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Chapter 1210: Beat Me to Death If You Have the Guts To!

This was probably the greatest despair she had ever felt. It was as though someone had poured cold water over Feng Lingxue and drenched her from top to toe. She stared in shock straight at… Xuan Ying.

“Silver Mask King,” she called out, as she started to leave.

“Where are you going?” His magnetic voice sounded beside her ear. “Did I say you could leave?”

Feng Lingxue looked back. “Silver Mask King, do you need something from me?” She brushed him off coldly and continued forward, as though she didn’t even want to spend one second with him.

Xuan Ying’s black eyes turned cold and dark. He suddenly reached out and grabbed her face, pulling her to face him. His lips curved into a smile as he said, “This is my territory. You’ve hurt someone in my territory, so shouldn’t I throw you in jail?”

Feng Lingxue’s long lashes quivered. She knew it would come to this. He hated her and wanted to humiliate her, to torment her. Alright then. Her heart no longer ached.

He could do his worst.

Xuan Ying reached out with his rough fingers to press on the phoenix flower on her face. As he rubbed it roughly, it erased the delicate flower on her face, revealing the ugly ‘slave’ character underneath.

He didn’t know why but he preferred seeing this.

The flower she drew on attracted too much attention.

“I see you’re still going around seducing men even after your face has been ruined. So this Young Master Zheng is another one smitten by you?”

His low voice was filled with sarcasm and coldness.

Feng Lingxue was hurting. The word carved on her skin chafed under his fingers and was already oozing blood. The blood and ink from her flower mixed together and smeared over half her face, making her look pitiful.

She didn’t understand how she had provoked him this time.

But she refused to scream out in pain and instead stood up straight and said, “In the Silver Mask King’s heart, am I not just a filthy slave?”

Xuan Ying’s lips pressed together as the aura around him darkened further.

The black-clad men and even Ah Zhou felt the change in the air and lowered their heads. The air around them was so oppressive it was hard for them to breathe.

“Feng Lingxue, I guess you’re feeling brave now, to talk back to me, huh? I guess you haven’t seen the full extent of what I can do!”

Feng Lingxue smirked and said, “Aren’t there only a few things you can do to me? Whip me, slap me, kick me, humiliate me, give me to another man? I’ve already experienced all of this. Oh, that’s right, there’s only one more thing you haven’t done to me… send me to the army barracks to be a prost.i.tute.

“You should know that I’m not afraid of pain. I haven’t given in to you. I just… still love you. I love you, which is why I put up with the pain and continue to stay by your side. I love you and I know I owe you, which is why I deserve all the humiliation you’ve brought onto me. I love you, which is why I’ve given up all my dignity and lowered myself to the ground.”

Xuan Ying froze. She said… she loved him?


Her love?

Xuan Ying’s lips curved upwards, his deep voice turning hoa.r.s.e and his tone was sarcastic and cold. “You really are full of lies. “You think I’ll believe you? You’re playing the same tricks again. Don’t ever say you love me again. To me, you’re just a clown putting on a clumsy performance and I’m sick of watching it!”

Of course, she knew he wouldn’t believe her. No matter what she said, he would think that it was a lie.

He was sick of it.

And she was tired.

All those years of feelings were finally at a dead end.

“Alright, I’ll stop saying it in the future then.” Feng Lingxue nodded. “Brother Ying is already dead. You’re the Silver Mask King now and have wealth and status. How would I dare compete with the innocent Miss s.h.i.+? What am I? I’m not worthy enough to love you, so I’ll stop.”

Hearing her blunt words, Xuan Ying felt as though his heart was being squeezed harshly. He felt like it was a joke when she said she loved him.

But at the same time, he couldn’t stand it when she said she didn’t love him anymore.

She said she no longer loved him…

His heart was in a mess, as the feeling of unease slowly grew. He could sense that she no longer loved him. Her gaze when she looked at him had changed.

“Ha.” He forced out a low laugh from his throat. “Since when have you decided whether it ends between us?”

He lowered his eyes and kissed her.

He was actually kissing her.

Feng Lingxue’s eyes widened and quickly put her small hands on his hard chest, pus.h.i.+ng him away.

He was already engaged. He had a fiancee, so why was he still wrapped around her doing these intimate things?

She didn’t want to.

She didn’t want to anymore. She wasn’t just some toy for him to vent his s.e.xual needs on anymore!

Xuan Ying reached out and wrapped an arm around her slim waist. Her waist was soft and supple, which explained how she could contort herself into so many positions when she was pole dancing.

His Adam’s apple bobbed up and down twice. He pressed her onto the wall as his tongue reached into her sweet mouth and lashed around within.


Feng Lingxue frowned as he stole her breath. All she could feel was his aggression. She struggled violently and twisted around, but this only tangled their bodies together even closer. His breath quickened as his tongue hooked around hers.

He was about to swallow her whole.

He was kissing her so fiercely. Who knew what he was venting about this time.

Feng Lingxue opened her mouth and bit his tongue savagely. In an instant, the taste of blood permeated both their mouths.

Xuan Ying felt the pain and released her quickly. Feng Lingxue raised her hands and gave him a slap.

Piak! Xuan Ying was. .h.i.t across his whole face.

The atmosphere was chilling and oppressive. Ah Zhou had his head almost touching the floor. How dare Feng Lingxue strike his Master!

Did she know who she had just slapped?

Xuan Ying had been slapped across his whole left face. He slowly turned back and looked at Feng Lingxue.

His red eyes glared at her murderously.

Feng Lingxue’s back was plastered against the wall. She had hit him hard just now, and her palm was numb. Her chest rose and fell as she looked at him. She was full of wariness and resistance.

Xuan Ying raised his hands to strike her.

“Hit me!”

Feng Lingxue raised her head and delivered the marred cheek to his palm. “Beat me to death if you have the guts to!

Her eyes flashed as she glared at him stubbornly and fearlessly.

Xuan Ying’s hand froze in midair. He couldn’t strike her.

After a few seconds, he retracted his hands and grabbed her hands, pus.h.i.+ng her into the room. Feng Lingxue stumbled a few steps before righting herself. She turned back to look at him. “What are you trying to do?

Xuan Ying walked in and leaned against the door, closing it behind him. One hand in his pocket and the other unb.u.t.toning his s.h.i.+rt, he smiled coldly, revealing his white teeth. “I won’t hit you to death, but I will… screw you to death.”


Feng Lingxue took a few seconds to understand what he meant. Her vision darkened as he approached.

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