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His mana and energy were intertwined around the cave. 

I felt suffocated and weighed down by gravity. 

I've got gooseb.u.mps all over me and sank helplessly to the floor. Then, he crossed his arms and shook his head, waiting for his anger to subside. 

d.a.m.n it, what the h.e.l.l caused him to explode?

Celebi, what did you do to the Crown Prince? 

I thought the reason he was so bitter was because of the traumatic past created by the old Celebi was triggered. However, after a long silence, the words from the Prince's mouth were completely unexpected. 

"Who is it?"


When I looked at the prince with a slight tilt to my head, as if to urge my answer, he asked me again,  "Who dares to hurt the body of the esteemed daughter of the Duke?"


As he spoke, he slowly swept his hand along my shoulder and down my back. The cool touch of his hand made my whole body shudder. It felt totally different from when he put his hand on my skin to look at my wound. 

Overwhelmed by his energy and s.h.i.+vering like a baby bird, unable to say a word, he mistook my reaction.

“……Are you afraid of retaliation? It's okay to be honest. I will punish him myself. It's a heavy crime to put your hands on the body of a n.o.blewoman.”

The Crown Prince started laughing brutally, but I could tell at a glance that he wasn't smiling because he was in a good mood.

I stared in panic at his red eyes, which looked like they would burst forth at any moment. Looking closely, the pupils were abnormally dilated. They were not human. They were like the eyes of a bird of prey.

The eyes of a dragon. He was using its mana.

His eyes were as beautiful as rubies but as frightening as blood. 

For a moment, I tried to understand the situation. 

He didn't seem to know that the wound on my shoulder was from him. Moreover, judging from the conversation so far, the Crown Prince seemed to be convinced that I was attacked by someone else.

I finally figured out the reason for his recklessness, but something was wrong. 

I couldn't believe that he was so angry that he would even activate his red eyes.

“Tell me.” 

I shook my head. If he found out that it was him, I didn't know where his anger would turn.

“Really? If you don't want to talk, I'll force you to say it.” 

I had turned away from his gaze, but he caught my face and made me look into his red eyes.

He was close enough to kiss me, but his eyes were so fierce that it was far from romantic.

“Tell me.”

You can't make me open my mouth with just a command… What?

Suddenly my whole body moved. Defying its owner's will, my mouth opened on its own.

Don't tell me, this is…

That spell?

This spell was the reason the dragon race was the strongest on earth. Anyone would made a command with that this spell could force their target to follow their will.

Whatever order it was. 

Even an order to die. 

Well, even if you absorbed a dragon's mana, you couldn't use their spells. Prince Raven was much more of a cheat character than I had thought.

"Out with it."

No one could tell a lie in front of his red eyes, so my body was already babbling away against my will. 



When a small voice came out of my mouth, he p.r.i.c.ked up his ears and came closer, so he wouldn't miss my words. 

"Sir… Raven."


The tense atmosphere, which seemed ready to explode at any moment depending on my answer, suddenly subsided as if it had been doused with cold water. 

Before long, his eyes had returned to their original warm gold. When I saw it, I relaxed and sank to the floor with a sigh of relief. When the Prince first appeared with his red eyes in the original novel, he looked more like a beast, but this time he felt like he had some reason left?

I'm glad he didn't start a full-scale attack. 

Maybe he wasn't as angry as he looked, or he had been pretending to be angry to get me to talk. But was the dragon's mana the kind of thing he could control? 

While I was thinking about it, the prince, who had calmed down, sat down in front of me and said, “Explain.”


Now, it wouldn't work to pretend I didn't know anything. Even if I tried to lie in a clumsy manner, I would be caught if the Crown Prince used the spell again. 

I breathed a deep sigh and opened my mouth with some difficulty.  

“……The day I fell and Sir Raven came to my room to question me. That's when I got the wounds on my arms.” 

"…That's bulls.h.i.+t." The Crown Prince rose up in disbelief. 

“You got that injury from that little force? What kind of gla.s.s doll are you? Besides, you didn't show any signs of pain at all. How can a person who never shouted in pain have such a serious injury?” 

He seemed to think I was lying, so he checked me using his own mana.

I answered his question sulkily, "I didn't lie to you, Sir Raven. I told you the truth."

"……You are that weak."

He must have forgotten that he beat the dragon with his bare hands when he was eight. The Crown Prince flopped down onto the floor after using the dragon's mana. 

Looking down at the floor, as if he had lost all his energy, he asked in a feeble voice, “So what about the treatment? When will you get better?” 

“I don't know. At worst, I heard that it might never get better."

“… …What are you talking about?”

My plain answer hardened the Crown Prince's face. He thought I was joking. The face with which he looked at me said, ‘It's insane to make such a joke.' 

I didn't want to tell him at all, but if he used the spell again, I would be forced to anyway. 

So, I told him the diagnosis as I heard from the doctor.

“Fortunately, my left arm has been cured somehow. The right side is a bit unstable, but I feel if I leave it alone, it might get better.”

"Fortunately? You're not worried about your right shoulder being in danger?" He recounted what I said to himself with a look of complete disbelief.

Me sugar-coating things might have made things sound more sanguine.

“Yes, I'm not worried,” I answered calmly, but the prince's face distorted. 

Perhaps, he felt guilty for my arm becoming like this.

After looking for something to say for a long time, the crown prince said in a subdued voice, “…When the mission is over, let's go to the Imperial Palace together. The doctors might know what to do for your arm.” 

“It's okay. Don't mind me.” 


The Crown Prince looked at me as if he doubted his own ears. He was suspicious of what he had just heard. 

In other words, I shouldn't repeat what I just said. 

I spoke indifferently, facing the Crown Prince's golden eyes with a dull face, "Being too good is also a disease." 


“Remember what I have done. I've been chasing after you and hara.s.sing you for 14 years. I also  killed someone because of you. So, don't make a fuss about a broken arm. The dead I killed in the next world will cry.”


The Crown Prince had been silent for a while and his face quickly dimmed at my words.

But what I was saying was true. 

The Crown Prince was happy to help his beloved people. But if he had to worry about someone, it shouldn't be Celebi. He could live an easier life in the future if he broke the habit of giving favors to evil people like her. 

After sitting up and staring at the cave wall in a daze, the Crown Prince cautiously muttered, “What the h.e.l.l is wrong with you these days? It's like you're someone else.” 

"Asking me that so suddenly…” 

I could feel him staring at me as if he were observing me, but I didn't turn my head to him.

“… …Give me a reply.” 

"I don't know. I guess I just became a new person."

At my answer, the Crown Prince bowed his head with a complicated face. In addition to being silent, the crown prince looked down at the floor and said nothing. 

“I think I'll be able to stand up soon enough, so let's go back to where my colleagues are.” 


“Oh, I forgot to say this.” 


“Thank you for saving me.” 


At my grat.i.tude, the Prince stared at me with a miserable look.

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