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"Why does Frozen h.e.l.l have this Graveyard?" with a curious expression, he stared at the Old Man Zhu.

"Frozen h.e.l.l, you say? This was the private Realm of the Ice Empress." he sighed, recalling the cold beauty that toppled nations with a smile.

"Ice Empress? The one who broke through the shackles of the Great Ice Physique?" he asked in amazement.

He never knew the Legendary Ice Empress was the true owner of this Realm. To own this independent realm spanning thousands and thousands of miles, just how strong she must have been?

Then, what about Leng Yue Yan who has Heavenly Ice Physique? Won't she be even more heaven defying than the Ice Empress?

When he imagined how lofty and strong the future Leng Yue Yan would be like, unknowingly, a gentle smile blossomed on his face akin to a warm spring.

However, the next thought crushed his mood to a gloomy night.

Would she retain her emotions? If becoming the G.o.ddess of the world needs sacrificing her emotions, he would rather let her be the cold girl he met in the Qin Ancestral Grounds.

"Ice Empress, a fitting name to one of the Nine Masters of the Apex Powers." Old Zhu sighed in admiration, "She was the youngest, only in her late twenties when she fought the Supreme One."

"Her life is a tale of legends. Despite having the curse—Great Ice Physique, she was able to turn it into a blessing. Becoming the youngest OverLord and Heaven Realm Cultivator, she is not just a legends, but also an unprecedented mark in the annals of time."

"Stop kissing her a.s.s, tell me more about this Frozen h.e.l.l." Sheng Tian waved his hand in front of the dazed Old Zhu to bring him back to reality.

Looking at the drooling expression of the old man, Sheng Tian almost wanted to punch him in the face 'd.a.m.n this fellow. He is already this old and still dares to think of a young woman?'

What he didn't know was not just him, even the Eight Masters who stood at the Apex of the world were smitten by the Ice Empress.

No one knew how she mysteriously defied the shackles of fate and became an OverLord before turning 19.

Perhaps, no one had any way of knowing unless she told it herself.

Sadly, this was what Sheng Tian wanted to know the most.

"This Realm is an Ice Heaven on the Mythical World. The Ice Empress was very kind to the creatures in this land and personally trained Seven Profound Beasts in the laws of Ice. Before leaving to battle the Supreme One, she handed this realm to the Seven Profound Beasts.

They established the Beast Empire. Prior my death, the Beast Empire of the Frozen Heaven was one of the active resistances of the Devil Army, millions of profound beasts laid their life on the line.

Though I couldn't know the result of the war, the Ice Empress never returned to this land. Only she can control this Realm! and in the last 5,000 years of my existence, the Realm was never active." Oldman sighed deeply, recalling the days of glory.

Sheng Tian pondered deeply as he tried to make sense of the information he just got. 'Humans and Profound Beasts were not so hostile back then. But now, they can't live in each other's shadow. There is also the t.i.tle—how did Ice Heaven become Frozen h.e.l.l. And there are no records showing that the Frozen h.e.l.l was on good terms with Ice Empress or any humans for that matter.'

'Though everyone could have died, just how did the devils stay unscathed?' he questioned himself and Old Zhu.

"I don't know how this world still has devils. But what I do know is that unless the Asura Salvation Scripture is destroyed, this world will never escape from the Devil Cataclysm." the Old Man stood up and walked into the grave yard.

The Sky turned red, there was a rusty smell in the air and Sheng Tian followed the Old Man into the graveyard, though he didn't act vigilant, his spirit sense was always sensing his surroundings!

Never believe a person just because he is pleasant to talk to!

Sheng Tian noticed the cracked floor dyed with ash and blood marks that never faded. Each of the tombstones had a flower and epitaph in golden colours.

"Hu San—Seventh disciple of Ice Empress. The bravest of the nine, Heavenly Tiger." the dazzling brilliance and the carvings on a tombstone caught his attention.

Realising that this guy was one of the founders of the Beast Empire, Sheng Tian took a step forward and gazed at the tomb.

With his spirit sense, he realised that though there were hundreds of tombstones in the graveyard, there are only Six such dazzling tombstones. But weren't there Seven disciples of the Ice Empress?

"Old Zhu, the seven..." before he could ask, he was interrupted by the hoa.r.s.e voice "though I cannot leave this place, I can understand what is happening in this location.

The third disciple of the Ice Empress, never made it back. I don't know what happened to him, but I only remember he went to Snow Moon Continent to fight the devil commanders."

Sheng Tian could only sigh in silence.

What if he was a world saviour? What if he was the disciple of a person who could shake the heavens and trample the earth?

In the end, he died without a burial.

Though to a living person, burial might not mean much, it is in fact, an honour and respect to a Warrior.

A Solider greatest wishes are only to fight for his motherland and to die in his motherland!
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Though Sheng Tian never followed the "honour" of warriors, he could somehow emphasise with a few of them.

It might be due to the fact that he died without a proper burial on earth, Sheng Tian uncharacteristically felt "pity" for a person he never met.

The graveyard itself is very desolate. The only disturbances were the sounds of Sheng Tian's foot steps.

Suddenly, white fog filled his vision before disappearing. Old Zhu's voice sounded in his mind "We're crossing formations. Copy my footsteps."

Following Old Zhu, he crossed several formations before reaching the exit of the graveyard.

An Identical Stone Arch stood there, greeting the visitors.

"You're sending me off?" he turned to Old Zhu.

"I've told you everything I could. Now you do what you will. I am not you master nor a hero, being a fellow human, I hope you realise the responsibility that comes with the sword you wield. It never chooses unworthy people. If you think this world deserves to be saved, then do it." blag smoke engulfed the Old Man's body.

"At least tell me how to get out." Sheng Tian whined.

"Never mind. It's straight." the Old Man sighed at Sheng Tian's lack of emotional response and snorted "I will give you this to end my responsibility as the artifact spirit." a bright light shone in his hands before Sheng Tian and Leng Yue Yan were hit by a dazzling icy blue light.

"This is the final gift by the Ice Empress."

The cry of a primordial beast sounded, deep from the dazzling blue light.

{A/N: In the previous chapter, Sword Emperor is stated to be battle comrade of Old Zhu. However, he is a direct superior and is one of the Nine Masters of the Apex Powers. I felt a need to clarify things and the previous chapter has been edited accordingly.}

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