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translator: xiin
editors: apricot & juurensha

Sh.e.l.ling barley and grinding it into flour wasn't an easy task. Zhou Ji didn't think that Xiong Bai would be able to make flour at all, and even if she managed to make flour, she didn't have the oil required to make the fried wheat pancakes.

Out of the entire tribe, he was the one with the widest a.s.sortment of ingredients and materials.

It didn't take long for all of Zhou Ji's food offerings to be eaten clean. Everyone then went to Zhou Ji's and Xiong Ye's kitchen and gathered around the two stoves to eat hot pot.

They had big appet.i.tes, and it wouldn't be good if they ate all of Xiong Ye and Zhou Ji's food, so finally, Xiong Qi, Xiong Bai, Zhu Zhan, and the others brought over their own shares of meat and began to cook and eat it.

Everyone was eating very happily, but Zhou Ji wasn't very interested. He lay down in one of the lounge chairs in the dining room drowsily and thought about how to make windows.

Before, when they first started making the wall, he had made a frame out of wood and left a hole in the wall, but the window was now covered with wooden planks. As for later on… Zhou Ji wanted to fill it in with something that would let the light through.

However, he had thought back and forth and still couldn't come up with anything suitable.

In this place where they could barely make pottery, there was no need to even think about making gla.s.s, and papermaking was also too difficult.

He finally decided on making a wooden window. They could simply open the shutters whenever he wanted light during the day.

Everyone ate and enjoyed themselves for a long time before they left. By then, the sky had turned completely dark.

Only he and Xiong Ye were left in the house… Zhou Ji could smell Xiong Ye's scent in the air. He released his spiritual powers and enjoyed the feeling.

On the other hand, Xiong Ye felt a little uneasy.

He had been living in the valley ever since his birth. It was a little discomfiting to leave it so suddenly.

"Don't worry. Even if dinosaurs come, we'll still have enough time to run back to the tribe." Zhou Ji a.s.sured him.

Xiong Ye nodded, "That's true… I run quite fast."

Zhou Ji started laughing lightly and petted Xiong Ye on the head.

Xiong Ye continued, "Zhou Ji, don't you really like eating barley? Why did you use so much of it to feed those people? In fact, making something with the chili peppers would've already been enough to satisfy them."

"We still have a lot." Zhou Ji laughed gently, then added, "Let's go and sleep."

Xiong Ye followed Zhou Ji to their sleeping room and experienced a shock.

There was a small table in the room. On top of the table was a plate filled with fried wheat pancakes as well as a plate of stir fried smoked meat.

"Shall we have some more?" Zhou Ji suggested.

Xiong Ye didn't hesitate to nod. There had been too many people earlier, and he hadn't eaten enough!

He had been a little depressed at the time, but now that he discovered that Zhou Ji had purposefully left him a lot of food to eat, his mood had recovered completely!

Zhou Ji and Xiong Ye divided the food amongst them. Zhou Ji then had Xiong Ye turn into his animal form so that he could go through his fur with a comb.

Xiong Ye had shed a lot of fur when the weather turned hot, and there was now a lot of new fur.

While helping Xiong Ye groom his fur, Zhou Ji discovered that Xiong Ye's fur had hardened a lot. Of course, that was only true for the fur on Xiong Ye's back; the fur on his front and belly was still very soft.

Zhou Ji grabbed a handful of fur while grooming Xiong Ye, making him tremble and push his huge head directly into Zhou Ji's arms. As a result, the big bear was too large and directly pushed Zhou Ji over.

Xiong Ye had been a little worried, but when he saw Zhou Ji lying there on the ground, he suddenly especially wanted to kiss Zhou Ji and give him a lick.

Xiong Ye stretched out his tongue and soon realized something was off.

His tongue had barbs when he was in animal form. If he had really licked Zhou Ji, he might leave b.l.o.o.d.y marks on his face.

When he thought of this, Xiong Ye quickly s.h.i.+fted back into his human form and licked Zhou Ji's face a few times.

