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Chapter 877: Womanly Fragrance

Translator: Atlas Studios Editor: Atlas Studios

Lu Jinwen had not expected to see her pretty back and his deep eyes narrowed. He froze on the spot.

When Lin Xuanji turned back, she saw the man staring squarely at her, his gaze fixed and unblinking.

She was shocked and she promptly tried to cover her chest. “Old Madam, please help me to pull up my zipper.”

Old Madam Lu glared at Lu Jinwen. “What are you looking at, you brat? Turn your head and don’t look!”

With that, she stretched her hands out to help Lin Xuanji with her zipper, but halfway through pulling it up, she swiftly let out a cry. “Aye, Xuanji, the zipper is stuck.”


What was this coincidental timing?

“What are you idling there for, brat? Come over here and help Xuanji pull up the zipper!” After saying that, Old Madam Lu left the scene.

Lin Xuanji felt the leather chair behind her sinking as the man came nearer, together with a faint smell of nicotine. Lu Jinwen got into the car.

Lu Jinwen dangled the remaining half of the cigar onto his thin lips and proceeded to help pull up her zipper.

His calloused finger touched her skin unintentionally.

Lin Xuanji quivered and she raised her head to look at the s.h.i.+ny car window. She could see the outline of the man’s shoulders in the reflection. He was looking down at her.

“Lu Jinwen, are you done looking at me?”



“I want to touch you.”


Lin Xuanji stretched her hands to the back and wanted to pull up the zipper herself.

But Lu Jinwen helped her to pull it up.

Lin Xuanji straightened her skirt and turned around to look at him. “You can get off now.”

But Lu Jinwen did not alight. He leaned lazily against the seat and smoked his cigar with his brows knitted. “How can I get out of the car in this state?”

Lin Xuanji followed his gaze and her eyes landed on his trousers. Two seconds later, she averted her gaze in unease. “You deserve it. Who wants to let you touch anything? If you didn’t think of dirty thoughts, you wouldn’t be like this!”

Lu Jinwen exhaled a mouthful of smoke and he smiled amidst the swirling smoke. “I’m like this because you didn’t let me touch you. My desire has not been satiated.”

His desire has not been satiated? How could he say such a shameless thing so easily!


She did not want to bother about him initially. He was already in his fifties and he still had such a high libido?

Lu Jinwen took a few more puffs and asked in a husky voice, “When will you let me touch you?”

Was the man insane? No matter how she rejected him, he would insist on pestering her. He was even more overboard now to have blatantly made this sort of request.

Looking at the woman’s frosty expression, Lu Jinwen cursed in a displeased tone. “Why are you so skittish? It’s not like we haven’t slept together before. I’m already in my fifties and can only bed you for thirty or forty years at most!

“d.a.m.n it, look at what kind of life I’m living now. You were in deep sleep in Miaojiang for so many years and you even left me for three years. Alright, it’s not that you want a man. It’s me who wants a woman!

“Don’t spout rubbish in front of me. When Mo’er and Chenyi are back home, you shall go with me to City Hall to register our marriage. I will only tolerate you for two days at most. After we get the certificate, I will take you. You are still as delicate as a young woman despite your age, how could I possibly not think of touching you?”

With that, Lu Jinwen dangled the cigar on his lips. He was very displeased.

At this moment, Lin Xuanji suddenly turned her body, opened the car door at his side and pushed him outside. “You can go and dream!”

Lu Jinwen landed outside the car. The car door closed with an emphatic bang.

He had been chased out by her.

Lu Jinwen glanced sideways to see Old Madam Lu and Jun Mosheng staring at him. Both of them could not hold their laughter back and snorted.

It felt so good to see this man being defeated.


Lu Jinwen eyed Jun Mosheng coldly. This was his rival in love, and it was inevitable that his rival would sneer at him, but even his own Mom was laughing at him!

Lu Jinwen shot a glance at Old Madam Lu as if to say – You’re on my side, right?

Old Madam Lu covered her mouth and tried to control her laughter – Sorry, I couldn’t control myself.

But it really was very funny. Old Madam Lu broke into giggles again when she recollected the scene.

Jun Mosheng got into the car. “Xuanji, are you alright?”

Lin Xuanji swept her hair behind her shoulder. “I’m fine.”

“Xuanji, do you still love Lu Jinwen?” Jun Mosheng suddenly asked.

Lin Xuanji froze. She looked at Jun Mosheng and shook her head. “I don’t.”

“If you hadn’t seen that there wasn’t any bullet in the gun at the party just now, or if there was a bullet in Lu Jinwen’s gun, would you still have chosen to leave?”


“All the truths have been revealed and you still have half a script left. Xuanji, I know that you both love and hate Lu Jinwen.”


Jun Mosheng sighed and caressed Lin Xuanji’s hair. “But Xuanji, if there’s no love, why would there be hatred? Even now, you still haven’t been able to let go. You are like Lu Jinwen, both of you have never let go.”

Lu Jinwen and she were still tightly holding onto the stalk of dandelion. That was the beginning of their love. Time had created a distance between Lu Jinwen and her, but their hearts still remained at the beginning, frozen at that point.

Lin Xuanji still shook her head. “I don’t love him anymore. The Pa.s.sion River is the best testimony.”

Jun Mosheng looked at Lin Xuanji in a loving and sympathetic manner. “There is no Pa.s.sion River in this world. It’s all due to the obstacles in our hearts. Lu Jinwen loved you but he couldn’t have you and he was in excruciating pain when a little of the Pa.s.sion Water touched his skin. You believe that you don’t love Lu Jinwen anymore, and so you are not afraid of the Pa.s.sion River at all.”

At Garden Lanshan.

Gu Mohan was sitting on the sofa and playing a game. At this moment, there was a knocking sound on the door and Yan Dong’s voice could be heard from outside. “President, the first batch of ladies is here for the interview.”

Gu Mohan did not raise his head. “Enter.”

The door was pushed open and Yan Dong came in leading a bevy of beautifully-dressed women. These ladies came from prestigious families and they were young and beautiful. They stood in one line and looked at Gu Mohan adoringly.

But Gu Mohan was still focused on playing his game.

Yan Dong waited a while, then he reminded him in a soft voice. “President.”

F*ck, he lost his game!

Gu Mohan knitted his brows and threw his cell phone onto the sofa, before raising his eyes to see the beautifully-dressed ladies.

“President, what are we going to test them on?” Yan Dong asked.

Even though it was supposed to be an interview to find a mother for Little Master Gu, how should they conduct the interview?

Gu Mohan pondered for a while then said casually, “Let’s test if you smell fragrant.”

Test if you smell fragrant?

Those beautifully-dressed ladies immediately smiled confidently. They had sprayed perfume on themselves before coming over and they smelled fragrant.

There was one lady who had walked ahead impatiently and came to Gu Mohan’s side. She said coquettishly, “President Gu, why don’t you come and smell if I’m fragrant?”

Gu Mohan eyed the lady and knitted his brows in distaste. “Why are you so ugly?


“Forget it, let me smell you now.” Gu Mohan leaned over to smell the woman…

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