They Said My Status Stayed The Same Even Though I Reincarnated In Another World!? Chapter 57-61

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Chapter 57: Quella's Strength Okay, going to start and do my staple. The cheat sheet on the top, it will eventually grow to include new characters and appearances. Fari von D'azell . Previously Nanjou Yukiho, nicknamed Yuki by Kami.  Is currently 10 years of age. Ruby red long wavy hair and striking gold eyes not fitting her age. Also Fari uses, 私 aka female p.r.o.noun watas.h.i.+. Quella von D'azell. Fari's older sister. Is 16, has silver hair and red eyes. 2 horns on her head, and two fangs in her mouth. She also uses the more masculine "Boku" refer to herself. Kami-sama, or also known as Kamille. Is a girl that looks 12 but is a G.o.d. Has silver hair and red eyes. Gave Fari, Exscolibur Father is Gilbert Von D'azell. Master warrior. Rigurett Beuze Crausus or simply Rig: Long blond silky hair, blue eyes. Uses 2 bayonet guns, and is really good at magic, four attribute magic. She actually speaks polite and proper, but that's hard to translate. They are students of St. Valeria's Royal Hunter's Academy. Also Lilina is a magic's teacher. Translator: Mamuni ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~

After my Onee-sama told me that, we went to the school training ground. The same one I went to yesterday for the entrance examination.

My Onee-sama gave me a brief explanation on the way there.

So she wants us to fight because I'm a strong opponent.

. . .Or something like that.

Onee-sama has always been like this.

We didn't have much freedom back at the mansion. I was allowed to at least go around the mansion premises, but my Onee-sama had even more limits.

So what my Onee-sama did was study and practice. That was all she did.

Eventually, before I knew it. There was n.o.body in the mansion besides my Papa that could stand up to her.

From that time on, my Onee-sama was hungry for a partner that could keep up. There was n.o.body besides my Papa.

And now an unusual power showed up, Me.

Originally, I was nowhere near as powerful as my Onee-sama.

However, now that I have awakened my magical apt.i.tude, I'm being dragged into being her partner.

I must seem like a good opponent to my Onee-sama.

"- – -Fari, Are you ready?"

My Onee-sama asked me with a long sword in her hand.

The training grounds were actually quite empty. Thanks to it being morning.

We will occupy a corner of it, and that's where our duel will be.

Rig called a teacher to act as our referee. She used her influence to "persuade" them to do it.

The person we found was Lilinsensei. The one that found me yesterday.

". . .Whenever you are ready."

I said, as I held Exscolibur.

It's not in the usual punishment mode.

My Non-attribute magic flowed into it, creating a magical sword that can cut properly.

And I'll also go all out. Releasing all of my seals.

——Because I checked my Onee-sama's status with super search. And it is insane.

Quella Von D'azell.



Attack power: 3,053

Defense power: 1,285

Magical power:1,812


Skills: General Martial Arts(B+), Swordsmans.h.i.+p (A), Flight (C), Magic Eye (C), Natural Healing (D), Blood Formation (B), Blood Manipulation (B), Magic Crystallization(B), Power Recovery (B).

Magical Apt.i.tude: Darkness (D+), Life (D+)

Magical Resistance: Darkness(C)

She is a monster.

That's the first thing that came to mind when I saw that.

In regards to status, there are many parts that actually exceed mine.

However I do surpa.s.s her in some aspects. 

My Power is slightly stronger than hers and my magical power dwarves her. But she out scales me in every other way.

Also it's not just that. Her skills are what's truly terrifying. 

The more I looked with super search, the scarier it became.

General Martial Arts: Skill related to all common weapons.

Flying: Is the ability to fly in the air using power.

Magical eye: The ability to intuitively see various information.

Natural healing: Physical injuries and life recover over time.

Blood Formation: Increase your blood amount. 

Blood Manipulation: Power is consumed to freely manipulate blood.

