence. No matter how much change a person could have, it was impossible to change the soul spirit, right?

It was why Astrologers were very popular in the East Imperial Continent. With an Astrologer, all kinds of enemies could be tracked down, which also helped the great clans to put up some deterrence. Regular experts in the East Imperial Continent would never dare to provoke a great clan who possessed an Astrologer.

If Jiang Yi could casually change his soul spirit aura presence and his appearance, She Fei wouldn’t recognize him even if he stood beside She Fei. Even if Jiang Yi was to kill She Fei, he could just use the Heaven Evasion to instantly escape and alter his appearance and soul spirit aura presence while the She Clan could only stare helplessly. It was impossible for the She Clan to go around killing people blindly, right?

The ability to escape as one wished, the ability to hide as one wished, and the ability to kill as one wished!

When Jiang Yi thought about this, his entire body was s.h.i.+vering. If he could truly comprehend the “Mirage” ability, wherein this world could he not go? No matter how powerful the Nine Thearchs Clans were, what could they do to him? He could think of a method to scout about Su Ruoxue’s information and then use all methods to rescue her. He could even travel in East Imperial Continent and scout out for information about Yi Piaopiao and Yu Wen.

“That’s right…”

When recalling about Yi Piaopiao and Yu Wen, Jiang Yi took two deep breaths and forced himself to calm down. He then looked at Ao Lu and asked, “Senior, can you help me find a woman called Yi Piaopiao and an expert called Yu Wen? These two individuals should be members of major clans from the East Imperial Continent.”

The Endless Deep Sea and the East Imperial Continent were on opposing sides, and they were also guarding against each other and attacking each other. Jiang Yi guessed that the Endless Dee Sea had so many mystical demon races. They must have scouts that were hidden in the East Imperial Continent to scout for information. Furthermore, the information they have should be a hundred times or a thousand times more accurate than the G.o.ds Bestow Tribe.

“It’s simple!”

Ao Lu didn’t hesitate as he let out a deep yell, “Summon the Shadow Emperor in!”


There was a slight breeze as a green-armored Demon Sovereign suddenly appeared in the hall. Jiang Yi didn’t know how he entered; neither did he feel any ripples in the spatial zone.

Ao Lu locked his eyes on Shadow Emperor and asked, “Do you know of a woman named Yi Piaopiao in East Imperial Continent? And another person named Yu Wen. Jiang Yi said they are from major clans.”

Shadow Emperor had a mediocre look, and no one would take a second glance at him even if they placed him in a group of people. He paused for a moment and cupped his hands. “Thearch, I will need to s.h.i.+ft some information. Give me one hour.”

“Go then!”

After Ao Lu waved his hand, Shadow Emperor’s body vanished like a trace of breeze again. Jiang Yi couldn’t even see any shadow as Shadow Emperor vanished. His heart was feeling apprehensive as he didn’t know if Shadow Emperor could check out anything.

“Kid, don’t worry!”

Ao Lu spoke with pride, “Shadow Emperor’s race comes and goes without any shadow or traces, and they are not just one of the best scouts in Stellarsky Domain, but the absolute best. They have records of all the East Imperial Continent’s clan members. If these two individual exists, he will definitely be able to find them.”

“That will be great, that will be great!”

Jiang Yi nodded his head like a little chick pecking. Ao Lu’s straight brows raised up as he asked with a serious tone, “Kid, about the matter earlier. Do you agree or not? If you don’t, then this Great One will not help you to look for the person you are looking for.”


Jiang Yi gritted his teeth and nodded. “Senior, if I can truly alter my soul spirit aura presence, then I will make a trip to East Imperial Continent; and I will do my best to obtain the Mystic Divine Palace. I will also make sure… to wreak havoc and overturn the East Imperial Continent.”


Ao Lu laughed heartily and said, “You can have the peace of mind and wreak havoc. When the time comes, those human puppets under our demon race will all transfer for you to use. Of course… those scouts and hidden demon race members in the East Imperial Continent mustn’t be touched by you. Otherwise, the Nine Thearchs Clans will conduct a clean-up operation. Moreover, if you are to mobilize the demon race members, you would become the public enemy of the humans. The humans can have internal conflicts, but they must never collude with the demon race. That is the rule of the East Imperial Continent.”

