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Hunter honestly didn't understand why he was crying.

That was a lie.

He didn't understand 100%. Only around 6%.

All he knew was that he couldn't control the tears that were streaming down his face. He wished he could. Then dealing with this would be so much easier for him. Because now he was just beating himself up over crying.

He also knew that almost everybody in his life would be okay with him being gay, bis.e.xual, or anything else. So he struggled to understand why he was having such a hard time.

He just hoped that it would end soon and that his life would turn back to normal.

But for now, he was crying in his room alone because feelings are too hard.

His sniffling came to a quick end when he heard a sharp knock on his door.

"Mom, please, not right now!" he yelled through the door. Hunter was glad that he was hiding on the other side of his bed. n.o.body would see him if they opened the door.

"It's not your mom," Sammy said through the door. "Can I please come in?"

"Right now isn't the best time," Hunter said. There were too many emotions running through his head and seeing his male best friend was not going to help him.

"Oh well, don't get mad that I'm coming in anyways," Sammy said before opening the door.

Sammy walked around to find Hunter (knowing that he would be hiding).

"I talked a little with this kid named Zane after school today," Sammy started, sitting down next to his best friend and wrapping an arm around him. "He told me that something happened between the two of you that he didn't feel comfortable telling me."

"Sammy, please."

"Wait, listen. I can understand where he is coming from. I want you to tell me," Sammy hushed Hunter as he tried to protest, "In your own time. I trust you and I know that you trust me too."

"Can I do something that might make you uncomfortable, but I need to know." Hunter knew what he was about to ask was a very dangerous question, considering he didn't even know what team he batted for. But Sammy was an attractive guy and he needed confirmation.

"What's that?" Sammy asked with an innocent face.

Hunter didn't feel bad knowing that Sammy had had a girlfriend and had kissed her so he did before he could back down.

Hunter leaned over and kissed Sammy softly on the lips.


As I was coming to terms with my s.e.xuality, I had a very similar experience with one of my friends. My friend and I kissed and neither of us made a big deal out of it and it really helped me understand more about what I was feeling. (continued in actual authors note)

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