Magic Crystallization: Solidify crystal from Magic Power.

Power Recovery: Recover Power over time.

That last skill completely negates all of the downsides of every other skill.

So in other words, my Onee-sama can simply fly away, and recover her injuries with self-heal, change blood infusion within weapons, or any blood magic, and at no cost, because all the power used just regenerates! 

She is truly not human. 

Why does my Onee-sama get to fly. . .

Vampires are too strong.

"Are each parties prepared?"

Lilinsensei made sure we were both ready.

My Onee-sama and I both gave a nod, and prepared our weapons.

"Then- – -Begin!"

Chapter 58: Quella Vs Fari

As soon as the match started, my Onee-sama rushed to me.

She also has a long sword. So the time I had to react was limited.

I had barely enough time to defend myself.

My Onee-sama's sword s.h.i.+ned in the sun as it approached.

She slashed and I dodged. Then again, and again. I am somehow able to dodge it. However my Onee-sama is more agile than I. Moreover, her swordsmans.h.i.+p is top notch. She will eventually catch up to me.

"- – –Kuu!"

I have to- – -As a last resort, I'll cast "Buster Blitz".

It's something I'm just making up on the spot.

All I did was activate a large number of blitz without chanting. Then all of them attacked my sister at once.

"Hahaha, Amazing!"

My Onee-sama was laughing as she backed away from me to try and avoid them. A blitz that was en route to hit her was struck down by her sword in a flash. It was infused with some kind of dark magical power. The other blitz she avoided with relative ease.

I've sent more than 30 Blitz at her, and she was able to easily avoid all of them.

"- – -The power to shoot non attribute blitz without even needing to chant. It would be dangerous if one of those actually hit me."

My Onee-sama then held up the sword that blocked one of the blitz. It seems like my Blitz is still making the sword shake.

"If that is the case, I'll need to get serious."

My Onee-sama had a broad grin on her face.

I felt a s.h.i.+ver go down my spine.

I was being pushed into the corner with her last attack, and that was going easy on me!?

"Come now! Have a good look, Fari! This is my secret attack! A mixed technique that involves my vampire and demon powers! It has never been beaten except by our father!"

My sister then jumped up into the air- – -Well actually she flew up in the air.

I knew she had that flying skill, but now her just using it in front of me is frightening.

"(Red Masquerade) Activate!"

Then she bit her finger hard.

That looked like it hurt.

From her wound, a large amount of blood came out.

The blood floated in the air, forming something- – – It was solidifying.

Oh no. . . There where now countless number of swords made from blood.

20 or more red blades floated in the air.

I guess that is what a B ranked blood formation can created.

It seems like she can manipulate them as well.

That means she can swings all 20+ of them all at the same time.

It's truly a h.e.l.lish sight.

"Come Fari, Let's dance."

My Onee-sama said that with a gentle voice.

She still had her composure too her.

That just added to this nightmare.

Then – – -a countless number of swords flew to me.

Chapter 59: The Terror of the Red Masquerade

The swords flew at me as I sent blitz to stop them in their path.

I used my super search to predict the trajectory of the swords. I was on the defensive.

However- – -my Onee-sama's offensive was unwavering.

Although I won't lose my defensive spot, using super search and blitz is quickly depleting my power. 

One the other side of me, my Onee-sama is simply flying high in the sky.

She has a power recovery skill. Which means, she can out last me even if my power may have a higher capacity.

I have to change my strategy.

My magical skills are overwhelming, I can make sure I can break through this onslaught with Blitz and Exscolibur on my side.

So- – –  I used my powers to destroy each of the b.l.o.o.d.y swords, one after another as they came at me.

"Are you for real?! Fari's magical power is endless!"

My Onee-sama happily screamed that as she scattered blood from her fingertips.

The numerous blood droplets increased to a large blob in the air. That blob became blobs and their form was changing- – -they formed into spears.

