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Translated Novels

Snooze. Snooze.

I stared at the peaceful sleeping Prince and poked his pale cheeks which still had some baby fat. He had a slight frown on his face but he showed no signs of waking up.


I sighed deeply as I watched him sleep like a baby.

I actually forgot about it… In the original novel, the Crown Prince would fall into a deep sleep after using the power of the dragon because it put a strain on his body.

Just when I was finally able to walk around, the Prince was now the one unable to move.

No matter how tired you are, do you usually fall asleep in front of the woman who aimed for your virginity?

If I ever get the chance, I should give the Crown Prince a piece of my mind on how dangerous it was to keep his guard down. Unlike me who had absolute no interest in him, if a woman saw him in a vulnerable state it wouldn't be unusual if something dark rose from the depths of her heart.

Deciding to leave the sleeping prince alone for a while, I went outside to see the sky darkening.

I wanted to go back where the Deputy Commander and the rest were but I didn't know where I was after I fainted. Furthermore, more lives were saved just by not traveling at night in the Ater forest which were heavily infested by monsters. I especially don't want another meeting with that monster again. I guess the only safe place for me right now would be with the Crown Prince, even if he was unconscious.

After I decided on a course of action, I picked up some dry leaves and branches nearby and headed back.

It was warm inside the cave, but it could get colder later at night. Luckily, I bought a set of matches in case of an emergency, although I never expected to use them so soon. I piled the branches and lit it up. Then made a makes.h.i.+ft bed out of the leaves and sat down feeling quite cozy. With this, I can comfortably spend the night here. 

I put two potatoes I stashed for emergencies into the campfire to cook.

Absent-mindedly, my eyes wandered over to the Prince who was leaning uncomfortably against the wall.


I don't feel good about involving myself with him, but I also owed him for saving my life.

It would eat my conscience if I, as an adult, slept comfortably when a child lied on the cold hard ground.

Well technically, Celebi and the Crown Prince were only two years apart, but there was quite a gap between their mental ages.

I decided to move him onto the leafy bed I made. If my arms were healthy I would have no trouble moving him, but since they weren't, I could only use my left hand properly. I gave him a silent apology and clumsily carried him onto the bed.


Although he wasn't heavy and the distance was short, it took quite a lot of strength for me to move him. My whole body was covered in sweat. I gasped and looked down at the Prince who was still fast asleep.

No way, after all that and he still didn't even wake up.

He was carried off in his sleep and he didn't even notice.

You have a reputation as the world's strongest man.

Instead of the hero who slayed a dragon there was a boy so defenseless, he wouldn't say anything as some no-name stabs him to death.

"…Ugh." The Prince seemed cold as he started tossing and turning in his sleep.

I don't think I had anything to cover him up and I didn't find anything useful after searching through my satchel.

Hmm. After agonizing about it, I decided to give him my jacket and brace the cold air. Normally, I would've just left him alone but since he saved my life I owe him one.

I inwardly smiled and took my jacket off without hesitation.


Then at the same time, the Prince woke up.

"Hnrg huh?"

He fluttered his eyes open and then immediately blushed as he realized what was happening.


I happened to be standing in front of the Crown Prince and I was sweaty and out of breath because I carried him earlier. With one of my b.u.t.tons undone, I must have looked completely disheveled.

He looked like he was going to lose his temper again and got up right away.

I gulped as soon as I saw what was about to happen.

The quiet cave's atmosphere suddenly became noisy.

He looked at me in disbelief and that made me realize something.

If it was the Deputy Commander or someone else in my shoes, the Crown Prince would have realized it was simply a misunderstanding, but the same can't be said for someone who continuously aimed for his virginity before. Not to mention, while he was sleeping I took my clothes off and was out of breath.

Furthermore, not even a month ago the old Celebi was notorious for sneaking inside his room. If I were her, I would think that the sleeping prince would be the best opportunity to strike.

The Prince must have had the same idea as me.

But really it was all just a complete misunderstanding. I need to resolve this with the Prince as soon as possible.

With that in mind, I waved my hand and approached him. "Oh, it looks bad, but…"

"You, again after my body, you, you!"

"All I'm saying…"

"I took a chance to let my guard down around you and yet…!"

Oh, so he actually let his guard down around me. I thought that was just how he was when he was asleep.

But that didn't matter now.

He approached me with a furious expression.

Was it an illusion that he looked somewhat disappointed just now?

Uh, what should I do? I slowly stepped back

"Ah, I'm really sorry."

"Don't lie. Why were you so out of breath? Why were you taking your clothes off?"

“No, I just- I was just trying to cover you up. I was worried that you might catch a cold. And my shortness of breath was because I was tired from moving you to somewhere more comfortable."

"Ha, you want me to believe that?" He seemed to reach his boiling point and was grinding his teeth as he came towards me.

I was telling the truth but the Crown Prince didn't believe any word I said.

"I went as far as to come here to save your life and left my men alone and this is how you repay me? You b.i.t.c.h, you've let me down one too many times…!"

Was that the look on his face? Betrayal? Futility?

I'll admit I was the one who messed up this time because the Crown Prince never expected anything from the old Celebi in the first place.

I need him to understand I wasn't trying to take advantage of him. 

Thinking fast, I looked into his eyes with my utmost sincerity and said, "That's really unfair. I never was interested in you in the first place."

"…What?" At my words, the Crown Prince halted. He looked at me like I said the strangest thing in the world and was silent for a long time.

The surrounding tension calmed down as if doused with cold water. The Crown Prince, who looked like he was about to kill me earlier, looked lost. 


W-was my life spared?…

Internally I sighed in relief. However, the Crown Prince continued to stare at me as if trying to grasp onto something.

Does he have to keep looking at me though?

The Prince seemed shaken and hurt as if he was disappointed by something.

"Well… Are you alright?"

He panicked and was caught off guard when I asked him. Startled, he unconsciously took a step back.

"…?" I looked at him curiously.

For a long time, we stood facing each other without a word. Then with an angry expression, he finally shouted, "You… you could've just said you didn't do it, why did you have to lie like that?"


I'm lying?

I tried to tell you multiple times but you didn't believe me!

I stared at him with a questioning look, but all I got was an expression that said, 'I'm right aren't I?'

To avoid any further misunderstandings, I hastily explained, "As I said before, this was all a misunderstanding…"

"You're a terrible liar," he interjected and jerked his head away so he wouldn't listen anymore.

What was that reaction?

I know you were angry earlier, but rather than being angry now, it's like you're embarra.s.sed…

No way. I must be mistaken.

He must've thought I said it at the spur of the moment, but I didn't lie. But he somehow settled on that reason and believed I was lying. Well, I guess it wouldn't make sense for him to believe a woman who chased after him for 14 years to suddenly say she never liked him.

If you were on your toes all the time, it was fair to a.s.sume that I would attack him.

I don't know what was going on in his head, but there was something wrong with his positivity.

No, in his case it would be negativity.

What the h.e.l.l are you thinking…?

I haven't known him for that long, but there were a few times I wish I knew what was in his head – including now.

Translator: Cenetta
Proofreader: Arie Bee

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