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She always thought of herself as a sister, always told herself what was in her heart, so believe in herself and trust herself so wholeheartedly. Such a wonderful girl, where else could one find? She was afraid that there was no such possibility anymore.

"Great!" Long Hu happily raised her hands high then happily plunged into Du Linglan's arms. "I know Linglan is the best! Unlike Luoting will only threatening me with a ferocious expression." She said discontentedly and wrinkled her small nose.

"The leader is just worried about you." Pressing down the bitterness in her heart, Du Linglan gently defended Han Luoting.

"What's there to worry about? I am already in my twenties and no longer a little doll that will be carried in the arms of others. So what is there to worry about?"

Du Linglan reached out to touch the head of Long Hu who was acting like a spoiled child sat beside her and joked: "Worried that Fifth Miss will be deceived by others! Such a good girl like Fifth Miss, if I am a man, I'll like you too. I can't help but kidnap you and run away." Indeed, no one could hold on to without liking Long Hu.

"You're just like them, always thinking of me as a child not growing up, right? You know, I'm already a student of a first-rate medical school. In a few years, I'll be a great doctor!"

"Yes, I certainly believe that Fifth Miss is talented and will be the best doctor to help patients in the future." Du Linglan never doubted.

"What about you, Linglan? Have you ever thought about what you would do if you're no longer a shadow guard?" Nested in her arms, Long Hu asked in a whim.

Du Linglan froze.

"You haven't thought about this?"

"I had, how could I not think about it?" She thought almost all the time, "If I retired from my duty, I think I will go to my mother's hometown, then open a small flower shop there. Live a quiet but stable life."

"But it's a pity that the responsibility of the shadow guard is a lifetime." The cold voice sounded behind them, interrupting the conversation between the two little women.

Du Linglan was stiff, didn't expect his timing to appear was so coincidentally just to hear her "dream".

"Although the duties of the shadow guards are for a lifetime, but papa said that as long as they want to leave, they can leave!" Long Hu heard this ruthless words and couldn't help but refute Han Luoting.

"But of all the shadow guards, only she is able to be with Fifth Miss at anytime and anywhere."

Long Hu was speechless because Du Linglan was indeed the only woman in several shadow guards, specially arranged as her shadow.

"Please don't worry, leader. Linglan knows what her duty is." Du Linglan stood up from the couch and standing at the edge of the couch, still facing Han Luoting with the top of her head.

"Since you understand your responsibility, then this time fifth miss is going to j.a.pan, you will accompany her." Han Luoting deliberately said these words in a cold and ruthless tone. He couldn't control his own anger.

When he heard that she might step down as a shadow guard and leave the Longmen, a wave of inexplicable anger arising involuntarily. The speculation that shouldn't be there was constantly coiling in his mind. Was it for her in order to be with the man, pair for the night and nested together, so she would choose to leave the Longmen?

He found that he couldn't allow such a thing to happen. As for the reason, he told himself that because by Long Hu's side there couldn't be without half a shadow guard.

"I don't want it!" Long Hu heard his overbearing decision and immediately retorted. A pair of watery eyes looked at Du Linglan, seeking for a.s.sistance.

Her request for help, Han Luoting was very relieved because he knew how loyal Du Linglan was to him. As long as he said, she would accomplish for him, so for this order to accompany, he also planned in advance.

Yet the next moment, Du Linglan's words was as if a slap was thrown in his face.

"Linglan also believes that Fifth Miss is independent enough, do not need to always be accompanied by others." When she said these words, Du Linglan kept her head down. She knew how angry he would be, even furious.

"What did you just say?" The cold voice carried raging flames slowly reverberated in the greenhouse.

Long Hu was stunned. She had never seen Han Luoting so angry. When confronted her, even if regenerated anger, he covered up everything very well and never show such anger in front of her.

Now, Long Hu could feel it. It was not like he didn't want to conceal, but he couldn't conceal the overwhelming flames, only let it showed in front of them.

She started to be a little scared, especially when she felt such anger was directed at Du Linglan; and it was because Du Linglan helped her.

"Luoting..." No matter how scared she was, she shouldn't let Du Linglan be scolded for her.

"Fifth Miss, please return to your room first." Unprecedented coldness emitted from his body which made people couldn't help but obey his commands.


"Fifth Miss, you go back first. I think the leader has something to say to me alone." Du Linglan could also feel the invisible threat, but she still showed a touch of a calm, shallow smile to Long Hu and softly advise.

Long Hu had no choice. She also knew no one could stop Han Luoting when he was angry, but she could find someone to save Du Linglan.

Making up her mind, she immediately flew out of the greenhouse, leaving both of them, a man and a woman with different looks, confronting each other silently.

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