Zhou Ji, whose face was suddenly covered in saliva from the licking, "……"

At this time, Xiong Ye said, "Let's go to bed…"

What they were going to do in bed was tacitly understood.

After 'helping' each other, Xiong Ye suddenly remembered the things that Zhu Zhan had brought up, "Zhou Ji, let's try it! If you're afraid of pain, I can be the one on the bottom!"

Xiong Ye didn't care about their positions. If Zhou Ji was very strong, perhaps he might have wanted to fight with Zhou Ji over it, with the winner being on top, but since Zhou Ji was so weak… He couldn't fight with Zhou Ji and didn't want to hurt him…

"It will hurt you." Zhou Ji kissed him, "Go to sleep."

"Oh…" It was already very late. Xiong Ye was indeed tired and went straight to sleep as soon as his head hit the bed.

Zhou Ji: "……" Xiong Ye was always like this, teasing him and then giving up so quickly…

Early the next morning, Xiong Ye woke up very refreshed and went out to hunt. Zhou Ji messed about in the big yard and also went outside for a walk. He made some beautiful flowers and other plants and brought them back to the house, planting them in their own garden.

Compared with the valley, he liked this place so much more that he didn't even want to go to the place where the pottery was being fired.

However, when the hunting team returned in the evening, Zhou Ji ultimately still went over.

When Zhou Ji arrived, he saw that the people of the tribe had gotten together to retrieve their share of the food while Xiong Ye was fighting against three of Zhu Zhan's subordinates.

Xiong Ye's progress had been so great that he was now able to fight against three of Zhu Zhan's men at the same time.

"What did Xiong Ye promise to give you this time?" Zhou Ji asked Zhu Zhan.

"He promised to give us some oil!" Zhu Zhan said.

"You can come get it from my place later." Zhou Ji replied.

"Zhou Ji, where did you get the oil from?" Zhu Zhan asked him.

"Can't tell you." Zhou Ji said.

"You're very secretive." Zhu Zhan said. Zhou Ji had many secrets… However, he couldn't do anything about it, nor did he plan to. In any case, Zhou Ji held no malice towards him.

Zhou Ji didn't speak. He focused on watching Xiong Ye and Zhu Zhan's men fight.

Zhu Zhan spoke up again, "Zhou Ji, you come to watch every time Xiong Ye fights against my men, but how come I never see you show any worry or fear?"

"I believe in him." Zhou Ji laughed.

"Xiong Ye is indeed very impressive. He will become a medium level Beast Warrior sooner or later." Zhu Zhan said. At the same time, he felt that… Zhou Ji was a little cold-blooded.

Xiong Ye often got hurt while fighting against his subordinates, but he had never seen even a trace of worry flit across Zhou Ji's face…

Of course, Zhou Ji already knew that Xiong Ye would become a medium level Beast Warrior sooner or later. He no longer paid Zhu Zhan any further attention and continued to watch the fight.

The two sides were finally exhausted. Xiong Ye then used his golden finger and became the first to recover…

"Zhou Ji, I won again!" Xiong Ye was very proud of himself.

"I saw." Zhou Ji spoke while wrapping a piece of animal hide around Xiong Ye's waist.

There were some new wounds on Xiong Ye's body… Zhou Ji suggested, "Let's go back."

"Alright." Xiong Ye agreed. He went to obtain his and Zhou Ji's share of the food from the tribe--there was at least twenty kilograms of meat all up so it was quite heavy; he wasn't willing to let Zhou Ji carry it.

Zhou Ji didn't rush to carry the meat, either. Seeing that Xiong Ye had picked it up, he walked beside Xiong Ye and conveniently concentrated the energy in their surroundings around Xiong Ye.

Xiong Ye immediately discovered that the rate at which he was absorbing energy had increased.

Was it because of their fight? Xiong Ye wasn't sure. Zhu Zhan saw this scene, and the corner of his lips twitched. He really felt that Zhou Ji was a little cold blooded.

Xiong Ye was injured, but Zhou Ji didn't even think about helping him carry their things.