And. . .they are all pointing at me from the sky.

Well, today's weather calls for a blood hail of spears. 

Haha. . .this isn't the time for jokes. . .

"Dodge this!"

My Onee-sama said that as she controlled a myriad of spears flying towards me.

I'm not going to accept those spears pouring down on me. The power and risk of those are a magnitude higher than the swords.

I have to run and dodge the falling death spikes.

But something- – -is wrong.

They are actually aiming to stab me.

When it was the swords, it was just trying to stop my movements and not actually going for a dangerous. .h.i.t.

While I was thinking about that. Something felt off.

I used super search to find what was happening.

A strong magical force was felt below me. I don't know why but I felt the urge to instantly jumped away from it.

Then a huge blood spear broke through the ground.

If I didn't move, it would have went straight through me.

"Are you trying to kill me!?"

"I wonder if that would have even been enough to kill you?! Besides you won't die instantly. Lilinsensei will heal you with healing magic!" 

Yeah, healing magic in this world is very powerful.

However it isn't strong enough to heal a fatal wound. I experience how limited it could be with my Papa.

So I can't rely on healing and I need to avoid those traps and deadly attacks.

I thought our battle would be more relaxed, not anxiety inducing. . .

After that, Onee-sama's control of her spears continued.

All I can do is dodge and run away.

If I just keep running though, I'll eventually run out of stamina.

I could already feel my limit with my physical strength approaching.

I know my life is in good health, so I can take an attack, but my physical limits are approaching.

And if my limit is. .h.i.t, my evasion skills will get sloppy. And that will mean, well you get the idea.

—-But maybe I can do that. . .

I'll need to go all in on this one plan.

It's an unthinkable strategy, but I have no other ideas.

I'll have to put it into practice.

Chapter 60: One Shot.

I'm running away still, trying to wait for my opportunity.

I'm looking for the spear from the floor attack.

 Although if I act too unnatural, she may realize my plan.

So I have to carefully think about how I want to do this.

However, my body is starting to feel tired. I am running out of time.


I used super search to predict where the next underground attack would come from.

I went over it and pretended like I lost my balance.

I deliberately fell forwards so my heel would be at the spear end. So I could now step on it. I felt it coming.

Finally it's time!

The blood spear vigorously launched from below me.

I quickly collected a high-density of magic at my feet. 

Once the blood spear collided with it's magical power, the impact will be dispersed into my magic. 

It's pretty much the same thing I did when I went against Rig.

I positioned my body to take the force once it hit my heel. 

Of course my feet are screaming in pain from the power and impact of the spear.

Oww. I-I just have to work through the pain. However I could feel that half of my Life was shaved off from that one blow.

However now comes the highlight.

". . .Ahhhhhhhh!!!"

I jumped into the air thanks to the momentum and raised a warrior cry. Mostly to endure the pain.

I'm flying straight towards my Onee-sama.

My Onee-sama had a bewildered expression. She didn't see this coming. That's great though! It's too late for her now.

The speed I was flung is much faster than she can move. There is no way she can run away.

And because it is a surprise charge, she can't afford to think about what to do.

However my Onee-sama manipulated some excess blood she had to create into giant s.h.i.+eld in front of her.

However – – -I thought of something before I was launched just in case she did that. 

My crazy idea. I'll just erase it! I've never tried this before.

I'm going to try and store her blood s.h.i.+eld in my storage.

Even though it's blood. It has flown out of my Onee-sama's body. So I don't know how this would work, however it's pretty much just magic now. So maybe, because my storage is an S rank it's possible to store it.

I have no time to think, so I tried my ide – –

Then the blood s.h.i.+eld she created disappeared in an instant.

"- – -You gotta be kidding me. . ."

My Onee-sama muttered that in disbelief.

I don't even know if she knows what just happened.

I brought Exscolibur out and prepared to slash into my Onee-sama's body with non-attribute magic. 

