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Caroline will ask her brother in law later, between him and her sister, maybe he will be the one with the kind soul and would willingly give her permission to stay in his condo unit. If John will allow her to stay with them then her mean sister has no other choice but to accept her boyfriend's decision. After all, John is the master of the house, he was the one bringing in the money into the table and not her sister.

Even if there is a big possibility that John wont allow her to stay with them, she can at least try to ask him. But if he refused then she will accept his decision wholeheartedly without hard feelings.

Caroline was done sulking, she swam back to her sister's side. She must not display displeasure or antagonize her pregnant sister, right now she was her only gateway to the world of wealthy men.

If she can find a rich guy like John then she doesn't have to work hard anymore. What is the use of her beauty if she can't use it to improve her status in life? If her twin sister was able to snag a rich husband for herself then why can't she do the same? Knowing that they had the same beauty and appearance. She wants the same kind of life that her sister was enjoying right now. She wants to be pampered too!

Catherine finally smiled at her twin.

"Sis, John invited our whole family and Grace to a weekend get together this You will sleep for one night in the Jade Tower and return home the next day. John's flat was equipped with a breathtaking infinity swimming pool, you will like it for sure, we can cook a barbecue beside the pool and then watch movies in his mini-theater. John will send his driver to fetch you guys on morning, so, call me if you are already prepared and ready to go, okay?" said Catherine.

"Really? Wow! That is awesome. Brother in law is very nice! I will tell mother and Grace when I come home tonight, this is getting exciting! I'm looking forward to this coming! Thank you Sis!" said Caroline, her smile was dazzling.

Catherine was ready to get out of the pool. "Sis, let's stop swimming, I still need to prepare dishes for our supper later. John loves to eat my cooking so I have to prepare and think of a menu beforehand," she explained.

"Awww sweet. Okay, let's go! I will help you prepare dishes for tonight," said Caroline excitedly.

The twin sisters, walked slowly towards the locker room to have a shower and change into dry clothes and then go back to the condo unit and starts preparing the menu for dinner.


Unknown to the twins' knowledge...

One pair of eyes were watching and taking photos of the two women swimming in the pool earlier. That person sends the photos to someone, a thousand miles away.


All the dishes have been cooked and displayed in the table in the dining room.

When John finally arrived...he found the twin sisters waiting for him in the dining room.Find authorized novels in Webnovel,faster updates, better experience,Please click for visiting.

John saw the smiling Caroline in the table sitting comfortably beside her sister.

"h.e.l.lo, brother in law! Nice to see you again!" Caroline greeted him cheerfully.

"h.e.l.lo Caroline, nice seeing you again!" replied John.

"Let's have a singing duet, later. After dinner, please?" said Caroline excitedly.

John smiled at her. "Okay, no problem. Let's eat dinner first," he responded. He looked at Catherine which was unusually quiet today. He was wondering why his lady love was looking grumpy today? He will ask her later in the bedroom after they were done eating dinner.

The whole dinner conversation was dominated by Caroline sharing some funny experiences about her work. John listens attentively at her animated chattering and commenting casually at her stories when the situation calls for it, she noticed that Caroline is a bubbly type of girl while Catherine is a serious type.

After dinner...

They went to the living room to start the karaoke session.

John and Catherine were sitting closely at each other. While Caroline sat on the opposite sofa.

Caroline sings solo first, belting her favorite songs in succession wanting to impress her brother in law.

John was more than impressed with Caroline's spectacular impressive vocals

When it's about time for John and Caroline's duet, Catherine excused herself saying that she will go to the bathroom to take a pee. She was just pretending though, for some reason she can't stand hearing them having duet because they sound awesome together.

The painful truth was that Catherine doesn't like Caroline's showy bubbly att.i.tude as if she was trying hard to make a good impression on John. It doesn't help that they bonded well in the karaoke session because they both got beautiful voices that complimented each other well.

d.a.m.n, she was suddenly feeling jealous of her sister!

She can't stand seeing them together in one room!

Why was she feeling this way?

She no longer returned to the living room. She just stays inside the master's bedroom and lay down on the bed watching nursery rhymes. Deep inside she feels like she was indeed a spoiled child throwing tantrums for no particular reason at all.

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