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Chapter 192: < Protect – Episode 191 – 25000 vs 1 [2] >

It wasn’t just the Blue House that was using Ahn Soo Ho to turn the unfair nation around. The White House was supporting him through James Black while also attempting to negotiate with the opposition. Both Ahn Soo Ho and the situations surrounding him were progressing in a busy manner.

Boko Haram, IS West African Branch, and even the Islamic old men were trying to determine the pros and cons of the US military’s invasion of Nigeria. It wasn’t easy to fight against the strongest military in the world. As a result, many would end up losing their lives, but the organization that came out as a winner would be even stronger than ever. The US Military wasn’t invincible either.

‘If we keep enduring, we will win!’

For this reason, America’s war in the Middle East didn’t show an end. In Afghanistan, the Talibans wouldn’t yield, and in Iraq, it was even worse than that. The reason why the US military couldn’t actively push forward when Islam forces narrowed in Nigeria was because they knew they couldn’t expect any help from the civilians.

Ahn Soo Ho used a parachute to land in an area from any city or village. The opposition wasn’t stupid either. In the past, in order to avoid the attack of the US airforce, they used a safe house, but as a result of America’s latest spy technology, they ended up having to hide in holes underground. But there was one thing they failed to notice.

When it came to America’s intelligence ability, unless they were hidden away in the deep Amazon forest, there was no way of escaping their watch. America’s intelligence collecting ability was above anyone’s imagination. It was almost like in the movies.

Mission control, O.C! McCallum! Sheriff! Ranger!

Activity in the cave!

Gerald support!

A-11-T is approaching!

In the northeastern region of Nigeria, military satellites of five different countries and spy satellites of over 20 countries were put to action. So it wasn’t surprising that over 15 drones were mobilized as well.

Update! Roast target!

No, wait! Wait! Find him!

When Kadesh Morken was annihilated over 10 years ago, no one cared. All they did was laugh at the foolish attempt of arrogant rookies. But the next day, the intelligence world was faced with shock.

5000 vs 1

A win of that sort was not just any old win.

‘Is Ahn Soo Ho really a wizard?’

Codename Wizard—the name that made people’s hands and feet curl up—caused many complications. At first, America tried to kidnap him. But the reason why the mission was canceled was because Kadesh’s head was sent over to the director of the CIA via DHL s.h.i.+pping. That wasn’t all. The great expansion of Ultra only began once Ahn Soo Ho came into the scene.

DGSE was pushed aside by the CIA in the intelligence world, but in North Africa, they were still at the very top. Among the Islamic fundamentalists of Chad, Niger, and Nigeria, there was Boko Haram, IS West African Branch, as well as Muslims that hated Yankees, and on top of that, there were many French businessmen.

It would have been impossible for so many French tyc.o.o.ns to gather if the terrorist attack in Paris didn’t take place. The elites and those of the upper cla.s.s in the intelligence world all gathered at the airtight chamber.

“Did you get consent from America?”

“Yes. They didn’t like it, but they still agreed anyway.”

“Don’t think too much into it. Since we have to do this again with Soo Ho anyway, consider it a run-through.”

After Ahn Soo Ho announced that he would renounce his nationality, it wasn’t just America that acted quickly. France also created a team and went into a.n.a.lysis, but they all came up with the same answer.

‘Don’t disobey!’

After dealing with Ahn Soo Ho, they learned that he was a rational and reasonable man. There were times when he did some strange things, but in the end, he chose what would benefit everyone involved. In contrast to his violent actions, the results were altruistic.

“What about the president?”

“Not yet…”

“Tsk, tsk! Is he still hesitating?”

While Was.h.i.+ngton D.C went through hards.h.i.+p because of the Davis Scandal, Paris, France also went through a lot as a result of the European terrorist attacks. Of course, the London terrorist attacks were a big deal as well, but the French president’s strong will for national security didn’t receive any support from the people and rather drew insults instead.

‘They got even crazier when all immigrants are treated like terrorists.’

A famous saying came out of the European terrorist attacks.

‘Not all Muslims are terrorists, but all terrorists are Muslim.’

As a result of the violence of Muslim immigrants that left French mentality deeply scarred, new immigration policies were being drafted, and although it seemed favorable at first, the many immigrant citizens of French showed extreme backlash. The citizens of France had completely different stances from the government, and they were very much obsessed with human rights.

“If Ahn Soo Ho is judged from a politician’s point of view, that might became a big mistake.”

That wasn’t a worry of just France. Their neighboring country, England called upon Barbara and asked for her opinion. Following the London terrorist attack, she seemed to be almost attacking the British government, and the British Circle members couldn’t help but be embarra.s.sed after the human ATM’s defiance.

“What are the chances of Mr. Guardian becoming a British citizen?”

“Dream on. That will never happen.”


He responded with an uncomfortable groan in response to Barbara’s direct answer. But she didn’t care and looked at the old man with a leisurely facial expression.

‘You were right, Soo Ho. Revenge can be taken at any time.’

If she was ready to die, she could get revenge regardless of any bans. The reason why Barbara had been dragged along all this time wasn’t because of the ban but because of her lack of will.

“Do you all still think you can kill him with nuclear weapons?”

“Not even the ones with supernatural powers can survive nuclear weapons, Barbara.”

“I guess that’s true.”

