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translator: xiin
editors: apricot & juurensha

Xiong Ye had suddenly closed his eyes and wasn't moving…

Zhu Zhan turned back into his human form and asked worriedly, "Xiong Ye, are you alright?"

He was just about to poke Xiong Ye when Zhou Ji appeared beside him, blocking his hand, "Xiong Ye is fine."

Zhou Ji's expression was very calm, and Zhu Zhan couldn't help frowning when he saw him like this, "Are you sure?"

"I'm sure." Zhou Ji replied.

Xiong Ye had pa.s.sed out. Many people were worried, but after Zhou Ji spoke up, the people of the Big Bear Tribe calmed down.

Zhou Ji was the Beast G.o.d's messenger. If Zhou Ji said that Xiong Ye was alright, then Xiong Ye must be fine!

Xiong Ye was indeed fine. It was just that the color of the crystal core in his body was turning darker… He was about to become a medium level Beast Warrior.

However, Xiong Ye's current situation wasn't actually that good… Zhou Ji felt quite a bit of heartache when he looked at all the blood smeared across Xiong Ye's body.

If his own situation hadn't been so precarious, Xiong Ye would have been able to slowly grow stronger under his own protection, and it wouldn't be like this…

While Zhou Ji was thinking, Xiong Ye had turned back into his human form.

Before, when he was in his animal form, his body had been covered in fur, and his wounds hadn't appeared so terrible. Now that he had become human…

The wounds on Xiong Ye's body were spattered with dirt, and his entire person was a mess.

Zhou Ji took out a piece of animal hide and covered him up, then looked back at the priest, "Priest, can you have two people carry Xiong Ye back?"

The priest heard him and immediately asked someone to bring over a plank that they could use to carry Xiong Ye.

Xiong Ye was placed on the plank and was soon carried to Zhou Ji's house. They were about to place Xiong Ye on the bed when Zhou Ji spoke up, "Bring him to the kitchen."

The men who had carried Xiong Ye over: "……" Put him in the kitchen?!

Zhou Ji didn't explain further. After the men set Xiong Ye down in the kitchen, he asked them to leave.

He had his reasons for bringing Xiong Ye to the kitchen. Firstly, there was water in the pottery pots there that he had boiled and let cool that he could use to clean Xiong Ye's wounds with. Secondly, the kitchen wasn't very big and would warm up quickly after the fire was lit. It was also convenient for him to make medicine there.

On the way over, Zhou Ji had kept a careful eye on Xiong Ye's situation. Xiong Ye's injuries weren't serious, and he had fallen unconscious due to a combination of his injuries and the abruptness of his ascent to a medium level Beast Warrior; his body hadn't adapted yet to the sudden changes.

Zhou Ji gave Xiong Ye a bit of energy, then quickly began to deal with Xiong Ye's wounds.

After was.h.i.+ng Xiong Ye's injuries and coating them with herbs, he took out some other herbs and made a tonic… Although there were many things that needed to be done, there weren't any other people around,so he could make use of his spiritual powers and soon finished everything.

Xiong Ye woke up to a rich, bitter smell. He discovered that he was lying in their kitchen on top of a wooden board while Zhou Ji was sitting next to him on a stool and stirring a pot.

If he had guessed correctly, the pot probably contained medicine that was being cooked for him.

Although he hadn't eaten it yet, Xiong Ye could almost taste the bitterness in his mouth and subconsciously tried to sit up.

"You were hurt badly this time. Don't get up." Zhou Ji said. He first placed a bowl of medicine beside him, then helped prop Xiong Ye up, "Should I feed you the medicine?"

"No need!" Xiong Ye didn't think twice before crying out, "I'll help myself!"

It wasn't the first time he had had this medicine. Although he felt very warm inside whenever Zhou Ji fed it to him mouthful by mouthful, he was more interested in finis.h.i.+ng it all off in one go on his own.

After waiting for the medicine to cool down, Xiong Ye gulped it all down in one go and let out a relieved sigh. Unexpectedly, Zhou Ji soon gave him another bowl of medicine…

"Zhou Ji, I'm alright. I'm really doing very well. I've already become a medium level Beast Warrior…"

"But you need to take medicine when you're injured." Zhou Ji insisted. In fact, the medicine he was feeding him was not only used to treat injuries; it also contained a lot of plants that had a great deal of energy or were good for the body.

