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Chapter 795: The Reunion of Lu and An (1)

Translator: Atlas Studios Editor: Atlas Studios

Tang Mo’er and Lin s.h.i.+yu glanced at An’an, and then at the gigolo. The gigolo’s handsome face revealed more than a touch of joy. He had been chosen!

The lady boss beamed immediately. “Aye, this young beauty really has a good eye. This guy has the fittest figure here. I’m not sure if you’ve ever heard of a person who had made a name for himself in Capital – Lu Yan? This guy’s figure is as fit as Lu Yan’s.”

Upon mentioning about Lu Yan, the lady boss got even more excited. “When Lu Yan was still around, he mesmerized countless rich ladies from prestigious families in Capital. His death was a real pity. But these rich ladies have not forgotten about Master Yan. When they come here, they will ask for this guy, because this guy is as fit and muscular as Lu Yan.”

Tang Mo’er looked at this lady boss. It was obvious she was one of Master Yan’s fans too.

At this moment, Lin s.h.i.+yu said, “Lady boss, you’ve spoken too much today.”

The lady boss felt aggrieved. She was only making recommendations…

Tang Mo’er and Lin s.h.i.+yu looked back at An’an. Lu Yan had inflicted the most pain on An’an in her life. The name “Lu Yan” itself was already a taboo.

No one had mentioned him in these three years.

An’an had never mentioned anything about it either. She lived a good life, as if everything was over.

But there was a thin rose gold bracelet around her slender wrist. It was a King-back bracelet that Tang Mo’er had customized for her to conceal the scar at her wrist.

Three years ago, on her own bed she had slit her wrist. Although she was saved, the scar was too deep to be covered or removed.

Huo Yanmei doted on her only daughter. She had attempted to bring the latter in for scar removal procedures, but all the doctors were unable to help.

This scar was akin to the darkness that Lu Yan had left behind in her life. The love and hatred were so strong that it could not be eliminated even the slightest bit.

This bracelet was one of a kind in the entire world. This was a special design that Tang Mo’er had created for An’an, and there was a name for it – ‘Unique Memories’.

Not long after King-back went public, this ‘Unique Memories’ bracelet had become a limited edition. Although wealthy merchants had offered high prices for it, Tang Mo’er had never produced anything remotely similar.

Exchanging a glance, Tang Mo’er and Lin s.h.i.+yu looked at each other. This lady boss was innocent, but she should not have mentioned something she should not be talking about.

At this moment, they heard a soft voice saying, “No, Lu Yan’s figure was a hundred times better than his.”

Tang Mo’er and Lin s.h.i.+yu turned back. These words were spoken by An’an. An’an looked at the strong gigolo in silence and gave a faint smile, which did not reveal her true feelings.

She said… Lu Yan…

Upon hearing these words, the lady boss swiftly gave two laughs. She had never seen the legendary Master Yan before. Based on her societal status, she would never have the chance to see him in this lifetime.

“Does this young beauty still want this gigolo over here?” The lady boss immediately asked.

Tang Mo’er and Lin s.h.i.+yu looked at An’an. What would she choose?

A few seconds later, An’an nodded. “I’ll take him.”

The other gigolos said, “So envious of you! We’re definitely hitting the gym tomorrow!”

At the room next door.

The door was pushed open by a fair and tender hand, and a pretty figure entered the room.

An’an was walking on her stilettos, and even though the stilettos did not make a sound while stepping on the goat fur carpet, she still managed to sashay over. Her back skirt, which had a slit, swayed seductively, and she projected a sensual allure.

Sitting by the bed, An’an placed one slender arm on the bedsheets. Her pretty figure leaned backwards, and she raised her long legs. “Come here.”

The gigolo had been tailing behind her and he looked at her in a mixture of unease and admiration.

Upon hearing her call, the gigolo hastened forward.

The gigolo was standing while she was sitting. She raised her head and looked up at him. She had not changed her shoes and was still wearing her stilettos. She raised her legs and kicked the gigolo’s trousers lightly. “Take off your clothes.”

The gigolo blushed and removed his s.h.i.+rt, revealing his muscular upper body.

An’an’s eyes glided on his muscular chest, and then she counted. One pectoral muscle, two, three, four, five, six…

Only six pectoral muscles…

Actually it was not bad for a man to have six pectoral muscles already. Men who had eight pectoral muscles typically belonged to a special profession, did hard labor or hit the gym frequently.

Lu Yan had eight pectoral muscles.

An’an’ ravis.h.i.+ng face remained impa.s.sive. “You were often chosen by those rich ladies?”

The gigolo nodded. “Mm.”

“What did they choose you for?”

“Play dice… Usually, some of them will play hide-and-seek with me.”


An’an raised her willowy brows. “How do you play that?”

“They would s.h.i.+eld my eyes and I would find them. They would then throw themselves in my arms and call me Master Yan.”

An’an curved her red lips. It had already been three years since his death and these women were still pining for him.

She had also heard that when he was younger, he would frequent such clubs. He liked to play hide-and-seek, and when he caught hold of a woman he would hug her, and this made all the ladies’ hearts thump.

An’an’s ravis.h.i.+ng face turned frosty. She extended her hand and hooked the gigolo’s leather belt with her index finger.

The gigolo’s eyes lit up and promptly pinned her down.

Beneath him, An’an lay on the soft bed. Her hair was scattered about in a way that was messy, yet seductive. She looked at the gigolo hovering above her.

The gigolo could not resist this little beauty and immediately inched closer to kiss her lips.

But An’an turned her head away to evade the kiss.

The gigolo froze. He looked at the beauty beneath him and saw that her features were indifferent.

“I’ll go to buy condoms.” She pushed the gigolo away and got down from the bed.

“You don’t have to buy! I have some here!” The gigolo said.

But there was no use. An’an had already disappeared.

An’an stood on the bustling streets outside the club. She took out her cell phone, opened the “Queens” group chat and sent a message – I’m leaving.

She put her cell phone away.

Capital was so huge. Where did she want to go?

She did not know where she wanted to go to. She walked ahead and stopped immediately in front of a convenience store. Without thinking further, she entered the store.

The cas.h.i.+er asked, “Miss, what would you like to buy?”

An’an glanced at the shelves behind. “I want to buy condoms in the largest size.”

He had always used the largest sized ones.

At this moment, an ordinary van stopped in front of the convenience store. The back door was pulled open, and five or six youths alighted carrying luggages. They looked at the man in the driver’s seat. “Uncle, we’re going to university now.”

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