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Chapter 1516: The Namelist

The invitations for the wedding in three years was very quickly sent out.

Because Sky Heart Dragon Emperor could make it a grand occasion, news of "Tian Que Dragon King" and Luo Pin's marriage traveled far and wide. Virtually all who were connected to the mystical dragon tribe in any way would know about it.

Wu Yu and Luo Pin spent the three years in Sky Heart tribe, cultivating seriously and not going anywhere.

Even so, they could feel that the entire Immortal Dragon Imperial Realm was preparing enthusiastically for this grand wedding ceremony.

Sky Heart Dragon Emperor wanted a grand event, and so he had Sky Will Dragon King arrange the ceremony. Every detail had to be meticulously taken care of.

Sky Will Dragon King was kept busy from morning to night, and also entertaining guests. He was burnt out, but with both his father and son happy, he too was happy. And when he was cheerful, a little more work was no matter for him.

Those around him realized that the previously cold and aloof Sky Will Dragon King had become much more human recently.

As for his helpers Sky Shadow Dragon Queen and Sky Chariot Dragon King, their faces were much more sour.

Three years pa.s.sed in a flash, it was barely enough to make the journey. Sky Heart Dragon Emperor had arranged things very tightly. Many eternal immortal emperors who received the invitation roused themselves within a few mere months, heading for Immortal Dragon Imperial Realm.

Over at Sky Heart tribe, things were changing constantly. Just the various attires alone cost them a pretty penny.

The Sky Heart tribe was currently a sea of red, with red lanterns and silk hanging everywhere.

Flowers were strewn all across the land, and song and dance prevailed.

Mystical dragons of all colors and types flew in every direction.

Only Wu Yu and Luo Pin were rather free. They occasionally went out for a turn, and did not know whether to laugh or cry at seeing the extravagant preparations of Sky Will Dragon King.

"I once imagined giving you a wedding ceremony you would remember for a long time. I didn't expect it to come true so quickly. And others are even doing it all for us. We don't have to lift a finger."

Wu Yu chuckled dryly.

"Don't be too happy yet. I'm marrying Tian Que Dragon King, not you." Luo Pin chided.

"Well yes......" Although she was jesting, but Wu Yu took the words to heart. He murmured into her ear: "Don't worry. One day, I will marry you again with my real name. I will let everybody know whose woman you are."

Luo Pin was moved. She said delightedly: "Really?"

Wu Yu nodded. "That will be what I work towards from now on. This result is already more than I could ask for. At least we can be together openly."

Luo Pin's eyes were s.h.i.+ning with bliss.

As they walked, all the mystical dragons looked enviously at them. Perhaps for them, Tian Que Dragon King and Luo Pin were a match made in heaven.

"Maybe their offspring will actually become Ancient Sky Heart Dragons!"

"Very likely!"

"A pity. If back then Sky Chariot Dragon King could have been with Ye Qianning, they might already have Ancient Sky Heart Dragon children."

"Shh. Don't talk about Sky Chariot Dragon King."

They all knew who was up and coming in the Sky Heart tribe. After all, Tian Ming Dragon Lord had died because of Luo Pin, whose very wedding they were now preparing for.

A mere three years pa.s.sed, on the road for many. Even while it might seem sedate, it was roughly like a month in the mortal domain. A few more words exchanged with Luo Pin, and the three years were over.

In those three years, perhaps the only ones still confused were Wu Jun and his family.

It seemed like Tian Que Dragon King's relations.h.i.+p with Luo Pin was getting better by the day. It was unfathomable.

The Luo Pin they knew was not like that.

But besides the matter of Tian Que Dragon King, Luo Pin was the same in every other way. She was even more confident and mature now, and did not cause them worry in any way.

Stranger and stranger. Luo Pin and Tian Que Dragon King were on good terms, while Tian Que Dragon King seemed miraculously likable for them. They could not understand why, but gradually began to accept it.

Only Wu Hao occasionally spoke a few words of his fondness for Wu Yu, only to be remonstrated by Ye Qianning. "Pin'er is not a child. No matter what her decision is, she must have her own reasons. Don't blindly worry."

Of course, Wu Hao could only vent a little. In Luo Pin's presence, he was still a picture of confidence, allowing her to make her own decisions.

Besides, Sky Will Dragon King's painstaking preparations towards the Primordial Immortal Dragons was a complete turnaround from his att.i.tude before. Wu Hao found this all rather unbelievable, as if he was in a dream. After all, he knew that Sky Chariot Dragon King and Sky Shadow Dragon Queen hated them with a pa.s.sion. And yet now they feigned chumminess. Even Sky Chariot Dragon King sought Wu Hao out on occasion to drink, declaring that they were family now, and the past slate should be wiped clean."

