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Catherine and Caroline were swimming in the pool of the condominium.

"Sister! What a beautiful place you have here! Living this kind of place is my long time dream. I love to reside in this kind of environment. Super clean and s.p.a.cious looking. It seemed all people living here were having a fat wallet. How much is the unit here, Sis?" asked Caroline. She was busy roaming her eyes everywhere.Find authorized novels in Webnovel,faster updates, better experience,Please click for visiting.

"The unit ranges from PHP 15 million up to 30 million," she replied.

"Wow! Too expensive! And how much does brother in law paid for his unit?"

"According to what I have heard from other tenants, the range in that level were his unit were located is between 15 to 20 million, I'm not sure how much John paid for his unit, I didn't ask him," she explained.

Caroline's smile was pleasant. "I like the swimming pool here, it's clean and the water is cool! It's so nice living in a condominium townhouse because you can swim and relaxed in the pool anytime you want. I wanna marry a rich boyfriend someday just like you, I want to live in a life of luxury. I want to be pampered and lavished with gifts by my rich husband," she said in total seriousness.

Catherine looked at her sister's face keenly, amused by her animated face.

"Sis, does brother in law has some rich friend that he can recommend to me?" asked Caroline giggling.

"I dunno. I'm ashamed to ask him. He had a best friend though but that friend is already married. I didn't hear him going out with his other friend. So far he had only one friend that I know and he also works in his company. John is a loner type of guy," she said.

"By the way, where is brother in law? I haven't seen him around in the condo unit?" asked Caroline.

"He is working at his office as of this moment, he will be returning home later at 6 or 7 PM," she answered.

"Nice. I want to sing a duet with him again! He got a nice crystal clear voice!" gushes Caroline. She suddenly swims towards the deepest part of the pool.

Catherine watched her sister swimming beautifully in the pool like a mermaid. Shel looks pretty s.e.xy in her swimsuit that she brought for her earlier from the store nearby.

Caroline went back to her sister's side after a few minutes of staying on the other side of the pool. "Sis, can I stay here with you? I will find work nearby. I can do any kind of work, I will buy my foods, then I'm willing to sleep in the living room with just a mattress on the floor. I won't give you any problem guys, promised!"

Catherine stared at her twin sister's face, she was retreating into silence for a while. Would it feel weird on John's part if he will keep seeing two women who look exactly the same in daily basis? Is there any possibility that John will accidentally hug and kiss her twin sister instead of her? It seems impossible to happen since she and her twin sister doesn't have the same voice and they have different hair color as well, it should be easy to spot the difference between them. But she felt uneasy just thinking about it, no she won't allow it! She can't allow it!

"Sis, I don't think it's a good idea. Now that I'm already getting married you have to stay with our mother and younger siblings. Please take care of them for me," she said.

Caroline pouted. "No need for me to babysit them. Besides cousin Grace is there to look after them. I want to stay here with you, pretty please?" she begged.

"No. You have to stay with them, that is final!" said Catherine in a commanding voice.

Caroline grumbled and pouted, she swam away from her sister feeling upset about her refusal to allow her to live with her in this gorgeous condominium building.

Catherine released a deep sigh. Was she being selfish? Her sister just wants to live with her. What's wrong with that? What is it that she's afraid of? She dared not think about what's on her mind right now. After what happened with John and that Ella woman, she was still trying to grow back her trust for John again to the 100% level. Or to put it simply, she doesn't trust John with other women around him especially a woman who looks just like her even if it's her very own twin sister!

She just can't feel at ease with Caroline living with them under one roof, she had an odd feeling about it! She was starting to feel sad and feeling guilty that her mind suddenly turned negative against her innocent sister, maybe because she just underwent too much trauma when John cheated on her no matter how brief that cheating was, it's still considered cheating!

Catherine was looking at her sister...feeling conflicted inside.

Caroline stays on the other side of the pool ignoring her pregnant sibling. Inside her mind, she was cursing her sister for being selfis.h.!.+ She grumbled to herself. She felt that her sister just want to live in a life of luxury on her own and doesn't want to share her good fortune with her.

Then an idea pops up in her mind.

Wow, such a brilliant idea!

The more she thinks about it the more she was inspired to see her brother in law tonight.

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