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Xing Ling was a 3-Xuan immortal.

That was a level that would be challenging for Wu Yu to defeat.

However, the Primordial Immortal Empire's dragon king was obviously intent on testing Wu Yu and measuring the depth of his strength. He was also trying to guess the ident.i.ty of the immortal backing Wu Yu, the immortal who had given Wu Yu a powerful legacy.

Wu Yu's single fatal attack just now was insufficient for the dragon king to discern the depths of Wu Yu's strength or the ident.i.ty of this immortal.

Actually, the Interstellar Domain Dragon King had sensed that something was amiss. However, it was too late. His son had volunteered himself for battle, and the Primordial Immortal Empire's dragon king had also announced the battle. So there was nothing much that he could do.

"Xing Ling, do fight seriously. And give it your all. Do not be complacent and relax your guard," he reminded.

"Father, do not worry. I know what to do," Xing Ling said as he descended and landed before Wu Yu.

The two of them stared at each other. The mystical dragons become excited again. Many dragon monarchs watched the battle attentively.

Because this battle concerned the pride of the mystical dragons of the Primordial Immortal Empire!

It was obvious that Wu Yu was young and had trained for less than 1,000 years!

Whereas Xing Ling had trained for over 100,000 years.

This difference simply proved that Wu Yu was no ordinary man. There had to be a reason why the Baiyin Dragon King thought so highly of Wu Yu.

It was also because this battle concerned the pride of the young mystical dragons in the Primordial Immortal Empire.

It would be embarra.s.sing if news spread that their young geniuses had failed to defeat a lowly immortal who had ascended from the mortal domain, and allowed their tribe's young ultimate mystical dragon to marry him, an outsider!


"How dare you humiliate the Primordial Immortal Empire. Even with the protection of two dragon kings, you will pay for your actions. Wu Yu, don't be too proud of yourself."

Xing Ling was much colder than Yu Manyuan. He was also stronger, being a 3-Xuan immortal. He had been trained by the Interstellar Domain Dragon King since young in dangerous environments. Hence, he exuded a dangerous aura. This was something that Yu Manyuan could never compare to.

Indeed, Xing Ling was a difficult opponent to defeat, especially since Wu Yu was now lacking buddha energy and immortal energy.

A 3-Xuan immortal had three immortal dao marks, which would greatly boost his offensive abilities. Subtly, Wu Yu could sense that Xing Ling's three immortal dao marks had already integrated into his mystiques.

This 3,000 Stellar Domain Dragon was covered in dragon scales that looked like the starry sky. He soared in the sky and was like a river of stars flowing in the sky.

Additionally, his three immortal dao marks transformed in his dragon scales like three mystical dragons in the galaxy.

"Galactic Torrent!"

From high above the sky, Xing Ling looked down on Wu Yu dismissively. Without warning, Xing Ling attacked simply and violently with his Natural Mystique.

In an instant, the stars in the sky shone brilliantly. The river of stars in the sky transformed into a waterfall and poured down fiercely, sending endless stars rus.h.i.+ng towards Wu Yu's head!

In that instant, Wu Yu was about to be swallowed by this Galactic Torrent! It was obvious that there were three types of mighty powers in this Galactic Torrent. The first type of power was sharp like swords. This power came from the density of the star light. The second type of power was the unbelievable speed that came from the downpour of the star river. The third type of power came from the neat arrangement of the Galactic Torrent. Vaguely, one could see a cone-like spirit design in this Galactic Torrent. This was the power of dao, and it made this mystique even more powerful and terrifying.

Wu Yu was unfazed in the face of such a strong mystique!

"Defeat him!" the mystical dragons roared, adding to Wu Yu's pressure.

Wu Yu simply glanced at Luo Pin. Upon seeing her supportive smile, even with the objection of millions of mystical dragons, Wu Yu's determination to battle only became more resolute!

"Immortal Cloud Field!"

This was the fourth tier of the Somersault Cloud. The Somersault Cloud exploded and dispersed. In an instant, it stretched out over a large area and covered the place. The clouds stretched upwards as well, attempting to engulf Xing Ling!

In this instant, the Galactic Torrent sunk into the Immortal Cloud Field!

Then it was as though those sharp stars had plunged into a swamp. They could only make a large splash, causing a large amount of clouds and fog to splatter. However, Xing Ling still could not see where Wu Yu was at all!

At this moment, the Immortal Cloud Field had actually switched to defense. While the endless Galactic Torrent rained down, causing large splashes of clouds, this attack was practically useless. It was like a steel hammer hitting cotton - the impact of the hit was absorbed by the soft cotton and rendered useless.


