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It is kind of bizarre sitting here and talking to Steve Jobs, especially when I am supposed to have like a meeting with the said man alongside with Bill Gates at Terra Entertainment Headquarter in Hollywood in the year 1990.

Or more correctly to say, I should have done that about half a year ago despite it is currently 1976.

How does that work exactly, considering that this is about 14 years in the past?

Playing around with time does produce some interesting results. Some really wacky results too.

But being trapped here in this memory of 1976 is not my doing, and sadly enough, I am unable to leave this place and return to where I should be, at least not through my own power.

That is annoying. Very annoying.

In addition, this feels less and less like a memory due to people acting and behaving well beyond what George would understand or comprehend. I am also meeting people that George himself would never have possibly meet in the past.

People like Steve Jobs for example.

Sure, it is possible that George could fabricate all of this with his imagination, but it feels unlikely. That is because he lacks the brainpower as well as the capacity to imagine vividly.

Also, George would not know who Steve Jobs is since Apple is not a global giant in the 1990. It wouldn't be until the release of the iPhone in 2007.

Therefore, it is better to a.s.sume that this an alternate reality. Well. Inclined to anyway because there simply too many things that contradict this theory.

For example, Chrono Reserves exist.

But how could it exist when I am a unique being?

As an Aspect, there should only be one of me in all of time, so without me existing in this timeline, this company should not exist. Yet here it is, and with countless of people coming in everyday to pitch their ideas, hoping to get some funding.

I am honestly somewhat surprised to run into Steve Jobs here in this branch of Chrono Reserves. I am aware that he and his business partners, Steve Wozniak and Ronald Wayne, require some funding for their startup company, but I expect them to be in California instead of here.

All of them should be living in California.

As a matter of fact, I recall vaguely that Steve Jobs should be living in Los Altos, California.

Steve Jobs would run his computer company out of the garage of his childhood home, at least for the next couple of years alongside with Steve Wozniak.

And as for Ronald Wayne, the man did not really have the same confidence and faith as both Jobs and Wozniak, thus selling back his shares in the company in a couple of weeks or so.

This is all history from my perspective, at least history from the original timeline. I did not really check with the prime timeline, as Apple exists in 1990, so I have a.s.sumed its history should still be relatively the same.

Apparently, some stuff has changed. Not much anyway.

One way or another, Chronicles would control Apple as well as every other major technology giant.

I wonder what Bill Gates is doing just out of curiosity. Microsoft was founded just last year in 1975.

And just like the founders of Apple, Bill Gates and his business partners also applied for some funding from Chrono Reserves, which was promptly granted. Should have been granted, I should say.

There was a time that Chrono Reserves chase after important startups like Apple and Microsoft. That stops when Chrono Reserves becomes too powerful, dominating the economic sector.

Thus, there no longer a need to chase down people just to give them money.

Let them come to Chrono Reserves begging for money. It is better that way.

Why did I not start Apple and Microsoft myself?

I sort of did, just not under the same name because there is no real reason to use the same name, just because. I did not even start it in the same country, just to keep the compet.i.tion going.

Healthy compet.i.tion. No need for espionage or anything of sort.

The United States might have my support simply because I was born as an American, but despite that, I am not neglecting all of other countries. All foundation must be laid, years in advance.

Of course, there is another reason why I did not start Apple or Microsoft here during this time. I would not be able to produce the same results as their original founders. Since I would not, there really is no point of doing so.

"Think differently? That is interesting, Mister…?"

Steve responses.

"Collins. Mr. Collins. Wow. I just sound like my father. You can call me Max. Steve."

I response. It is quite troubling to use George Collins as my name when introducing myself to people, but unfortunately, I cannot use Maximilien Maxwell. That would cause problem down the line.

Or will it?

This is an alternate reality after all. At least I am starting to think so. One that mirrors the prime reality even though I should not exist in this reality. I am unable to determine that at the moment.

Actually, I could. It would be super easy, barely an inconvenience.

Why didn't I think of it sooner? Maybe because I am way too h.o.r.n.y to think clearly. This curse is even more torturous than the burning curse from Ingra. At least, the burning sensation numbs after a while unlike this.

Also, walking around with a huge erection is asking for trouble. Good thing no one notice yet, or maybe they did, but they are too busy or preoccupied to say anything.

Steve Jobs smiles faintly, realizing that I have gotten his name from his notebook. I actually didn't, and there is no need to clarify.

"So, Max, what brings you here?"

Steve asks me and casts a glance at my empty hands. Unlike most people, more like everyone actually, I did not bring anything with me in order to pitch my idea to the bank.

"Same thing as you, Steve. I am here to pitch my idea to the bank and get some funding. I am thinking of starting a transportation company. One of the best here in the east side."

I answer with a smile and take note of the world beginning to crack. Is it due to talking to Steve? I am not supposed to talk to the man because George did not. Of course, I can easily correct that problem with a little command.

"Really, and you very confidence about this?"

Steve questions and ponders for a moment.

And before I could answer him, his partner returns from the restroom. Steve Wozniak himself. Ronald Wayne did into come. Probably busy with someone else. Or really has no faith in the company.

"h.e.l.lo Steve."

I greet the young man, surprising him. Steve Jobs is also surprised, considering that there are no name tags or anything of the sort on Mr. Wozniak unlike the notebook that Steve is holding.


The second Steve greets me before casting a look at Jobs.

"Friend of yours?"

He asks Steve Jobs.

"I wonder if he is."

Steve Jobs answers with a smile. Despite that smile, he is scrutinizing me. A lot more than before since I should not have known who Steve Wozniak is.