Zhu Zhan finally spoke up, "Xiong Ye, I'll help you carry it!"

"No need." Xiong Ye said. He could still handle carrying this amount of meat…

After returning back to where he and Zhou Ji now lived, Xiong Ye jumped straight into the pond to take a bath.

Both he and the meat were dirty, and he didn't want to dirty up their new home.

Zhu Zhan: "……" How fit was Xiong Ye? He still had enough energy to take a bath at this time?!

No, it wasn't necessarily that he had enough energy… The people of the tribe all knew that Zhou Ji liked cleanliness. Xiong Ye should be bathing to make Zhou Ji happy?

Xiong Ye treated Zhou Ji too well… Zhu Zhan gave Xiong Ye several extra glances when he left with Zhou Ji's oil.

Zhou Ji: "……" He wouldn't invite Zhu Zhan to come over and get things in the future. What did this person mean by staring at Xiong Ye all the time?!

After Zhu Zhan left, Zhou Ji immediately called for Xiong Ye to come over so that he could help him apply medicine.

Xiong Ye: "Zhou Ji, I think that I'll be able to challenge Zhu Zhan in two days."

"Indeed." Zhou Ji felt that he was getting close, too. He continued, "Go to sleep early."

Xiong Ye made a sound of agreement and went to bed early. After he fell asleep, Zhou Ji sent the energy from the surroundings into his body.

Xiong Ye had already acc.u.mulated a lot of energy and was about to break through. What he needed now was an opportunity.

It wouldn't be long before Xiong Ye became a medium level Beast Warrior, but he was still a bit too weak.

Zhou Ji felt that Xiong Ye was a little weak even though he was at the peak of the low level Beast Warriors, but far away in the Elephant Tribe, s.h.i.+ Li had finally become a low level Beast Warrior after a long period of hard training.

The pace had been much faster than his previous life.

However, s.h.i.+ Li still felt a little dissatisfied.

There was no shortage of low level Beast Warriors in the Elephant Tribe. They weren't even lacking in medium level Beast Warriors--they had a Beast King and therefore had the best resources.

There were so many powerful people in the Elephant Tribe that even though he had become a low level Beast Warrior, n.o.body even cared or looked up to him because of it.

However, he didn't mind.

He would become a Beast King sooner or later!

It was just that… Relying on cultivation to become a Beast King was really too slow. If he was just able to get his hands on a Beast G.o.d Fruit…

It was said that Xiang Tian had eaten a Beast G.o.d Fruit in order to become a Beast King. He had been very ordinary in his youth and wasn't any different from the others in the Elephant Tribe. However, he had suddenly become stronger somehow…

s.h.i.+ Li thought about the matters relating to Xiang Tian as he quietly slipped away from the Elephant Tribe.

The cultivation method he had given to Xiang Tian had been wrong, and something would happen to Xiang Tian sooner or later. Because of this, he had always been on the lookout for an opportunity to escape in recent days. Now… He had finally found the chance!

Not only would he become stronger more quickly after leaving the Elephant Tribe, he could also befriend some of the people who would later become powerful… s.h.i.+ Li's heart was full of antic.i.p.ation. He also made up his mind to go to the cave where he had found the cultivation method and destroy the cave.

It was enough that he alone knew about the cultivation method!


As soon as Xiong Ye woke up, he discovered that his injuries were much improved. Two days later, he would be able to have his next fight!

The cultivation method that the mystery man had taught him was really good. He just didn't know where that man was now--he hadn't seen him in a long time.

"Xiong Ye, you were amazing yesterday! You actually fought one against three!" When he came out of the house, Xiong Ye met with Xiong Qi and the others who all looked at him admiringly.

Xiong Ye replied, "I'm not amazing." He had felt that he was very powerful before, but now… There were so many powerful people in this world. What did he amount to?

The person who had taken s.h.i.+ Li away, as well as the man who had taught him how to cultivate were both incredibly powerful!

"You're too modest." Xiong Qi said.

Xiong Ye didn't speak about the topic further and only asked, "Shall we go hunting?"