“Thank you, Senior!”

Jiang Yi made a deep bow while his eyes flickered as he recalled about Jiang Xiaonu before he asked again, “Senior, have you heard of the Ink Feather Race? It is my Little Sister’s race. When their race doesn’t transform, they will not have a hint of combat strength, but they will have a drastic increase in strength after transformation. Right now, her Ink Feather Divine Art has already been cultivated to the peak of the second stage, and her strength is now at the peak stage of Heaven Monarch. However, it is a pity that she didn’t have the cultivation method for the third stage.”

“Is there such a mystical race?”

Ao Lu was slightly astonished as he shook his head immediately and said, “The East Imperial Continent has plenty of special races, but this Great One has never heard of the Ink Feather Race. When Shadow Emperor returns, later on, you can ask him. This Great One has been in the Mystic Divine Palace for more than 700,000 years. There must have been countless changes in Stellarsky Domain.”


Jiang Yi said by the side and was looking forward to Shadow Emperor’s return, so much that even his breathing got erratic. Ao Lu pondered for a moment and spoke again, “Kid, this Great One has something I want to ask a favor for. It is regarding Qianqian!”


Jiang Yi’s frowned and stood up to ask, “What happened to Qianqian? Senior, please ask.”

Ao Lu’s body had this suddenly trace of killing aura, which made the entire hall stifling. He let out a slight sigh and said, “Our Black Tortoise Race has a very long lifespan and has insane defensive abilities. We are considered near-immortal existences in the Endless Deep Sea. Hence, the Black Tortoise Race has always been one of the most powerful races among the demon races. Back when the human and demon races were in a war, the demon race suffered a great catastrophe. Many of our race had been killed, causing our strength to suffer a huge decline, and this Great One had been imprisoned by the Mystic Thearch!

“This Great One had been a tyrant throughout my rule which caused displeasure to many demon races. When this Great One had been imprisoned, our Black Tortoise Race had suffered a cleansing by the alliance of the other races and nearly went extinct, leaving only Qianqian’s father’s lineage where they hid in the ice cave at the north of the Endless Deep Sea. It was a pity… before this Great One could escape, they had been found. When this Great One returned, they were nearly eliminated. Only Qianqian had fortunately survived after being protected by her father. However, Qianqian’s soul spirit was afflicted with an extreme toxin, and if she didn’t consume a certain spirit herb, she will not live more than ten years.”


Jiang Yi stared blankly as he didn’t expect Qianqian’s life experience to be so pitiful, but he felt a little odd. With Ao Lu’s capability, if the millions of demon race in the Endless Deep Sea couldn’t find this spirit herb, would Jiang Yi be able to do it?

Ao Lu could see the doubts in Jiang Yi’s eyes as he let out a huge sigh and said, “This Great One has an elixir concoction that can refine a divine elixir which can neutralize all poison in the world. This concoction was obtained from the Mystic Divine Palace. Ten different types of spirit herbs must be used to refine this divine elixir, and this Great One has already obtained nine different types. I am only lacking the Fire-Snake Orchid.

“This Fire-Snake Orchid can only be found in the Purgatory Ruin which is nearby the Buddha Thearch City. The demon race is unable to enter this Purgatory Ruin, and the Buddha Thearch City has very strict control for this ruin. After you go into East Imperial Continent, you think of a way to make a trip to Buddha Thearch City. Of course… we will also think of all ways as Qianqian’s survival is dependent on this Fire-Snake Orchid!”

“Buddha Thearch City?”

A purple-haired young lady with an exceptional figure appeared in his mind. A few years had already pa.s.sed; he wondered if Yi Chan still remembered him? Had that beautiful woman married to anyone?


After pausing for a moment, Jiang Yi cupped his hands solemnly and said, “Senior, if I can go to the East Imperial Continent, I will surely think of a way to make a trip to Buddha Thearch City and get a stalk of Fire-Snake Orchid to treat Qianqian.”

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