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"A peerless treasure?" Sensing the disturbance in primal seed, he realised the cause.

Excited, the first he did was to say "Xiao, look—" however his speech stopped midway as his eyebrows fluttered before they furrowed.

Controlling the fiery feeling swelling up in his heart, he took a deep breath and gazed into the Glazed Snow Lotus Realm.

In the beautiful realm lied the land of meadows, the splendid flowers bloomed spreading intoxicating fragrances everywhere.

The gentle star light sprinkled the realm with an ethereal beauty, untainted by mortals and unattainable to thought as the dark curtain of night covered the realm's ends.

Under the stars, a peerless young woman in white clothing was asleep. She hugged a lotus into her bosom, and slept on the sweet gra.s.s.

From time to time, her eyebrows would furrow, her body would tremble and her small hands would be clenched into fists.

"Xiao, it's me." A gentle voice sounded across the realm, bringing a warmth and belonging long lost.

The realm's peace resumed as endless silence ensued.

This is not the first time he called her and tried to wake her up. In the past three days, this was his what he did the most.

This was despite the fact that he was spending time with a woman akin to a G.o.ddess in the outside world!

'Is this really me? Someone who tried to block my emotions, getting so worried for a woman I met just a few months ago?' He thought and sighed deeply.

The sigh was like a warrior's last cry before death. As the sound faded into air, the realm grew silent again.

"Ti-an…" a weak voice escaped the lips of the young woman, throwing his mind to chaos.

"Yes, I'm here."he tried to be as gentle as possible, but the eagerness in his voice gave away the worry he hid.

Xiao Lian slowly woke up and leaned onto the tree she was sleeping under.

Her pale face was now a bit ruddy, and her eyes slowly opened revealing the enchanting scarlet pupils that shone with brilliant gleam.

Her lips curled up into a weak smile, "Are you worried about me?" Her eyes twinkled.

"How do you think I would be?" his voice got stern at her words.

"I don't know. I thought you would be immersed in the cold beauty you choose." full of sarcasm, she mocked.

"Stop the play. I'm not getting angry. How are you feeling?"

"Awful I guess. Couldn't be worse. I don't wanna die in my sleep, you know." She chuckled.

"Xiao,—" beneath her cold words, he could feel the pain and grief.

"Sheng, I know. Let's hope that it all goes well. Except, don't cry if I die."her words were emotionless and full of authority.

"I won't, cause you ain't dying." He snorted and stayed silent before rubbing his forehead "Really now, you just woke up. Why do this? I sensed a treasure nearby. And my gut says it's gonna help you somehow."

Feeling the horrifying pain from her soul, Xiao Lian tried to control herself, but a black fog swirled in her chest and spread into each corner of her soul.

"Do as you wish, just don't die." she muttered.

In her sea of consciousness, a blinding black object was restrained by several chains made of strange runes.

However, the black gas swirled into the sea of consciousness, and collided with the chains.

The chains were resilient and didn't break. Yet, their power was slowly but surely waning in front of the never ending a.s.sault.

A pink light shone from the core of her soul and enveloped the black fog before forcing it back out of her sea of consciousness.

Gritting her teeth, she blocked Sheng Tian's senses from the Snow Glazed Realm and cursed under her breath "G.o.ddess of Death, it seems that you will never give me peace. I should have not touched your source soul. However, even if I opened the seal,"she took a deep breath "I will not become you." Her eyes turned pitch black and she suppressed the black fog.

When Xiao Lian's pupils turned normal, she had a weak feeling in her body.

Looking at the stars, she muttered "Why do you care so much when it only brings pain?"

The black fog, as expected is the Asura Soul Slaying Poison. It entered the deepest parts of her soul and touched a forbidden region.
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However, with the stubborn resistance of Xiao Lian, the poison was never able to corrode the forbidden seal, until today.

Sheng Tian was taken back by her actions and shook his head.

He knew she was trying to be cold only for him to worry less about her, but that only makes him worry more!

He repeated to himself 'Get strong and find the Heavenly Soul Lotus.'

However, the only clue regarding the treasure was Meng Xin!

According to Xiao Lian, the lotus pendant she wore had the same aura of the Heavenly Soul Lotus; the third ranked Heavenly Profound Treasure!

