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Novel Library is a great alternative to webnovel for offline reading. It directly pulls its information from With webnovel I've had the problem where it doesn't always download all available chapters like it shows. Where as by Novel Library, the downloads take a lot longer, but I know exactly what has been downloaded. It also bookmarks your latest chapter (like webnovel) but I have never had the problem where my novel gets reset to the first chapter. (It also shows you which chapters you have already read) This bug has caused me to drop a few books. When I return to a book after a few months and lose my progress, I can't be bothered to check every chapter till I find where I was since I usually need like 5 to 10 chapters to remember the whole plot. All in all webnovel is great and I will continue to use it, but for offline reading and for novels that webnovel doesn't have, Novel Library is superior. Also there are a lot less bugs to deal with. The only one I have noticed is that when you rotate your screen, the chapter gets reset to the beginning (of the chapter). To counteract this you just need to lock screen rotation.

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You're reading XP. This manga has been translated by Updating. Author(s): OneFist. Already has 145 views.

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