"I could be, so therefore, I should be. It is better to have friends instead of enemies. That way, you can backstab them when they least expected."

I answer with a smile and offer the seat back to Mr. Wozniak. It is his seat in the first place, so think of it as me keeping it warm for him. I state the exact same thing to both Steve.

Having the same name makes referring to them easy, but also confusion when holding a conversation, not something I would do since talking to them for too long might cause unintended consequences.

Dire consequences.

Steve Jobs chuckles at that statement and nods before explaining a few things to his friend.

"You think we should change the logo before we even proposed the idea to the bank?"

Steve Wozniak questions, not liking the proposed idea at all. To change things at this stage is not really a good thing, especially when there is a lot riding on this. While both Steve do have some funds to get themselves started, it is simply better to have the backing of the bank.

Words on the Street is that if a company as the backing of Chrono Reserves, it is certain to succeed.

It is a side effect of knowing which company will succeed and which will fail thanks to future knowledge from me.

Henry Oxford has not implemented any failsafe yet, just to stop people from looking to deeply. He will do so soon, but strangely enough, it actually makes people looks even deeper, especially the US of A.

The US Government is investigating Chrono Holdings and all of its subsidiaries. Its parent company as well. There will be a day when it will be USA v. Chronicles.

Probably more like USA v. its people. That is what I am working towards anyway. I want to remind the good US Government that it exists solely to serve the people, not the other way around.

It has seemed to forget that very fact over the years.

Anyway, having backing of Chrono Reserves also means more money. Like a lot more money.

Startup companies can do a lot of things with million of dollar at its disposal, and while that does sound a lot for this day and age, it is not really that much for Chrono Reserves.

"We do not need to change it now. Maybe in a few months when we get the product on the market."

Steve Jobs points out. He is actually the brain of the group. His intelligence is in business and marketing unlike Steve Wozniak, who is more like an employee than actually a partner.

Sure, Jobs steals ideas from other people without giving them due credits, but I would do the same in his shoes. Certainly.

Having a great idea and not knowing how to make it into something useful like Steve Jobs can is really like having no idea at all.

It is not what you have but how you use or apply it. That is how it is with new things.

Likewise, I am sure that Steve Jobs is going to steal that idea about a much cleaner logo design, making people think differently. Or was it think different.

What was the slogan again? Whatever it was, I am actually relaying what Steve Jobs has already come up with or stolen from people who works for him in the future.

Steve Wozniak agrees and pays attention back to me, but my attention is elsewhere.

I am just looking around to see if there is anyone else that I should talk to as well. I realize quickly that it is unnecessary to do that as George Collins, so I return my attention to Jobs and Wozniak. I shouldn't even talk to these two either.

But it is interesting.

"Yes, it doesn't really matter if you change the logo or not as long as you are selling what people want."

I speak up.

"And what do people want?"

Steve Wozniak questions before Steve Jobs could.


I answer with a shrug, making them both look at me questioningly. Guess I will have to explain as that is not really a concept in this day and age. It will be in the future.

"People are pretty lazy by nature. It is why we invent things to make our life easier, isn't it? If you have something that everyone wants, then they will pay whatever for the convenience of having it despite not really needing it in the first place."

I continue with a smile.

"People are pretty stupid too, so if you are smart enough, you can tell them what they want, and they will eat it up without a second thought because it is convenience to do so."

That statement shocks both of them, but it is the truth. Most people don't really know what they really want themselves and just submit to others.

"Are you implying something, Mr. Collins?"

Steve Jobs questions with a frown after a short moment, realizing the hidden meaning.

It sounds like an insult to him, and it is to some capacity, but most of it is a compliment. A compliment to Steve Jobs for creating a generation of hardcore fans. To which I call Apple Sheep. Most people call them that, but hey, I am trying to do the same thing, but on a much larger scale.

"Am I? Sorry if it sounds something else, but I merely only speaking my mind, so don't mind me."

 I response.

"No, I probably think too much myself, but what you are saying is quite interesting. I actually have the same line of thoughts as you. Sadly, not many people understand."

Steve Jobs replies before smiling once more. He wants to say more, but he refrains himself due to the other Steve. It seems that their relations.h.i.+p isn't as solid from the start.

But that is probably because Steve Jobs is quite self-centered, more so in the future.

"Then don't. You actually only need to make important people understand. People from the bank for example, but I have a good feeling that they will invest money into your company. No. I am more than certain that they cannot refuse."

I answer with a smile. Unless Steve Jobs royally screw up in the pitch meeting, he will have his funding, as his company along with many others are on the list of must acquire, from the start if possible.

Some companies did fall through the crack by 1990s, thus requiring a hostile takeover in the future. I will do that when it is time. There is really no need to hurry as everything is falling in to place. Most of my plans anyway.

Things do happen out of my control, thus requiring me to adjust my plan.

"How are you so confident?"

Steve Jobs questions as his eyes narrow slightly.

"Do you believe me if I said that I can see the future?"

I response before pausing for effect.

Steve Jobs and his business partner, Steve Wozniak stare at me to see if I am joking or not. Of course, I am not joking. I can really see the future, but no one is going to believe that.

"I am inclined to believe you despite how crazy that sounds, Mr. Collins."

Steve Jobs answers, and I chuckle.

"Yup. That is the power of confidence. If you are confidence, you can spew total nonsense and others would believe you simply because they cannot seem to doubt your words."

I point out. It is a good lesson to be learned. I have learned it myself a long time ago.

It does help greatly when I can look into the future as well, knowing exactly what will happen. Nothing beats that kind of cheating, honestly.

"But honestly, I believe that you will have your funding. It is already a certainty."

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