The only way to check if the treasure is really present means him going to the Snow Moon continent.

And to do that, he needs to reach at least OverLord Realm! Or find one of those long lost spatial treasures!

With a deep breath, he pushed aside all these thoughts into a corner and called Leng Yue Yan "We need to go. I can sense a treasure nearby."

With a light step, the Ice G.o.ddess exited the cave.

Looking at his handsome face under the starry sky, she felt a strange connection. At the same time, there was also a deep fear.

They exited the mountain and travelled deep into the snow mountains.

It was already dark and except the light of moon, there was no other source. However, it was not a problem to cultivators like them.

When he was about to call her, her body soundlessly rose into the air and shot ahead at a stunning speed.

That was when he remembered that she broke through to Sky Realm while he was still in the peak of Nascent Soul.

Gnas.h.i.+ng his teeth, he spun Heavenly Sword Arts Technique to the limit and dashed into the distance.

Before long, however, they were forced to stop.

"Hahaha" a hearty laughter sounded as Sheng Tian appeared next to her, only to get shot by a cold glare.

"Ahem." With a light cough, he stopped and concentrated on the problem they encountered.

They are currently in a snow valley and are moving forward purely based on Sheng Tian's gut feelings.

In front of them was a curtain of red gas spanning hundreds of kilometres in length and covered all the height they could see.

Sucking in a cold breadth, he shook his head "So much poison!"

"It's not just a normal poison, it is Despair Bestowal Poison. Anyone who breathes it in will be lose their cultivation steadily and by the end, becoming weaker than a mortal and ultimately turn into a vegetable." The Ice G.o.ddess, explained in detail, furrowing her brows.

"So?" He raised an eyebrow.

"Two ways. Since the poison itself is not mobile, we can try to find the end of it and move forward. Or we can try to cut into the poison and enter the other side.

"Second way then." He said without blinking, "we can't find this curtain's end easily either and you cannot fly too high either." He added.


Sheng Tian and Leng Yue Yan quickly moved forward and divided the task among themselves. The attack should be more concentrated on a limited area. It has to form more than enough s.p.a.ce for two people to dive in and finally, they should be prepared for unexpected attacks on the other side.

They decided to try until they get it right.

"Haa" with a low roar, Sheng Tian's sword—Scarlet of Blood shone with a deep dark light as profound energy was sucked into it and the next second, he muttered "Dark Cloud Slash" and a ray of sword beam shot at the vast red curtain.

"Sss" a tiny cut appeared in the red gas showing endless frozen land on the other side. Before they could peek further, the red gas swirled and wriggled before closing the cut.

Sheng Tian and Leng Yue Yan's heart sank realising the difficulty of the task.

The attack now, even if it was just a test had 20% of his total strength, yet not even a feet of the curtain was open.

How strong!

Leng Yue Yan stepped forward and her crystal sword—Snow Storm emitted a hazy blue light before it gather profound energy from her and slashed at the Poison Curtain.

"Zzzz" a small part of the red gas was cut off and the other side was now visible revealing desolate frozen lands on the other side.

The cut was only three inches in radius.

Yet this was at least five times larger than Sheng Tian's attack!

This also meant the current strength of the Ice G.o.ddess has surpa.s.sed Sheng Tian's or at least it seemed so.

However, for them to jump in, this was far from enough!

Sheng Tian nodded at her, signalling her to go all out.

The profound energy in the air suddenly shook as their swords shone with intense black and blue lights.

They looked like the incarnations of sword angels as they emitted a dazzling brilliance.

Though Sheng Tian was weaker than Leng Yue Yan due to her break through, it was not an unsurmountable gap. He only needed to break through to Earth Realm to gain equal footing!

This time, they didn't hold back and use a great deal of strength, nearly 80%.

Under their combined attacks, the gigantic red curtain of gas was cleaved and formed a circular hole with enough radius.

"Quick." He yelled and the Ice G.o.ddess's figure blurred before she jumped through the hole.

Without delay, Sheng Tian dived in and quickly landed on the other side, just before the hole closed.

"Kang" a metallic voice sounded beside him and he growled "hey, can you stop—" but when his spirt sense picked up what it is, he jumped up in shock and swung his sword.

Looking at the incoming army of hundreds of frozen statues, he had an urge to pinch himself.

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