As many doubts as Wu Hao had, when the day came three years later, he saw the terrors that were eternal immortal emperors arrive. Faced with the 9 Great Dragon Emperors and revered dragons, he knew how honored the Sky Heart tribe was. He gave in, seeing how happy his precious daughter became as they neared the wedding.

"This girl, it's only been 10,000 or so years, and she's already completely forgotten about Wu Yu, poor fellow. Aishh......"

He sighed, seeing her so blissful. He also saw that Tian Que Dragon King had become a lot more responsible, and he gave way gracefully. Of course, as the parents of the daughter-side family, he also had a big part to play during the wedding.

He would be in the eye of all these eternal immortal emperors. It was a high-stress situation for Wu Hao.

"The most important would be the Five Directional Divine Emperors, Eastern Sublime Gracious Divine Emperor, Dong Hua Great Emperor Lord, Central Ecliptic Great Yellow Horn Immortal, and all the others...... Also the Four Heavenly Kings, Mighty Miracle G.o.d and many more immortals from all ways of life. It hasn't been so lively for a good while now. Many generals and immortal beasts, including the phoenix emperors of the Immortal Phoenix Imperial Realm are coming. Sky Heart Dragon Emperor is indeed honored......"

To think that he too would become an important part of the proceedings before all these eminent immortals stressed Wu Hao out some.

One day, he had casually glanced at the invitation list in Sky Will Dragon King's hand, and almost did a somersault in fright. Ordinarily, not even Sky Will Dragon King's own wedding would see such a fancy occasion. What was Sky Heart Dragon Emperor thinking to make his grandson's wedding so grand?

One should know that he had many grandchildren before. There were more than one could count, through all these years. None had been celebrated with as much pomp as this one.

Clearly, it spoke of their satisfaction towards Luo Pin.

"Could it be that Pin'er has some incredible transformation that makes the Sky Heart Dragon Emperor favor her?" That was his only guess.

In any case, the more Sky Heart Dragon Emperor paid attention to them, the higher Wu Yu and Luo Pin's status would be. All of the younger generation looked up to them with admiration, without exception.

As for Luo Pin's ability, she was drawing close to Tian Que Dragon King now.

Wu Yu decided that he and Luo Pin would wander out after they married. It would be more convenient to cultivate outside, compared to nervously tiptoeing around here, afraid that the Sky Heart Dragon Emperor would discover his true ident.i.ty.

He still did not dare to imagine the extent of the Sky Heart Dragon Emperor's anger if he knew that his own grandson had been killed, and Tian Que Dragon King was actually Wu Yu. Even without organizing such a magnificent wedding, it would have been an unacceptable fact for the entire Immortal Dragon Imperial Realm. Once exposed, the entire mystical dragon tribe's pride would be crushed!

Before the wedding, they met with a little snag.

One day, Wu Yu and Luo Pin were speaking intimately, when suddenly nine elders appeared in the sky. One of them was the Sky Heart Dragon Emperor, while the others were beings with equal bearing. All of them were as terrifying as the Sky Heart Dragon Emperor himself.

Wu Yu knew without having to identify them. These must be the strongest of the mystical dragon immortal beasts - the 9 Great Dragon Emperors!

The nine of them together created a terrifying aura, even more imposing than felt at the Sublime Gracious Divine Region. Neither Wu Yu nor Luo Pin could raise their heads, and both were extremely respectful, bowing. "Tian Que (Luo Pin) greet the 9 Great Dragon Emperors."

The 9 Great Dragon Emperors ignored them. Sky Heart Dragon Emperor laughed excitedly: "Do you all believe it after seeing for yourselves now? I feel that it must be linked to the Dragon Ancestor."

All eight of them were looking at Luo Pin.

"The Hundred Years, Thousand Time talisman did not affect her lifespan in the slightest. That in itself is a miracle."

"Exactly. It must be an eternal immortal emperor's legacy belonging to a mystical dragon. Even we can sense how mystical it is. If not for the almost forgotten Dragon Ancestor, who else could it be?"

"No matter what, it is a good thing for our mystical dragon tribe. Let her continue to develop, and there will definitely be an answer."

The dragon emperors continued to discuss amongst themselves, their pleasure apparent.

"Sky Heart, you pulled a fast one on us." Suddenly, a dragon emperor said slyly.

Sky Heart Dragon Emperor hurriedly defended himself: "Please don't say that. The love between the two of them is real. It was a coincidental match, and that's why I supported it." Honestly, the truth was not so important now. The invitations were already sent out, and more than half the guests had actually arrived. Word of their union had already spread out. The other eight dragon emperors had not paid attention to such matters previously, and it was too late to react now. Sky Heart Dragon Emperor had indeed taken the initiative and secured a match with Luo Pin using his own grandson.

"However, it is a wondrous blessing for the entire mystical dragon tribe. Worthy of celebration indeed."

"In the next few days, we brothers will drink until we drop."

They continued speaking amongst themselves, and left soon enough.

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