Xiong Ye had suddenly become a medium level Beast Warrior and should eat better to replenish his body's resources.

Therefore, Zhou Ji fed Xiong Ye a full pot of medicine.

Xiong Ye: "……"

Fortunately, Zhou Ji gave Xiong Ye a bowl of sweet soup after feeding him the entire pot.

After was.h.i.+ng away the bitter taste in his mouth with the sweet soup, Xiong Ye's brow finally eased.

And then, he heard Zhou Ji say, "Xiong Ye, stay at home for the next few days and don't go out. You need to keep taking the medicine."

"I'm fine, I've already become a medium level Beast Warrior…" Xiong Ye didn't like staying at home by himself.

"In that case, you should rest properly over the next two days and consolidate your power." Zhou Ji said.

Xiong Ye: "……"

Even though he felt that he was completely fine, Zhou Ji refused to let him go out.

After Xiong Ye became a medium level Beast Warrior, his body's demand for energy and food had become quite large. Zhou Ji felt that it was better to have Xiong Ye rest at home for a few days and eat more for a while.

With that in mind, Zhou Ji put the meat he had just been given from the tribe into the pot and began to cook it.

After drinking a pot of medicine and eating a large pot of meat, Xiong Ye lay down on the wooden plank and fell asleep.

Zhou Ji carried him to bed and then left the house.

He planned to get some plants that were rich in energy to bring back and feed to Xiong Ye.

That night, one of the two moons couldn't be seen while the other was a sliver of a crescent moon and didn't provide much light.

The wind blew through the trees, causing branches to sway and cast black shadows. The nighttime forest usually filled people with fear.

However, 'people' clearly didn't include Zhou Ji.

Zhou Ji scanned everything around him with his spiritual powers. He appeared to be walking slowly, but in fact, his speed was much faster than Xiong Ye's speed when he ran. He soon arrived at a place some distance away from the tribe.

Zhou Ji found a few types of plants that were full of energy, harvested them properly, and continued on his way. As he went, his eyebrows suddenly wrinkled.

There were strangers.

This place was about a day's travel away from the Big Bear Tribe--it would take ordinary beastmen about a day to walk from here to the Big Bear Tribe. At this moment, these people who weren't part of the Big Bear Tribe were gathered around their fire and talking.

"We'll arrive at the Big Bear Tribe tomorrow. How should we go about investigating?"

"We'll be discovered easily if we just sneak in."

Some of them were very worried.

And at this moment, one of them suggested, "Why should we sneak in? We can say that we were sent out by our tribe to look for people to trade for salt with and go directly into the Big Bear Tribe."

"Can we do that?" Mao Huo was a little concerned.

That person said, "You can't, but I can." When the Giant Tiger Tribe attacked the Green Hill Tribe, he had still been in the previous tribe that they had taken over and had only arrived at the Green Hill Tribe recently. Even if the Big Bear Tribe had taken in the slaves they had sent out before, none of them would recognize him, and n.o.body knew that he was from the Giant Tiger Tribe…

Of course, Mao Huo couldn't do that. Those people would definitely recognize Mao Huo.

"But we don't have any goods to trade." Mao Huo said.

"We can say that it was all s.n.a.t.c.hed away by the Giant Tiger Tribe." That person said, "When the time comes, I'll go to the Big Bear Tribe and take a look around… I really want to know if they're truly that powerful!"

Mao Huo thought about it and finally agreed.

Zhou Ji stayed there and listened in for a long time.

These people didn't say much more after that, but Zhou Ji could still guess what their intentions were.

At the end of the day, it seemed that the Giant Tiger Tribe still coveted their territory and had sent people to probe into their situation.

And during this visit, if they discovered that the Big Bear Tribe was very powerful, they would likely give up on attacking the Big Bear Tribe. However, if they learned that the Big Bear Tribe was relatively weak… They would soon come to attack.

If it had been before, Zhou Ji certainly wouldn't want the Giant Tiger Tribe to attack the Big Bear Tribe. After all, the Big Bear Tribe had been very weak at the time. Now, however…

Zhu Zhan and the others had joined their tribe, and the Big Bear Tribe was actually quite strong now.

If they planned it well, it wouldn't be difficult for them to take down the Giant Tiger Tribe.

After those people went to sleep, Zhou Ji quietly returned back to the tribe.

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