At this point, the Immortal Cloud Field rushed upwards. A giant suddenly flew out from the clouds. This giant was wielding the Ancient Immortal Tomahawk. He rushed up into the sky and instantly appeared in front of Xing Ling!

"3,000 Boreal Slashes!"

Nine Aspects Vajra buddha energy, Bodhi immortal energy, and the five times power multiplier from the Lawful Embodiment of Heaven and Earth were combined together. Wu Yu activated the Taigu Nine Immortals Genesis Design and used the 3,000 Boreal Slashes immortal technique!

At this moment, Wu Yu's body was as powerful as his opponent’s. Since he had transformed into the Golden Immortal Ape, he was, in fact, more domineering and fierce!

"Merak Star Armor!"

In haste, Xing Ling could only attempt to defend himself against such a violent attack!

Bang, bang!

The 3,000 Boreal Slashes were quick and fierce. Wu Yu relied on his top immortal strength and tore apart Xing Ling's defense with the Ancient Immortal Tomahawk. After one attack, Xing Ling screamed pitifully, "I admit defeat! I admit defeat!"

It turned out that Xing Ling was actually just a paper tiger.

Everyone had clearly heard Xing Ling's pathetic wail of defeat. Wu Yu also stopped attacking upon Xing Ling's admit of defeat. Actually, it had been more strenuous for him to defeat Xing Ling. He was at his limit now.

After all, Wu Yu had many demon mystiques and immortal mystiques that could not be used here. For instance, he could not use Ao Yang and Ao Ding's mystiques in this battle.

Besides, he had a weakness. His immortal energy and buddha energy were lacking compared to his cultivation level. His cultivation level was high, but he lacked buddha energy. Many of his Bodhi Seeds were dim, and right now, there were not many lit Bodhi Seeds in his immortal body.

However, he had defeated Xing Ling!

Wu Yu had dispersed his powers instantly. He did not want to expose too much of his powers to the Primordial Immortal Empire's dragon king. Hence, he limited the performance of his powers. He stopped using his Immortal Ape Transformation and Lawful Embodiment of Heaven and Earth.

Xing Ling was now covered in blood. He landed on the ground at a loss, and he could only sense the regretful and disappointed eyes of the surrounding mystical dragons. These looks were torture to him.

"I did not expect Xing Ling to be so useless. He lost instantly. Sigh….."

"This is really humiliating. It is no wonder that people say that our Primordial Immortal Empire had not had a mystical dragon worthy of being called a genius in the last 120,000 years."

"Xing Ling is a genius to have reached that cultivation level. But this was a battle of pride, and he admitted defeat so quickly! This is so embarra.s.sing!"

These words were more hurtful to Xing Ling than Wu Yu's attacks. He regretted his words of defeat just now. Blood rushed to his head and he shouted at Wu Yu again, "The previous battle is not valid. We will fight again!"

"Forget it, a loser has no right to become my opponent," Wu Yu said lightly.

He was very direct, and after arriving here, he had been speaking with his strength. He had proved himself in spite of the mystical dragons' criticisms.

"So young and actually managing to defeat a 3-Xuan immortal with only a Heavenly immortal's strength! How long has it been since such a genius has appeared in our Primordial Immortal Empire?"

"Speaking of talent, I don't think Luo Pin's talent can match his talent."

"Don't forget, he is younger than Luo Pin."

The mystical dragons were engaged in heated discussions, and they now looked at Wu Yu differently.

"Xing Ling, stop embarra.s.sing yourself. Return to your seat," the Interstellar Domain Dragon King said with a livid expression.

"Wu Yu, I will seek vengeance for the humiliation that you have given me today! No matter how strong you are, she will never belong to you! We have many talented and handsome youths in our mystical dragon tribe. There is no place for a lowly immortal like you!"

Xing Ling cursed and then flew away enraged. He was the first to leave the place. To the audience, Xing Ling's last sentence was actually laughable, because a loser's words were nothing more than a joke.

Now the Jade Mirror Dragon King, the Interstellar Domain Dragon King, and the Luminary Dragon King had all shut their mouths. They had thought that they would be the ones causing trouble for Wu Hao and Ye Qianning today. After all, they did not understand why Wu Yu was allowed to stay and be in a relations.h.i.+p with Luo Pin. However, after the battles, they could tell that Wu Yu was indeed talented and was no ordinary character.

