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Lusserina and Lu Bi were within his mental energy world and Zhang Yi disguised himself as a Forest elf this time, he was just like he met Saphielle the first time, after disguising himself Zhang Yi became invisible and teleported into the territory of Forest elves.

He teleported close to the city where the big tree that had the natural seed treasure that Zhang Yi had was, the tree was close to dying after almost 500 years, big trees like that could live for hundreds of thousands of years in the wild for because of the vast spiritual energy.

Elves have existed in this world for many generations and it was not known exactly how many years ago that world existed, but it was certain that this tree should have died long ago because many similar trees died thousands of years ago.

Furthermore, this world experienced a problem of lack of spiritual energy in the environment because of natural treasures, so almost 500 years ago when Zhang Yi went back in time and took the natural treasure from the wood seed that was under this tree, this the tree started to die.

Zhang Yi certainly did not feel sorry for this tree because it was because of the Forest elves' belief in this tree that this world was almost destroyed and no one noticed the natural treasure that was beneath that tree.

But that tree was now part of Zhang Yi's plan to show his strength and without threatening the Forest elves to try to have enough authority to be able to speak to Saphielle calmly without Gantar getting in the way.

Zhang Yi put one of the clothes he got from the Forest elf sect on the divine plane and started flying high in a place where everyone could see him, naturally, all the elves who were above the Core Revolution realm had a great view and could see Zhang Yi flying in the sky.

Flying was common among cultivators although it was often slower than running and expending more qi, Zhang Yi was flying close to the big tree which was forbidden for Forest elves even though the big tree was dying.

Zhang Yi didn't care and stayed there for a while until some Core Revolution realm warriors decided to go up there, Zhang Yi showed his strength as a Soul Birth realm warrior again and the Core Revolution realm warriors had to leave because they didn't know if Zhang Yi would attack.

After a while, the ninth-level Mortal Tribulation realm warriors rose to face Zhang Yi, but they felt Zhang Yi's real strength and knew they couldn't win even if they attacked together.

"Who are you? Are you thinking of attacking our territory or challenging our king?"

The Forest elf army warriors saw that they could not win and decided to talk to Zhang Yi, but Zhang Yi decided not to speak to anyone until the king came, he did not want to fight, but he had to show his strength at the beginning so that his plan worked.

"Answer our questions or we will gather our entire army to attack you."

"I don't want to talk to anyone but the strongest in this territory, I don't want to fight and have to kill anyone without reason, if I wanted to exterminate this territory I wouldn't have to fly here and I would have attacked already."

Zhang Yi finished speaking and increased the pressure on his cultivation and pushed the warriors of the Mortal Tribulation realm until some spit blood after they could not stand the pressure and so they had to step back to speak to the king about this matter.

The warriors said everything Zhang Yi said to King Gantar, if the elves had to fight someone powerful like Zhang Yi, much of their army could end up dying, and Zhang Yi said he didn't want to fight.

So Gantar called the queen Bemere who was with him at that time, and another warrior from the Soul Birth realm and the three flew to where Zhang Yi was, Zhang Yi was surprised to see that Bemere was with Gantar and saw that things were really different this time.

"I am the king of this territory, Gantar Virmaer, this place that you are flying is prohibited because of the big tree that is here, as Forest elf you must know that."

"If you really just want to talk to me, you can come down from this place and come with me."

"You seem the strongest in this place really, I will be straightforward and say that I am not from this world, I am from the divine plane where the strongest warriors live, in this place where I come from there is one of the strongest sects of Forest elves that has Divine Realm warriors."

"I came to this place to look for someone who can go with me to the divine plane and that elf can join this sect and become an elder of that sect's Divine Realm."

After saying that Zhang Yi showed the strength of someone from the Soul Refinement realm and that pressure made Gantar, Bemere and the other elf from the Soul Birth realm retreat, they didn't know if what Zhang Yi said was true, but it was certain that he was very strong.

"I am in the Divine realm and I can exterminate all of that territory in seconds if I want, moreover, I have supreme understanding in 13 different laws, I do not want to kill anyone and that is why I am warning you not to provoke me."

Upon hearing this, the Forest elves began to be afraid because they understood that they could die at any moment, Gantar also understood that he could not be disrespectful because no matter how proud he was, he could not fight someone so strong.

"I understand sir, I promise that n.o.body in this territory will do anything against you and if they do you have the freedom to kill whoever you want, but could you please step aside from where our tree is?"

"If you really liked this tree you should take better care of it, now it is almost dead, but I see that you really like this tree, so as a sign of my kindness I will recover this tree for you."

After saying this Zhang Yi teleported to the side of the big tree, getting closer he gathered a lot of energy from the laws of the wood element and then put his hands on the tree, he used all the energy of the wood element and put it inside the tree.

Secretly he also used the treasure of the wood element that he had inside him that was what kept this tree alive for all these years, in a few minutes everyone could see the tree that had been almost dead for years, rejuvenating again with the power of Zhang Yi.

All the Forest elves watched what was going on in shock, Gantar and Bemere who were the strongest could see that Zhang Yi really was powerful using the laws of wood and the laws of s.p.a.ce so easily.

All the Forest elves who were watching the big tree that was now revived started to applaud and were happy and grateful to Zhang Yi, Zhang Yi was happy because it seemed that his plan had worked and now n.o.body would attack him and he would have the respect that deserved it.

After reviving the great tree Zhang Yi went to the side of Gantar, King Gantar felt tense when Zhang Yi was close to him because he knew that if Zhang Yi wanted he could kill him easily.

Of course, Gantar did not think that Zhang Yi would kill him because if Zhang Yi wanted to, he would have done that a long time ago with the power he had, so he can relax a little more and think about what Zhang Yi had said that he had a divine plane where the strongest warriors in the world lived.

Gantar found this interesting because he was trapped in the Soul Birth realm because this world did not have enough spiritual energy in the environment for him to move on to the next realms, this proved that Zhang Yi was not really from this world.

If it was true that Zhang Yi was in the Divine Realm and had a supreme understanding of 13 laws, it was not even necessary to ask how Zhang Yi had managed to enter the world of hope without anyone noticing him.

Gantar was already the king of this territory and had a lot of authority and he was sure that Zhang Yi would not want to live in a place like that and so there was nothing that Gantar could ask Zhang Yi for, this time Gantar did not think about dominating the dark elves because the Forest elf side was enough for him to take care of.

So Gantar just wanted Zhang Yi to do what he had to do and then leave, Queen Bemere didn't think like Gantar, she felt that this was an opportunity for Saphielle to get out of this world and maybe one day reach the Divine Realm.

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