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Ling Yi was full of satisfaction as he watched Ling Lan leave. With the Young Master Lan's promise, he felt that the hard work he had done for 15 years had finally paid off.

"Congratulations, Captain!" Yi Tiange was relieved, and still had a smile on his face. He lightly patted Ling Yi on the shoulder to show he was congratulating Ling Yi.

"Captain, your dream came true," Rong Ziruo also remarked. At the same time, he turned around and looked towards the silhouette of that individual who was surrounded by their seniors. That tall standing figure made him look with all the hesitation in his eyes.

Ling Lan's aura was too cold and dominant. Someone like her would either successfully create their world or fall short at the half-way point—there was no third possibility. Was it a good thing or bad thing that their captain was going to follow this person?

The five of them, including Rong Ziruo, were all third-rate planet commoners. They had lacked medicinal agents, money, and opportunities to train their physical skills when they were young. It was because of Ling Yi that they were able to get into the First Men's Military Academy. It was Ling Yi who had taught them the Ling family's basic physical skills. It was Ling Yi who used his father's pension to buy them food, sparing them from having to worry about the nutrients they needed replenish when training their physical skills. That was why they put all of their trust in Ling Yi. Even if he wanted to return to the Ling family and become a loyalist, they would not part ways but follow him instead. They had even once thought that if Ling Yi was to return to the Ling family, they would be willing to become a family servant if the Ling family needed them.

The choices of Rong Ziruo and the others were sacrificial. If they parted with Ling Yi, their future would become better. With their capabilities, they would definitely become at least a low ranking officer after they entered a division. They would also have freedom and be better off than becoming a family servant of a small household (Ling Yi still hadn't told them the real background of the Ling family).

In the 23rd Division's wars.h.i.+p's bridge, three people were curiously walking around the optical supercomputer that was showing the image of the dock. After picking up so many new recruits, this was the first time that they had seen such a large crowd that was sending people off. They saw Ling Lan order the crowd to return, saw her lead more than 100 people to board the wars.h.i.+p…

"Amazing, isn't it?" The das.h.i.+ng officer that was sitting on the main command seat smirked. He was the captain of this wars.h.i.+p. His name was Lei Yiming.

"Brother Ming, don't tell me that you brought us to the First Men's Military Academy every year because of this person?" The first to speak was the officer with a somewhat feminine complexion, sitting to the left of the das.h.i.+ng officer. He half-smiled and glanced at Lei Yiming. Being very knowledgeable about Lei Yiming, this officer was almost certain that Ling Lan was the real purpose of this trip.

"Yes, Jun'an." Lei Yiming didn't quibble and admitted to it with a smile. "Three years ago, I was sent here to pick up cadets. By accident, I saw this person break through, but even with my capabilities, I couldn't see his through limit… In addition, hundreds of people instantly protected him in unison when he broke through. It showed that he had a place in the First Men's Military Academy." It turned out that he was the wars.h.i.+p commander who had come to pick up Li Lanfeng and the others, and apparently saw Ling Lan break through.

The feminine officer was called Pan Jun'an and was Lei Yiming's vice-staff officer whom he relied on very much. Lei Yiming words made Pan Jun'an laugh immediately. "Who knew that the mission that you hated with a pa.s.sion actually let you meet with such an interesting person. No wonder these past two years, you would nominate yourself to the staff officer department to come pick people up."

Lei Yiming nodded. "Of course. When it comes to someone that's this interesting and strong, I must naturally try my best to get them to come to our Jun Ying team. If I don't do that, I have to at least make sure that Pu Jun doesn't rope him into their team."

The 23rd Division was a newly formed military division. When they were building the division, all the different powers had sent people in. However, after General Ling Xiao's iron fist rectifications, the 23rd Division became purer. Although the roots of the different powers were there no more, the officers of the 23rd Division still created their own little groups. For example, Lei Yiming and his group were the Jun Ying Friends.h.i.+p a.s.sociation. In order to expand their power and influence, they would try to rope in the limitless supply of new recruits from military academies who just joined the division. Even if they didn't rope them in, they would create good relations.h.i.+ps with them. They would try to stop the new recruits from deviating towards their opponents, such as the one they had the most compet.i.tion with, the Pu Jun Alliance Group.

"Only three years has pa.s.sed and now he has thousands of people sending him off. This person should be considered an overlord at the First Men's Military Academy," remarked another officer, as if in deep thought. This officer was the commander of Lei Yiming's wars.h.i.+p security mecha clan, ace operator Meng Ziyun. He was the strongest on the wars.h.i.+p, Stargazer.

Lei Yiming, Pan Jun'an and Meng Ziyun were also close friends who grew up together. The bond between them was very strong. In the 23rd Division, they were nicknamed the Stargazer's three musketeers because the wars.h.i.+p they served on was called Stargazer.

"However, it's hard to rope in those who came out from the First Men's Military Academy." Pan Jun'an recalled the groups from the previous years and instantly frowned.

"Yeah. Huo Zhenyu and Zhao Jun's groups haven't joined any group even until now." Meng Ziyun didn't truly think that Lei Yiming's decision was a good one.