It's a non-attribute magical blade. It has enough power in it to tear through my Onee-sama's body without any resistance.

Of course I'm not doing that, I'm doing a shallow slash, so it won't do that.

It's a blow strong enough to defeat my Onee-sama's fighting power and “life”. Ending this all.

My slash landed and my Onee-sama went unconscious after the impact, falling to the ground below. 

I flew past her. I can't stop!

Eventually I slowed down, and free fell to the ground.

I crashed onto the ground shortly after my Onee-sama fell.

My legs were in tatters from the overpowered blow of her spear and the landing.

It's difficult to get up, but I somehow struggled to my knees. Raising my body up.

My Onee-sama on the other hands- – -she was laying there. It's obvious, she couldn't fight anymore.

"- – -Match over!"

I heard Lilinsensei announcing that.

It was at that moment, I won.

I felt all the tension of my body release, falling to the ground. I have no strength anymore. Even though I may have some life remaining, the toll that super search and my injuries(especially my foot) had on me aren't light.

I soon felt my consciousness fade.

Chapter 61: After the Struggle.

I awoke to a white ceiling.

Looking around, I was laying on a bed with white bed sheets over me. Milky white curtains boxed me into a smaller s.p.a.ce than this room obviously was.

I then noticed Rig sitting beside my bed.

"You are awake." 

She said in a relieved voice.

"Umm. Where am I?. . ."

"This is the medical office. After that crazy battle, both of you were taken here to treat each of your serious injuries."

"I-Is that so?. . .Is my Onee-sama alright?"

"The teacher who used healing magic on her said she will be alright. Despite her injuries, her actual life wasn't in any danger."

Oh yeah, it's a bit different from my previous life. Injury doesn't equal death. Or at least the risk of it. Running out of “life” just means you will faint.

Well I'm just happy that she is fine.

"Nevertheless, you and Quellsan were amazing. . .You D'azzels are have some tremendous strength."

"Well. . .I'm actually a unique case."

"Don't be so modest, Fari. That plan you made up, on the spot to deal with Quella's "Red Masquerade" was successful. It truly shows your skill to think and act on the spot. So be proud of that."

"Uhh. . .Thank you, Rig."

As I said that, I slowly reached out my hand.

Once she realized that she grasped my hand.

"Me too, I won't lose. . .Honestly, I always won against the knights and educators back at my mansion. I thought I was unbeatable, but when I saw you and your sister. That delusion was finally shattered."

She said that in a strong determined voice.

"There are still so many people who are not only more capable, but also more talented than me. I will become strong enough to catch up and win against them. Well, I want to at least. From the bottom of my heart, more than ever after seeing that battle today."

She said that, she brought her hand around to my cheek and started to play with my bangs.

"- – -Fari. Please stay with me. From now on, let's get stronger. I want to chase after you. I want to get as strong as you."

"Rig. . .”

Something strange could be felt sprouting in my heart.

It's somewhat pleasant, but at the same time, It's also a bit frustrating.

And this feeling gets stronger every time Rig strokes my bangs.

It's different from when I was stroked by my Mama or Onee-sama.

Surely this- – -Is what it feels like to have a friend.

That's the only explanation I can think of.

Budding romance, or blossoming friends.h.i.+p? Although there is that age difference, but I don't know if that matters in this medieval world. Also I may need to state this because you've might have forgotten. But when “life” hit's 0. You don't die. You just faint.

Also in regards to last chapters. Girls x Girls can make babies in this world, Although it's more rare than just vanilla man on woman. 90~95 % of the world is female. So in case you may have forgotten that. Rig is not adopted. Gender norms are also a bit warped.  girls treat other girls as kinda like an opposite s.e.x. Well, like don't want to be nude in front of them and perhaps more careful around them.

I don't really keep a schedule anymore. I just translate and then release when i feel like its good enough. So next chapters in like 3-5 days.

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