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Darryl's words were outrageous and all that Xhemin could do was closed her eyes a bit to control her irritation and self-shame. If only she wasn't too vulnerable last night then the lovemaking shouldn't have happened and this conversation and mockery should not have taken place. However, despite her self-condemnation, she was too determined to stand on her plea so she pushed on, "Enough! Enough of these husband and wife story can you? After everything that happened, do you really think we can still live together with that? Wake up Darryl! Six years had already past, I moved on, you should too… and so let's end all of these marriage conversations and let's get on to business. As I said I want your company and provided with the fact that you are indebted to me, then I think you have no other choice but to let me have,"

"I have all the choices in this world including the fact that you cannot push me out of your life just because you moved on. We are married, for Christ sake Xhemin! That marriage in the island is valid and whether you like it or not, I will always remain as your husband and you will always remain as my wife" He all but shouted early in the morning. The sun had finally found her way up, making their surroundings visible and giving their bodies a bit warm although that wasn't anymore necessary since their angry veins was already enough to warm them up.

"I don't have anything to do with you anymore can't you get it?" Xhemin say the words out loud as if she meant it but truth was, saying the words caused some needle p.r.i.c.k on her heart and G.o.d knows how much she regretted saying it just as soon as it comes out her mouth "Was six years of not showing at your doorstep not enough for you to realize that?"

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"You don't mean that," There was some hurt in Darryl's hazel eyes as he refused to believe his wife's words, "I don't know why you are doing this babba, but I know you are lying. I don't know why you are doing this but last night…last night proves you don't mean all this,"

"Last night was just all s.e.x," Xhemin told boldy as if everything that transpired the night before was nothing, "I would be lying if I say I don't miss the old times, sure I do, and perhaps that was one of the reasons I gave in to you last night, but that doesn't mean anything rather than you and I wanting to have s.e.x because we both are so sad and we need each other's warmth,"

"You are bad at lying," Darryl smirked at Xhemin, the shook his head right after "Six years have pa.s.sed and you're lying skills had not improved at all."

"Or perhaps I just become too good at it that you cannot see anymore that what I'm saying are all true," Xhemin was sure to lose in their word chess but she refused to back down, not until Darryl will hand her L Empire, "Well I know very much that it would be hard to convince a Lagdameo heir so I won't waste my time proving it. Let's just talk again when I had the divorce papers ready, perhaps by then you'll learn to accept the truth that this marriage had no more hope," Xhemin settled and Darryl's face when he heard the word divorce cannot be painted. It was full of remorse, anger, hurt and all the bad things the world could probably offer him. The way his expression hardened and his hazel eyes flashed with fire made Xhemin realize she had gotten Darryl too mad.

While shaking in fury, Darryl responded, "You cannot escape from me milady, I'll make sure of that. And this I promise to you, you cannot have nor insist any rights on L Empire rather than your rights as my wife so be careful of your next move. Divorce might not be the best option for you because all your business tricks you have in your sleeve won't work on me even how big L Empire's debt to LGC is. You cannot just like threaten me or buy me over. I'm sorry but I won't allow you. I put L Empire back to its pedestal for the memory of my son and wife so only them can inherit it. Basically what I'm saying is that, your ticket of having L Empire is to take on your place as my wife and nothing else. So if you didn't come back here to fulfil your wife duties then forget about L Empire."

"Well then I guess we had finally come up with an agreement," Xhemin concluded, a little bit disappointed with the fact that Darryl was making it hard for her to get what she wanted, but of course she was already expecting this "Guess your answer is no,"

"You're right milady, L Empire is not for sale," Darryl announced with finality, "But If my wife will comes to me and ask for it, I won't hesitate giving it as a gift,"

"Unfortunately not all wife like gifts," Xhemin retorted with a sigh, "Especially when it comes with a wrapped dead body of their son,"


-Chapter ends here- 

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