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West of the Beast Empire, the outer edge of the Lake of Frozen Tears.

Silent was all that filled the air. There were no profound beasts in the surrounding hundred kilometres.

This region of mountains didn't show any uniqueness in their appearance, yet any being would feel a horrifying feeling in their hearts, screaming them to run away.

The snow mountains emitted a faint blue light which covered hundreds of kilometres across the thousands of mountains bordering the West of the Empire.

As if the awaited guest arrived, an icy blue light flashed from an inconspicuous mountain.

Even if an OverLord was present, he would not be able to detect the source and destination of the Icy blue light!

The Icy blue light carried two figures and soundlessly landed them in a cave before vanis.h.i.+ng.

Sheng Tian and Leng Yue Yan were left in mid air.

When he prepared to fall down, an icy blue light emerged from their heart region and covered their bodies.

Covered by an Icy blue light, the couple floated in the air.

A cool sensation invaded his heart before circulating to each and every fibre of his body.

Sheng Tian closed his eyes to concentrate on the process and entered a deep mediative state.

Unknown to him, Leng Yue Yan's body floated from his embrace and stood in front of him.

A sacred phantom of a strange symbol illuminated behind her.

If Xiao Lian was awake, she would definitely recognise the symbol.

Runes of the Ice Dao!

Any system of cultivation needed thorough comprehension of Laws after a threshold of power.

A cultivator in body cultivation system cannot continue to just keep trying to strengthen his body with the profound energies in the Universe.

Using the Energy to temper the body is primitive, akin to sharpening a knife.

If one needed to a go a step further, they need to touch upon the Laws of the Dao!

With the legendary Heavenly Ice Physique, it is not surprising that Leng Yue Yan was able to summon and manifest the Runes of Ice Laws.

In the grand scope of things, these are the most basic Ice Laws, however, to any cultivators in the mortal realm, they are things of legend and myths!

The Ice runes had an ancient glow, as if they waded through the rivers of time.

Without any trace, the runes entered into Leng Yue Yan's body. However, they didn't merge with her and just stayed inside of her.

Some runes, by coincidence or not, tried to enter Sheng Tian's body.

However, a blinding white light shone from between his eyebrows repelling the runes, and even annihilating a few of them.

Neither Sheng Tian nor Leng Yue Yan were able to witness the destruction of the Laws of the Ice Dao!

Even if they were the most basic and primitive laws, they were still beyond reach to the likes of mortals!

However, such laws laid waste before the blinding light.

No one could imagine what kind of origin the power had to erase the Laws out of Existence!

As a result, the Ice profound energy in the surroundings decreased by a huge amount and the temperature was just right for the perfect spring.

The Icy blue light continued to wriggle as it slowly entered Sheng Tian's blood stream.

His blood stream was healthy red with a tinge of gold. a.s.suming the shape of a Phoenix, the icy blue light merged into his bloodline with an aggressive stance.

Soon, however, a majestic roar shook the Phoenix as it confronted a golden dragon.

Before the two could even fight, they were enveloped by a mysterious force and mixed into his blood stream without a sound.

"Hiss" he sucked in a cold breath feeling a new power surging in his blood.

It was very cold, yet it was not uncomfortable.

The Image of a mythical bird appeared in his mind as his eyes opened in shock "Ice Phoenix!"

The first thing that entered his view was two protruding hemispheres wrapped by a snow blue cloth. He could also feel that he was laying on something soft.

Semi-conscious, his curiosity got the better of him as he stretched his hand and touched the prominent globes.

His fingers sank into the softness as a pleasant sensation emerged from them and spread to his entire being, threatening to blank his mind.

"What…?" a cold voice filled with endless embarra.s.sment and resentment sounded, shaking him out of his stupor.

That was when he knew he f.u.c.ked up.

With a jerk, he tried to stand up, however, she was faster and a gust of bone chilling profound energy blasted him as it invaded his body threatening to freeze his offensive hand.

Sheng Tian had no time to speak as a curtain of ice profound energy slashed at him, carrying with it, the rage of a young woman.

With cold sweat running down his forehead, Sheng Tian smiled wryly as he was blasted away in the air.

Realising what he just did, he tried to recall the amazing sensation moments ago.

Poor him, he suddenly felt a threatening killing intent locked onto him.

Twisting his waist, he narrowly escaped the incoming attack and landed.

"Look, it was a …"

"Pervert." She cursed and wielded her Snow storm sword before stabbing at him.

He saw Leng Yue Yan whose face was flushed red and the corner of her eyes were moist. Her eyes showed a wronged expression and her face was shockingly cold.

A deep sense of guilt and shame rose from his heart seeing her hurt. With a decisive light flas.h.i.+ng in his eyes, he clenched his fists.

Stepping to the front, he shocked the incoming Ice G.o.ddess by placing himself in front of the sword.

At his cray response, her cold eyes showed visible panic.

Using her profound energy, she tried to stop herself from plunging forward, yet the momentum couldn't be contained.

With a sharp sound, her sword impaled Sheng Tian's chest as blood splattered on the ground, and dying his clothes red.