"Baiyin Dragon King, forgive my question. How can an immortal who has ascended from the mortal domain possess such strength?" The Luminary Dragon King frowned and voiced out his doubts.

Wu Hao was actually very proud of Wu Yu's performance. He was in high spirits now and answered, "Actually, Luminary Dragon King, you must have guessed the answer already. If not for the mysterious and powerful immortal backing Wu Yu, would I allow him to continue having a relations.h.i.+p with my precious daughter?"

Wu Hao had said this aloud for the benefit of the crowd as well.

The mystical dragons were astonished!

Now they knew the reason!

It was no wonder this Wu Yu was so powerful.

Those who had wanted to stop Wu Yu or were displeased with Wu Yu and Luo Pin's relations.h.i.+p were depressed upon hearing Wu Hao's proclamation. Wu Yu's strength, talent, and mysterious background had actually made them feel helpless.

"Baiyin Dragon King, you are really secretive. Why did you not explain that in the first place and waited until now to let us know?!" The Jade Mirror Dragon King burst out in anger.

"I think it's best that you shut up. Weren't you the one who started challenging Wu Yu in the first place? You should leave with your son as soon as possible. Don't let him die here." Ye Qianning despised the Jade Mirror Dragon King and retorted to the dragon king's outburst.

It was only now that Wu Yu realized that Luo Pin's adoptive mother was not always a mild person, especially when she faced the Jade Mirror Dragon King.

Wu Yu guessed that it was because the Jade Mirror Dragon King had managed to give birth to a son, while the Baiqin Dragon Queen had failed to conceive despite trying very hard. This disappointment would only be worse for the Baiqin Dragon Queen because she and her dao companion were the rare powerful Primordial Immortal Dragons, yet they had failed to reproduce. Hence, she must have endured over 100,000 years of the Jade Mirror Dragon King's boasting. Now Ye Qianning had finally grabbed the chance to retort fiercely against the Jade Mirror Dragon King.

Her words had almost made the Jade Mirror Dragon King cry in anger. The Jade Mirror Dragon King could only glare fiercely at Ye Qianning and give her an empty threat. After that, she bade farewell to the Primordial Immortal Empire's dragon king and wanted to leave.

"Don't leave yet." Unexpectedly, the Primordial Immortal Empire's dragon king did not allow her to leave.

The Jade Mirror Dragon King was stunned.

At this moment, the Primordial Immortal Empire's dragon king's eyes locked onto Ye Xuanyi.

"Don't you think that your champions.h.i.+p is being threatened? That you have not truly won it?" the Primordial Immortal Empire's dragon king asked.

Ye Xuanyi had lied low and kept quiet after watching how Wu Yu had defeated Xing Ling. He thought that Xing Ling's defeat would simply pa.s.s and Wu Yu's test of strength would end. Unexpectedly, Wu Jun had now turned his attention to him.

Actually, Wu Yu had also thought that his test had ended. After all, he had displayed his strength. Besides, he actually would not dare to challenge a 4-Xuan immortal. After the first two battles, his weakness had been exposed. It was known that he lacked immortal energy and that he had already depleted whatever immortal energy he had.

The Luminary Dragon King quickly said, "I think that there is no need for more battles. We all know now that this Wu Yu is very strong. He is a genius. There is no need for Xuanyi to test him again."

Wu Jun shook his head.

He looked at Wu Yu and said, "If you can defeat Ye Xuanyi, I will bestow the Immortal Dragon Imperial Decree upon you. With the decree, you may enter and exit the Immortal Dragon Imperial Realm freely. You will also possess a status equivalent to that of a dragon monarch."

Wu Yu was surprised.

He was aware of the Immortal Dragon Imperial Decree.

With that item, he could live openly here. He could move freely through the Immortal Dragon Imperial Realm, entering and exiting as he wished. Whereas even Luo Pin, Ye Xuanyi, and their peers could not exit the realm freely.

His status would be equivalent to a dragon monarch’s. This meant that the dragon monarchs could no longer order Wu Yu around.

While not explicit, these conditions actually showed that Wu Jun was supportive of the relations.h.i.+p between Wu Yu and Luo Pin. By giving Wu Yu the authority to enter and exit the Immortal Dragon Imperial Realm freely, Wu Jun was also giving his permission for Wu Yu and Luo Pin's relations.h.i.+p to develop naturally.

Hence, even if Wu Yu only had 30% confidence in winning the battle, he would give it his all! That was the only way to truly earn Wu Jun's acceptance!

"Okay!" Wu Yu agreed to the battle readily.

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