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Chapter 510: Lobbying a Male Guest in the Bar

Translator: Atlas Studios Editor: Atlas Studios

Mr Gu, I really like you…

Her sensual voice caused his heart to flutter.

She said that she really liked him.

Gu Mohan started smiling to himself, his originally cold gaze softened. This girl was indeed good at flirting with men.

Her soft lips were still on his, it was emanating a pleasant fragrance. His Adam’s apple was impelled to start bobbing. He couldn’t deny that he wanted to kiss her.

But she suddenly let go of his hands and collapsed onto the blanket.


Gu Mohan was still supporting himself with his hands on the sides of the bed, but this girl had already forgotten about everything. She burrowed her tiny face into the blankets and entered slumberland.

She had fallen asleep after flirting with him and getting him all fired up!

This woman!

The next morning.

Tang Mo’er rushed over to the Gu Corporation’s office hurriedly. She had overslept and it was her first day of interning, she didn’t want to leave a bad impression by coming late.

After entering the lobby, she spotted that the elevator doors were almost closing and she quickly shouted, “Sorry, please hold the lift!”

She pressed the b.u.t.ton and the elevator door opened.

Walking into the elevator, she thanked whoever was inside, “Thank you… oh! Mr Gu!”

It was Gu Mohan.

Gu Mohan was dressed in a black overcoat and an immaculate white s.h.i.+rt with a vest inside. It was perfectly ironed and free of creases, complementing his dignified aura.

His secretary, Yan Dong was also present.

Gu Mohan caught a quick glimpse at Tang Mo’er, his face expressionless and with his usual arrogance.

Tang Mo’er was rebuffed even after putting up a smile for him but she wasn’t affected by it. At least, she knew that he had sent her home and carried her all the way inside her room on campus.

She had actually fallen asleep in his car.

Tang Mo’er stood opposite him, openly staring at him with no shame.

She was able to meet Mr Gu at the start of the day and it was such a good feeling.

Gu Mohan sensed her gaze and he observed her using the mirror’s reflection. She wore a pale yellow knit sweater with jeans on the bottom. Her satiny hair was draped over her shoulders and one side of it was tucked behind her ear, revealing her ravis.h.i.+ng beauty. She was in the prime of her youth, exuding the charms of a 21 year old.

Her face was radiant and she shot him a flirtatious glance, seemingly trying to seduce him.

He had one hand in his trouser pocket and turned his body around, not allowing her to continue looking at him.

But he suddenly heard a tender voice. “Mr Gu, you didn’t zip your pants.”

Gu Mohan’s face stiffened, he quickly lowered his eyes to check on his trousers.

It was zipped.

She was teasing him.

An ungracious snort of laughter escaped.

Yan Dong t.i.ttered, this was his first time ever witnessing President getting teased.

Gu Mohan glared over at Yan Dong, sending him a threatening glance.

Yan Dong coughed and stood up straight, it only took a second for him to make the switch back to a secretary with extreme professionalism.

Gu Mohan’s eyes were fixated on Tang Mo’er’s face and he finally spoke, “Miss Tang, is it really fun to make such a crude joke?”

Tang Mo’er winked at him playfully. “I’m sorry, Mr Gu, I must have seen wrongly.”

He totally deserved it for being so puffed up with conceit. Hmph, foolish man!

Gu Mohan shot a baleful stare in her direction.

Ding! The elevator doors opened and Yan Dong said, “Miss Tang, we’ve reached your level.”

The President’s office was on a different level from the ordinary workers’ offices, so Tang Mo’er had to get off the elevator earlier.

“Mr Gu, I’ll take my leave then. Goodbye.” Tang Mo’er stepped out of the elevator while waving her hand, saying goodbye to Gu Mohan.

She crinkled her eyes into a smile while the elevator doors slowly closed. Her knit sweater was a little cropped and when she waved her hand, her hourgla.s.s figure could be seen when she was in motion. He couldn’t resist it, he just wanted to move closer and pinch her slim waist.

She was already a ravis.h.i.+ng beauty to begin with and her playful advances only served to elevate her womanly charm.

She could bring the most in every piece of clothing she wore. Her beauty was apparent and could captivate the eyes of every man.

Gu Mohan’s Adam’s apple bobbed, it was early in the morning and she had already ignited his desires.

Tang Mo’er made her way to the offices she was a.s.signed to and found two female employees discussing her behind her back.

“Why did Tang Mo’er take the elevator that’s exclusive to VIPs and President?”…

Tang Mo’er found her desk and since she wasn’t a.s.signed any tasks by the director of the design department, she started gluing the ripped shreds of the sketches together.

Her mother’s sketchbook was torn to shreds and there may have been pieces that had gone missing. It was almost impossible for it to be repaired.

But Tang Mo’er didn’t lose hope, she patiently pieced it together, filling in the gaps by herself using a pen.

Though she wasn’t as experienced as her prodigious mother, it was still heartwarming nonetheless for her to have the chance to fill in the gaps and restore her mother’s design sketches.

She felt as though her mother was just right by her side, accompanying her.

Time pa.s.sed unknowingly and it was almost the end of the day. The director suddenly walked over and said, “Tang Mo’er, follow me. We’re going to attend a social event together tonight.”

Tang Mo’er followed the director to CC bar, there were a few people present in the luxurious VIP room. Hu Dewen was in attendance from the UK and so was Gu Mohan.

Gu Mohan sat in the middle and the room was dimly lit. He removed his overcoat and revealed the white s.h.i.+rt and vest inside. The vest had a snug fit around his trim waist, his legs were crossed elegantly as he held a gla.s.s of red wine in his right hand, swirling it around, the very picture of nonchalance.

“President, Mr Dewen, we’re here,” the director greeted them.

Dewen’s eyes lit up after he noticed Tang Mo’er’s presence. He quickly pulled Tang Mo’er over, settling her beside himself. “President Gu, when did you hire such a beautiful public relations officer? This is my first time seeing such a beauty.”

Every company would be sure to have beautiful public relations officers, especially so during such social events to lobby distinguished business partners.

Tang Mo’er quickly deflected, explaining immediately, “Mr Dewen, you’ve misunderstood me. I’m not a public relations officer.”

Tang Mo’er then looked over at Gu Mohan with her l.u.s.trous eyes, hoping that he would help her out of this awkward situation.

Gu Mohan had noticed Dewen holding onto Tang Mo’er’s supple hands and even fondling it, pulling her into his arms. Dewen was a promiscuous man who enjoyed the company of women, he couldn’t stop touching Tang Mo’er’s shoulders and it was making her more than a little uncomfortable.

Tang Mo’er resisted his advances, but she wasn’t too obvious about it since Dewen was an important guest. A few strands of hair were entangled around her neck she looked at him with glistening eyes.

Gu Mohan remained impa.s.sive but he lifted his eyes and questioned the director with his gaze.

The director broke out in cold sweat, she hadn’t had a choice. The company’s prettiest public relations officer was on medical leave and considering Dewen’s lecherous ways and his picky taste with women, she couldn’t have done anything else but to find Tang Mo’er as a replacement. Who else would have been more suitable than her?

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