Xiong Qi didn't hesitate to agree.

He had a good few children already, and Bao Yu had recently gotten pregnant. He really needed a lot of food!

When Xiong Ye came back that night, he had a snake as thick as his arm with him.

The snake was very big, but the meat wasn't tough. Zhou Ji enjoyed it quite a lot, but he didn't eat much. Most of it was left for Xiong Ye to eat--Xiong Ye needed to eat more in order to get his body into the best state as soon as possible.

Two days later, good food and good sleep in addition to all the energy that Zhou Ji had fed into  him in secret allowed Xiong Ye to return to his peak state.

He directly went to challenge Zhu Zhan.

Zhu Zhan had known that Xiong Ye would challenge himself sooner or later, but he hadn't expected it to happen so soon.

His first reaction was to wonder if Xiong Ye would still need them after they fought each other. In that case… How would they be able to obtain the seasonings they wanted in the future?

As for his second reaction, it was to advise Xiong Ye not to be impulsive, "Xiong Ye, you are only a low level Beast Warrior right now. I'm already a medium level Beast Warrior. Based on my current strength, I can deal with several low level Beast Warriors at the same time. If you fight me…"

Xiong Ye wouldn't suffer any serious injuries when he fought against his subordinates, but it would be the same if the two of them fought!

The priest was a little worried, too. "Xiong Ye…"

At the start, the people of the tribe hadn't understood anything about Zhu Zhan's situation. They had thought that he was about the same strength as Xiong Ye, but they later learned that they had been wrong.

Zhu Zhan's power level was far higher than Xiong Ye's.

Zhu Zhan had gone out hunting with them when his leg injury hadn't healed completely, but it wasn't until his wound was fully recovered, and he turned into his animal form to show his strength that he filled everyone with awe.

When Xiong Ye fought against Zhu Zhan's subordinates, even if they bit him, they might not necessarily be able to bite through his fur. However, if it was Zhu Zhan… Zhu Zhan might be able to tear off his leg with one bite.

"I want to give it a try!" Xiong Ye insisted.

"I might not be able to control my strength in a fight." Zhu Zhan warned him.

"That's alright!" Xiong Ye turned into his animal form as soon as he finished speaking.

Zhu Zhan saw this and turned into his animal form too.

The bodies of giant pigs were originally smaller than that of brown bears, but Zhu Zhan was a medium level Beast Warrior, and his animal form was very large, so he wasn't any smaller than Xiong Ye in his animal form.

His fangs and bulging muscles made him appear even more terrifying.

However, Xiong Ye didn't flinch as he took the lead and charged towards Zhu Zhan.

He knew that he would probably lose this time, but even so, he wanted to let loose and have a good fight!

Before, Xiong Ye was often at a disadvantage when he fought with the people of the Giant Pig Tribe, but because they had also been low level Beast Warriors like him, there had been a difference in their sizes, and he had never suffered serious injuries. This time, however… Zhu Zhan bit down and opened up a gaping wound right away.

Xiong Ye was in pain, but it triggered his ferocity. He roared and tried his best to fight back.

Even so, he wasn't as fast as Zhu Zhan, and his teeth weren't as sharp; he soon fell into a disadvantage.

He was going to lose!

Xiong Ye had just come to this realization when he was held down by Zhu Zhan whose mouth had bitten down on the back of his neck.

If this had been a real life-and-death fight, Zhu Zhan would be able to bite through his neck and kill him at any time. Right now, it meant that he had thoroughly lost.

Xiong Ye lay there on the ground, feeling that his blood was flowing especially quickly through his veins. His body was filled with an indescribable excitement, and the energy from the surroundings poured swiftly into his body…

Soon, the energy from the surroundings was no longer enough. But, suddenly, the energy changed.

Xiong Ye closed his eyes and sensed a change occurring in his body…

Juurensha: Go XY! (And ZJ definitely comes to all these matches half to watch over XY and half to make him put clothes on hahahaha)
xiin: seeing ZJ and XY's relations.h.i.+p from other people's eyes is interesting…

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