A stream of warm liquid also fell on her face, turning her expression into deep shock.

Sheng Tian clenched his teeth to stop himself from groaning, yet his furrowed brows showed the pain he experienced.

The insides of his body were invaded by a bone chilling Ice profound Energy that threatened to freeze his blood and bones!

"Idiot!" Leng Yue Yan tried to hold back her tears, but they rolled down like bright pearls.

At the same time, she bit her lower lip and pulled her sword back in the most gentle way possible.

With a cold gasp, more blood flowed out of his wound.

This time, Leng Yue Yan was faster and withdrew her profound energy from his body. She placed her soft palm on his wound and tried to use her profound energy to close it.

Shockingly, even with Sheng Tian's insane regeneration abilities, the wound didn't close!

Leng Yue Yan looked at him with a remorseful expression and quickly laid him on her lap.

Feeding him the best recovery pills she had, she asked in a hoa.r.s.e voice "Why?"

Sheng Tian lips curled into a smile, and he closed his eyes. His lips parted lightly, "I'm sorry" he said.


Why did he come forward to be impaled by her sword?

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Why didn't he use his profound energy to block himself when he could have easily stopped her attack?

Why did he lower all his defences and allowed her sword to attack him?

The answer is because he didn't want to humiliate her.

Liking someone isn't just being nice to them, but protecting their Self-dignity as well.

If he justified his obscene behaviour in any way, it would disrespectful to her.

Sure, he can bicker with her, and at times, if needed, scold her. But he should never humiliate her!

This is the line he drew for himself!

Youth make mistakes, but they should accept the consequences for the same.

He knew her pride, she was not the woman who would allow others to touch her, much less take advantage!

So this is the only way he could apologise to her.

Leng Yue Yan looked at his face, and sighed deeply.

Do you think I would like to see you like this? Is this how you apologise?

Her soft palm gently ruffled his hair, just like how her mother did in her childhood. An hour pa.s.sed and Sheng Tian felt a sharp pain on his waist.

He opened his eyes to see the Ice G.o.ddess coldly smiling at him.

"What?" He asked, sweating profusely.

"So that was your apology?" Her lips held a strange smile.

"Yes." He nodded, still not knowing how she could change from the hurtful girl to an aggressive woman.

"And you got a lap pillow for an hour in return. What a good apology!" her eyes shone with a dangerous gleam.

Listening to her sarcastic voice, Sheng Tian decided to man up. After all, he can't allow her to take over the role of husband.

However, he told himself that a man should not argue with a woman, because you can never win.

With a light cough, he stared at her "Didn't you realise you got stronger?"

Leng Yue Yan's cold expression froze as she recalled the strength she displayed earlier.

If it was before this event, her sword might have only pierced him but wouldn't be put him to so much pain.

It was her profound energy that did!

She realised that she somehow broke into the second realm of Sky Realm!

Even Sheng Tian was surprised at the changes. His body cultivation reached the peak of the first Realm!

That means he is now in the peak of branch of Skies Realm or equivalently, in the peak of Elementary Realm!

Considering the ridiculous difficulty of Celestial Body Tome, this result can only be described as horrifying!

"What happened?" Her eyes widened.

Sheng Tian flashed his signature carefree smile and chuckled "We got an Ice Phoenix bloodline."

The Ice G.o.ddess raised an eyebrow in question.

Sheng Tian shrugged and sat her down before explaining everything since she lost consciousness in the Saviours Graveyard.

He was sure of the bloodline because he sensed the auras of the Divine Ice G.o.ddess—Mu f.u.xie in the Mystic Ice Sect Grounds.

And it shared some qualities with the Mythical Dragon Bloodline, though it was much inferior.

He guessed that the Ice Empress somehow obtained the Ice Phoenix bloodline and left a bit of it for the future generations!

So, the Ice Phoenix bloodline in his body cannot be put on the same footing as the Mythical Dragon bloodline!

The bestowal processes were too different! In addition, the amount difference was too huge! There was only a six drops of Ice Phoenix bloodline to each of them and that too was not the origin blood drops or bone marrow!

On the other hand, listening to how he was protecting her all the time, the Ice G.o.ddess was ashamed of her own weakness and vowed to grow stronger.

And with her increasing determination, her physique was also awakening.

Leng Yue Yan closed her eyes to digest all the information she just received.

Just how many secrets was the Ancient War hiding?

This Realm, was the home of the Legendary Ice Empress?

Sheng Tian, obtained the sword of one of the Nine Masters of the Apex Powers?!

And his sword was dyed in the blood of one of the h.e.l.l Commanders of devils?!

"You killed that devil in Qin Capital?" baffled, she stared at him in shock.

With a humble smile, he winked at her and waved his hands "Don't mention. Brother Sheng does this things all day."

Her lips twitched at his actions and she snorted, feeling vexed.

Realising that she would start a cold war if nothing changed, Sheng Tian stepped out of the cave and looked at the Snow Mountains.

Suddenly, his expression changed as the Primal Seed in his dantian shook.

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