"I know, that's why those guys from Pu Jun were willing to go to other military academies, but unwilling to come to the First Men's Military Academy. How else could we have always gotten the chance to come here to pick people up so easily?" Lei Yiming said mockingly. "However, I never even considered that he would join us. I just want to form a good relations.h.i.+p with him."

Lei Yiming words stunned his two comrades. After watching for three years, he had finally found his target, yet after putting in so much effort, he only wanted to just form a good relations.h.i.+p in the end… When had Lei Yiming become this less demanding?

Lei Yiming saw that the eyes of his two close friends seemed on the verge of popping out of their sockets and he immediately laughed, saying, "Hahaha, look at your dumb faces… How could I not have knowledge of something that Pu Jun already knew about?"

He retracted his smile and huffed coldly before continuing, "It's clear that those from the First Men's Military Academy will create their group in 23rd Division. We don't know what Huo Zhenyu is thinking because he's not in headquarters, but Zhao Jun's group is probably waiting for him." Lei Yiming then pointed at the cool young man who had already boarded their wars.h.i.+p.

Lei Yiming's words allowed Pan Jun'an to understand. "I see…"

Meng Ziyun, however, still didn't understand. "What are you guys talking about? Can you not make it so deep and hard to understand?" Were they discriminating against soldiers like him and inferring that they were r.e.t.a.r.ded? Sh*t!

Pan Jun'an quickly comforted him and smiled. He explained, "Ziyun, did you forget that a while back, there was a public announcement made by Zhao Jun that the entire division witnessed?"

As an ace operator, after two years of training, Zhao Jun had already made his first appearance in the division. He defeated many ace operators that had already made names for themselves for a long time. The strong Zhao Jun became the dream individual for becoming every battle team's main general and countless battle teams sent him invitations. Even the 23rd Division's young general's imperial battle team also sent him an invitation. This made everyone else become green with envy.

Faced with the temptation of being able to instantly rank up, Zhao Jun kept a straight face and refused the offer. He already had a battle team and would no longer change his allegiance… It was just that having never activated a battle team totem, everyone thought his words were just excuses and no one thought more of it.

Meng Ziyun didn't understand at first and his expression showed a hint of confusion, but then he quickly came to a realization and looked at the young man in the image with a stunned expression. He couldn't believe his eyes. "Could it be that he's Zhao Jun's captain?"

"Three years ago, he was the one who sent Zhao Jun off." Lei Yiming told them the truth.

Meng Ziyun looked at the cool young man in the image with a complicated gaze. "He really is lucky to actually have such a strong member. This member is also completely loyal to him." Which battle team wouldn't want a genius like Zhao Jun? Even Meng Ziyun and the others wanted to take him in. Additionally, there was a super skilled military doctor and a sinister strategist behind Zhao Jun.

After remembering these two people, Meng Ziyun exclaimed, "Don't tell me, the other two are both from this battle team?"

Li s.h.i.+yu was definitely a one in a million doctor in the past few centuries. The horrible effects of the medicinal agents that he had invented terrified people, but their taste made everyone remember taking them as if it was yesterday and not dare to forget in their lifetime.

Meng Ziyun recalled an incident from last year, when he had been heavily wounded. Right when he returned to the 23rd Division's headquarters, he was sent to the division's hospital…

"What? I have to rest for a month? Sh*t. Which quack doctor set up my treatment plan? Get the f*ck over here." Meng Ziyun, who was laying in the treatment pod, heard Pan Jun'an tell him about his wounds and instantly became angry, because after one more week, they had to go to another dangerously chaotic planet for a mission. If the Stargazer didn't have him, a main player, how could they make a full retreat from that dangerous planet? Of course Meng Ziyun would get annoyed.

The military doctor that was standing on the side wiped his cold sweat, as the treatment plan was written by him. There were clearly no mistakes, but as luck would have it, Meng Ziyun was well-known to have the worst temper within the 23rd Division. When he was being stubborn, logic wasn't something he believed in. His personality really wasted the name he was given.

Pan Jun'an also knew of Meng Ziyun's terrible temper. He couldn't help but glare at him and say, "Why are you getting worked up? If you don't believe it, then go find another physician to take a look." Afterward, he looked at the physician beside him and apologetically asked, "Dr. Qiu, could you please let another physician come to take a look?"

Dr. Qiu immediately nodded. "Alright, I'll get our head physician to come take a look." Afterward, he walked out without turning back. F*ck, he actually didn't believe him. In that case, he was just going to find the head physician. In reality, if it wasn't for the head physician ordering him, he wouldn't have wanted to come treat this dumba.s.s.

Dr. Qiu left in a huff, found the head physician and told him about Meng Ziyun's situation. The head physician instantly felt he had a headache. Even before the 23rd Division had been formed for four years, this Meng Ziyun had already offended all the physicians in the division's hospital. Now, no one was willing to treat him. It couldn't be helped and so he had to go do it himself. He carefully checked around and said, "Lieutenant Colonel Meng, your wounds indeed need one month's worth of rest. Otherwise, old wounds won't heal and new wounds will appear. If we treat you then, there would be lasting side-effects."