Barbara nodded to which he eased his facial expression. However, what she said next made him knit his brows again.

“But it’s a stupid plan if you’re a.s.suming he’d just sit there and get hit by a nuclear weapon.”

“What are you trying to say?”

“I’m saying you’re naïve.”


She was treating him like a child. Barbara’s criticism made him uncomfortable again. But the reason why he couldn’t fight back was because she was the oldest one there. She was old enough to treat them like little children.

“Mr. Guardian is more dangerous than you think. A nuclear weapon could kill him. But I don’t think you’ll be able to aim at him. But maybe if you shoot all the ones owned by America and Russia, at least one might hit him. But if you do that, it won’t be just him that dies.”

If all the nuclear missiles of America and Russia were fired, that would really bring upon an end.

“You’re exaggerating, Barbara.”

“I am? Well, we’ll just see about that.”

The survival rate of wars was 0.001%.

The 5000 vs 1 incident with Kadesh Morken and the resistance in Sicilia ended with tragic aftereffects. But in the present, the ones in power from each country got ready to enjoy yet another legendary fight of Ahn Soo Ho. They couldn’t help but be excited. They could finally see the legendary man in person.

The most excited was the White House, Pentagon, and the CIA.

The guardian monitoring team led by Director Lydia Virgil of the CIA changed the team to the Ahn Soo Ho recruitment team. The American expert of Ahn Soo Ho was definitely Deputy Director Jeremy O’hare of the CIA, and after that was James Black and Nancy Brown followed by Lydia Virgil. She wasn’t the best, but she was an expert regarding Jang Seol Hyun.

‘Men really depend on their women.’

The fact that Ahn Soo Ho suddenly had a wife he loved, and a child on the way was a huge issue. It was an unexpected turnaround. If that was the case, did the renouncement of his nationality have something to do with Jang Seol Hyun? Lydia thought it did. Whether the child was going to be a girl or a boy, it wasn’t going to live a normal life. Not long ago, she tried to bribe Jang Seol Hyun’s gynecologist and nurse, but they caught on.

‘People are afraid of him, but that doesn’t mean they won’t try.’

Just one success was all they needed. Being alive was important, too, but there were times when desperation won over survival instinct.

“James Black tends to be a little unyielding, but Black Fortune is undoubtedly a patriot. In order to convince Ahn Soo Ho, the marines, the Navy Seal, and Delta will all be mobilized as needed.”

“Doesn’t he hate flattery?”

“No, Sir. Soo Ho likes to be treated well.”

Who didn’t like to be treated well? But Ahn Soo Ho avoided flattery that seemed too obvious. The most powerful and influential people gathered at the White House bunker. US President, Henry G. Olsen spoke with an unpleasant look on his face.

“Do you really think Ahn Soo Ho is the solution?”

“Yes, Mr. President.”

The chief secretary answered with a serious look on his face.

“If you can make him into an American citizen, you will be pa.s.sed down in history as a legendary figure.”

“Is that right…?”

President Olsen nodded. If it was just the chief secretary that said it, he would have been doubtful, but all members of the west wing backed him up. The problem was that his relations.h.i.+p with Ahn Soo Ho wasn’t friendly. That was why he recruited James Black and helped out with the Nigeria incident.

But he still had one suspicion left.

‘Will he be able to resolve the reporter kidnapping incident?’

Not even the CIA could handle Africa easily, so how could he do it alone? But on the other hand, he was hopeful. If Ahn Soo Ho did put an end to Boko Haram, the IS West African Branch and the Islam fundamentalists, he was going to be able to calm down the American citizens who were demanding the war to be over.

“Mr. President!”

The chief secretary interrupted President Olsen’s thoughts. An urgent message rang through the bunker.

Drone down! Drone down!

Electronic warfare? What is this? What happened?

Give us your current location!

Negative! We… don’t… know… what…

Alon? Alon? s.h.i.+t! Confirm the team’s safety!

What about the other drones? Are they far from the destination?

The situation changed in the blink of President Olsen’s eye.

“What’s going on?”

The chairman of the chief joint of staff who had his headset on gave the president a thumbs up which meant to wait a moment. Unlike Korea, even the American president respected military soldiers. In particular, when there was a military operation being planned, it was manners for the civilians to just stay quiet.

Readjust the spy satellite!

The drone is securing footage! Oh my G.o.d!

The signal officer screamed.

“We got the footage!”

A video came up on the big screen against the wall.

There was smoke.

There was a lot of smoke.

“This is…”

“It looks like Germany from half a century ago.”

Before the allied forces won the Second World War, Germany was overcast with flames. The carpet-bombing swept the entire country to their ruin. What was a relief was that the location they saw on the screen was Greenland.

“Seeing from their route… that’s Division 6 of Kalhapa!”

“Did they meet with any allies?”

“No, Sir.”

“Then what’s happening?”

The chairman of the chief joint of staff focused on his headset and then opened his lips.

“Here’s the footage sent over from the observation team at the scene!”

The screen changed again, and this time, everyone inside the bunker looked confused.

In the midst of ruin, there was one man standing.

Ahn Soo Ho was all alone as if nothing had happened. It had only been 5 minutes since the battle began. What kind of magic could he possibly have used? The footage changed again to an encounter with General Mohammad of Boko Haram.

“Oh my G.o.d!”

The end.

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