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Isadore Marfront, the Crown Prince of the Royal Family ruling Green-Leaf, was currently reading some doc.u.ments, as usual. However, Wrath was nowhere to be seen, replacing him was Dan, the man wearing the straw hat. He was the one who blocked the Deacon and her party and prohibited them from setting a single foot inside the Imperial Capital.

"What's this Dan? Are you sure of their authenticity?"

Isadore waved the doc.u.ments in his hand, clearly worked-up and suspicious. Dan, who was leisurely eating some grapes while relaxing on a comfortable couch, nodded his head

"Yep, I personally investigated."

Hearing this, Isadore could only believe the contents written in front of him. He tapped on the table as he stared at the view behind the windows, his mind soon drifted, thinking about many things.

'Five years ago, a commotion occurred in the Pigolo Tribe. Some invader their headquarters and caused a ruckus. One of their higher-ups disappeared and they went into conflict with the Gargoyles. Furthermore, they were abducting people from another world, most likely a low-Realm. However, someone broke in and saved the prisoners, the witnesses said that the man had long grey-hair but didn't have a scar.

He wielded a dark sword and was accompanied by a youth with a short red-hair. The man's target was a silver-haired young lady, who disappeared right after being saved… is she the one who accompanied him here? A sister? Or from the same family? Silver hair isn't a common thing, after all. There's also the issue with the tomb, where Kai Min, a rising talent in the Water Cloud Sect vanished, supposedly killed. These events match with the death of Rozak, who also entered the Tomb to capture the Dark Magic-user, then again, how did they locate him, and so precisely, at that. Is that why he refrains from using Dark Magic in the open? Is it easily detectable by the Holy Dominion?'

"You weren't able to obtain the name of his world?"

"Nop, it wasn't mentioned. I think only the Kangs know but I didn't try to reach out for their help, you know why…"

Isadore let out a long sigh before standing up and saying

"Let's go, I would very much like to visit Kang Amidel."

Dan, surprised by what he heard, hastily got up and said

"Are you really going? I don't think your father will agree."

Isadore waved his hand as if he didn't care while retorting

"It's not official business so there's nothing to worry about. Hurry up, time is ticking."


It's a funny thing, ambition. It can take one to sublime heights or harrowing depths. And sometimes they are one and the same.

In a world that knew naught but destruction, a world covered in fire and darkness, a world where an evil aura festered the land and corrupted the earth. Such a world, where no human dares to tread, where no human believes it exists, there was a young man that stealthily moved around.

What he witnessed, none could describe, what he felt, none can explain. Whether it's terror, despair, or fear, the youth foolishly entered this forsaken world, not knowing what he had gotten himself into.

The things he had seen would make anyone traumatized, including himself. Scattered limbs everywhere, blood rivers that endlessly flowed, the foul stench that made him vomit over a hundred times.

With escaping death, he entered a place no different than h.e.l.l, if not worse. Living humans, beastmen, elves, and many others, where they're treated as decoration, statues to please the eyes and lighten the mood.

They were put in excruciating positions, whether it's the bent arms or legs, missing eyes or ears. Some were even hanging in the air with a pointy hook in their chest or back, the sight was horrifying.

As for the perpetrators? Monsters, evil itself! Creatures with multiple arms, jet black skin and a hideous appearance. The way they snickered when they butchered the innocent and ate them.

The way they roasted people alive just to watch them suffer, the youngster had seen it all yet no matter where he went, it was always the same.

Days pa.s.sed yet this nightmare knew no end, it only worsened. He got discovered countless times, fought thousands of times and barely escaped. He was injured more times than he could count, in this word covered in blood and fire, Vyncent tasted the bitter taste of real despair.

His body reached its limit, whether by endlessly running or the non-stop battles. The evil monsters didn't leave him alone, in fact, they found it amusing to chase him as if he was a fleeing rabbit.

A week pa.s.sed since his arrival but no survivors were found. The only 'survivors' are the ones pitifully hanging on a hook or the living statues, which were people that were initially tortured then put there. Never did Vyncent expect such a place to exist.

"Huff huff huff"

Vyncent leaned on a huge boulder as he peeked his head from the side, trying to see if there's anyone still chasing him. His Sense could stretch five meters at most and his techniques became extremely weak ever since he stepped foot in here.

The only thing that kept him alive is his secret movement technique. More than once did he thank the person who pa.s.sed this technique to him for it saved him from death numerous times.

The exit disappeared the moment he entered so he became stuck, unable to do nothing but cover his ears to not hear the hoa.r.s.e and pitiful cries of the dying prisoners.

'Is this really my end? Should I just kill myself?'

Suicide is a much better option than being caught, however, no matter how many times he thought about killing himself, he just couldn't bring himself to do it. His body was on a breaking point yet his wavering 'willpower' refused to simply give up.Find authorized novels in Webnovel,faster updates, better experience,Please click for visiting.

After a month, he grew a beard and his hair became longer, his clothes were dusty, messy, bloodied, and dirty. This place made him like a mortal, he would always feel sleepy. The hunger and thirst were quenched at first but after a whole month, the situation changed.

Fortunately, he could use water Magic but the starvation aggravated his dire situation. In the end, left with no choice, Vyncent was forced into cannibalism.

With tears running down his thin and pale face, he devoured the human meat he just roasted. His hands were shaking and his eyes were wet as he kept repeating the same word

"I'm sorry I'm sorry I'm sorry…"


"What do you think?"

Midolf smirked and asked the red-haired youth next to him. Radolf continuously nodded his head as he stared at what's in front of him.

"Master will be very pleased to see this."

"d.a.m.n right he will! It's the first time I've seen this many. There's even a Lich King but he doesn't seem to be hostile… the f.u.c.ker is probably afraid of you."


The Water Empress, who started investigating the origins of the book, spent weeks trying to decipher some mysterious symbols that were engraved on the back of the book. They only appeared after she used some kind of unique that showed her the unseen.

The symbols were actually a language, it was extremely hard to translate and despite her wide knowledge and infinite resources, she only uncovered the meaning of one symbol.

It was actually a name of a person, most likely the author of this book. 


The Empress repeatedly muttered that name to which her servant, the short girl scratched her head in confusion and said

"I've never heard of such a person, he wasn't even mentioned once in the ancient records about the era before the Hour of Creation."

The blue-haired Empress flipped the book and thoroughly examined the strange three lines for the thousandth times but still wasn't able to understand their meaning. 

"Just what is the meaning of this book?"

The short girl shrugged her shoulders and said

"Probably some encyclopedia, just give up on it. I think you should try looking at other things."

The Empress heeded her servant's words and stored the book. She pondered for a moment before asking

"What of the Fire Region?"

Hearing switch to this topic, the servant became excited. She proudly patted her flat chest and said

"Ha! Drak couldn't even protest and was immediately executed by the Star Empress. After all, no one forced him to break the High Rules."

The Empress snorted while saying

"Hmpf! Serves him right! Invading my territory? Did he think the ones above will turn a blind eye to his actions?"

"I heard he plotted with an elder from the Moon Region, who was also executed."

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