The faculty head's judgment surprised Meng Ziyun. Could it really mean that he couldn't go on this mission?

Seeing this, Pan Jun'an comforted him and said, "Ziyun, you stay and rest up. Yiming and I will be careful. In fact, Yiming and my capabilities aren't too bad. It was just because of you that we were left in the dust. Now, we finally have a chance to s.h.i.+ne."

As he was pressed for time, Pan Jun'an quickly left the division's hospital and returned to the wars.h.i.+p to prepare the supplies and equipment for the journey. On the side, Meng Ziyun became more and more worried, thus he began to make a scene in the hospital…

"Bam!" The lunch that was brought in by a military nurse was flipped over by Meng Ziyun. He angrily exclaimed, "What is this sh*t? This is how your hospital gives treatment to your patients?"

The military nurse was a new recruit who had just joined the division. Being only 18, she had never been through this before and instantly began to cry.

"Cry, cry, cry. I'm not dead yet. Why the f*ck are you crying? Get your head nurse over here." Meng Ziyun yelled upon seeing the nurse crying, which made him become even angrier.

The military nurse listened to him and quickly ran out of the room covering her face. She ran to the head nurse and, while sobbing with tears and snot flying everywhere, stumbled over her words as she relayed the situation to the head nurse.

The head nurse bit her lip and walked into Meng Ziyun's ward, but not long after, she was sent out of the room by the man's insults.

"Elder Sister Xu, what should we do now?" The nurse immediately panicked when she saw the head nurse couldn't resolve the situation. She never wanted to see that unreasonable person again…

"That b.a.s.t.a.r.d. I will definitely find a way…" Elder Sister Xu said begrudgingly.

Li s.h.i.+yu's mood was very good on that day because he had invented a rapid regeneration medicinal agent. Naturally, as he had yet to confirm its effects, it was only just a theoretical success. The reason he had come to the division hospital on this day was to see the president of the hospital to help him find a few heavily wounded soldiers to perform some human experimentation…

He ran over to the president's office, but was told that the president had gone to make a round of the wards; thus, he chased after him. Right when he entered a ward, he saw the familiar head nurse speaking with another nurse.

"Elder Sister Xu, good afternoon." Li s.h.i.+yu greeted her with his usual warm smile.

Right as Li s.h.i.+yu moved past her, he felt a strong force pulling him back and he turned around in surprise. He saw the head nurse wearing an obsequious expression as she said, "Little Brother s.h.i.+yu, you have to help your Elder Sister Xu today."

Hmm? Where was Elder Sister Xu's elder sister personality? How come her mood was so low today? Li s.h.i.+yu felt a chill strike him and his body immediately shuddered. "Elder Sister Xu, please speak normally. Your current expression is terrifying me." There was definitely something wrong because she seemed so odd.

"Stupid punk, are you going to help or not?" Elder Sister Xu immediately showed her true colors and immediately threatened him.

"I'll help, of course I'll help, but what actually happened? Elder Sister Xu, you have explain it clearly." Li s.h.i.+yu smiled bitterly as he spoke.

Elder Sister Xu immediately told Li s.h.i.+yu about Meng Ziyun, after which she angrily said, "Although he's a lieutenant colonel, he still shouldn't be so unreasonable. We're only corporals, but we still shouldn't just take things lying down and do nothing about it."

"So?" Li s.h.i.+yu asked confusedly.

"So, Little Brother s.h.i.+yu, please teach him a lesson." Elder Sister Xu's expression was stern, but her eyes were filled with antic.i.p.ation.

After hearing Elder Sister Xu's words, the terrified nurse who stood on the side immediately clenched her fists before her chest after she finished wiping her tears and looked at Li s.h.i.+yu with antic.i.p.ation in her eyes. The look in her gaze seemed as if completely seeing Li s.h.i.+yu as a savior, which made Li s.h.i.+yu's forehead scrunch up.

"He's a lieutenant colonel," Li s.h.i.+yu said, then pointed at his own shoulder medal and continued, "I am only a major right now." What he meant was that Meng Ziyun outranked him. How did he have the power to help them teach Meng Ziyun a lesson?

After working hard for one year, Li s.h.i.+yu had already advanced from the rank of senior captain to the rank of major. Zhao Jun had also advanced to major. As for Li Lanfeng, he had advanced the fastest; he had successfully become promoted from second lieutenant to senior captain. It was possible that before long, he would be able to advance to major.

Elder Sister Xu looked around and after seeing that no one had noticed them, she quietly said, "Little Brother s.h.i.+yu, don't lie to me. I know your methods. As long as you convince the president and that person in there becomes your specimen for experimentation…" Elder Sister Xu's hand clenched with great force and her eyes showed a bit of killing intent as she continued, "how is he to escape your clutches?"

Elder Sister Xu's evilness made Li s.h.i.+yu feel cold. As expected, you could offend anyone, but just not women…

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