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Chapter 1430: Wen Xinya’s Crazy Revenge

Old Mr. Mo had suffered an acute myocardial infarction. After seven hours of emergency rescue, Old Mr. Mo’s life was temporarily out of danger. It was a major incident that could not be kept under wraps even if Si Yiyan were to keep the hospital on lockdown. Hence, the news of Old Mr. Mo’s condition spread across all media platforms on the internet, ever since he was moved to the intensive care unit.

From the moment that the news was leaked, it spread like wildfire and even became the hottest search topic on the internet.

Everyone expressed their respect and admiration, as well as their concerns and worry about him. Of course, they also gave him their well wishes and blessings.

Everyone was thrilled and thankful for the fact that Old Mr. Mo’s life was finally out of danger.

Ning Shuqian and Xia Ruya had long planted their snitches in the hospital to keep an eye on them.

Ning Shuqian was beyond terrified. Her beautiful face twisted into an evil grimace. “How could that be? We’ve clearly already made arrangements in the hospital. Old Mr. Mo definitely wouldn’t be able to survive.”

Ning Shuqian had initially already returned home and was waiting to hear about Old Mr. Mo’s death. However, the news that she received was completely different. She hurriedly rushed back to Xia Ruya’s apartment and discussed the next step of their strategy with her.

“The impossible has already happened,” Xia Ruya said with a sullen expression. She almost bore a hole through the computer screen when she saw the news of Old Mr. Mo’s life being out of danger spreading across the internet like wildfire.

She had never thought that her plan would fail.

She had meticulously devised a scheme to deal with Old Mr. Mo. Apart from wanting to take revenge on Wen Xinya, she also wanted to curry the favor of the power behind Ning Shuqian so as to gain their approval. However, she suddenly discovered that she was just a p.a.w.n of theirs right from the start. They had been controlling her and manipulating her. They actually knew everything about her, including the fact that she had gotten raped.

The discovery made Xia Ruya realize how widely-connected the organization was. She had also clearly understood that there was no way she could break free from their control. Hence, she was filled with horror.

Now that her plan had failed, she began to wonder if they would abandon her completely because she had angered them!


She would just be an abandoned p.a.w.n.

Abandoned p.a.w.ns would never end up in good plight.

Ning Shuqian had a look of disbelief on her beautiful face. Clearly, she had yet to come to terms with the news.

Xia Ruya exclaimed with a complicated expression, “There is only one reason Old Mr. Mo could have escaped the ordeal!”

Ning Shuqian subconsciously asked, “What reason?”

“Do you still remember the boss of the Jiayuan club? He’s the person behind Wen Xinya and one of Old Mr. Mo’s best students. He’s that mysterious Mr. Si.” Ever since Xia Ruya met Si Yiyan, she knew that he was definitely not a simple person. Hence, he was the first to come to her mind when her plan to harm Old Mr. Mo failed.

They made secret arrangements in the hospital and yet, they failed to complete the task and there was no good news at all. There was only one explanation for it—Si Yiyan had already controlled the hospital to prevent them from taking action, even before Old Mr. Mo was admitted to the hospital.

“It’s him…” Ning Shuqian shrieked in horror.

Ning Shuqian suddenly kept her guard up while her mind was sent into a state of frenzy.

“No one else has that ability apart from him. So, our plan has failed!” Xia Ruya exclaimed, clenching her fists tightly. She was well aware of the consequences of a failed plan.

She had to face Wen Xinya’s crazy revenge at the same time that the organization was going to reprimand her.

She had no idea what thoughts they had about her, but the uncertainty was also the very reason for her fear. All of a sudden, she could not help but regret her reckless behavior which made her become someone else’s p.a.w.n.

Xia Ruya liked manipulating others, but she did not like being the one getting manipulated.

However, she could not break free from such a situation.

Xia Ruya had always known that Wen Xinya was not to be trifled. Wen Xinya could definitely guess that she was the leader of the plan against Old Mr. Mo. Old Mr. Mo was Wen Xinya’s only weakness and if he were to die, she would lose her only support. She was not afraid of Wen Xinya because she thought that she could rely on the organization to defeat her.

However, their plan had failed and she knew better than anyone else how important Old Mr. Mo was to Wen Xinya. Since she had plotted against Old Mr. Mo, Wen Xinya would definitely not let her off.

Clearly having realized the consequences of a failed plan too, a look of terror formed in Ning Shuqian’s eyes and she said with a sullen expression, “Old Mr. Mo’s life is only temporarily out of danger. We might still have a chance…”

She swore to that man that the plan would definitely succeed this time, but she did not expect it to fail in the end. She wondered if she would offend him.

Xia Ruya interjected in a high-pitched voice. “Aunt Ning, we’ve already failed. There’s no way we can salvage it. Wen Xinya will not give us the chance to harm Old Mr. Mo again. We mustn’t act rashly.”

At this point, Ning Shuqian is still thinking of taking Old Mr. Mo’s life. Should I mock her for being confident or should I mock her for being silly?

Those people are clearly only willing to control us from behind and no matter what happens, they will definitely push us to take the rap. Yet, Ning Shuqian still has no idea.

“Could it be that we…” Ning Shuqian was not actually brainless, but rather, she was just too worried about being blamed by that man. Hence, she failed to consider other issues. After hearing Xia Ruya’s words, she understood that she was just feeling indignant.

Xia Ruya stared at Ning Shuqian in disdain, despising her for failing to understand her circ.u.mstances at this point. “Wen Xinya definitely guessed that we were the ones who caused Old Mr. Mo to suffer the condition and she definitely won’t let us off. We should be worrying about how to deal with her crazy revenge. Don’t forget that man behind Wen Xinya.”

Wen Xinya was not scary, but the terrifying Mr. Si was.

“He’s the boss of Jiayuan Club, the King of Triads, a prestigious and powerful man.” Ning Shuqian began s.h.i.+vering uncontrollably. She was feeling uneasy about how mysterious Si Yiyan was and uncertain of whether or not that person would help them deal with Si Yiyan if Wen Xinya were to take revenge.

She suddenly felt a cold s.h.i.+ver down her spine.

She began to regret promising Xia Ruya to join her in harming Old Mr. Mo.

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