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Chapter 1023 - Wooden Door

“It’s you again?” A voice full of suppressed anger filled everyone’s ears. A teacher in blue robes walked over, a frown on his face. He glanced at the group before looking straight at Qin Yu, “I should have clearly told you before. Even if you have that item in your hand…giving you a book is already this private school’s limit. Don’t reach for a yard just because I gave an inch!”

Shua –

Everyone’s eyes veered towards Qin Yu. They thought that a fierce character was truly worthy of being a fierce character and they were the key character everywhere they went.

When Shang Lingyu came over, he had directly spoken to Qin Yu, not even looking at them. Now this teacher was also the same.

And what left everyone even more stunned was that Qin Yu had managed to take away a book from this private school.

It had to be known that ever since entering the city, they had looked everywhere for the existence of formidable inheritances.

This inaccessible private school had also been one of their places of focus. From the information they obtained, no one had been able to harvest anything from here.

To be surrounded by people that looked at you with eyes full of shock and admiration was an extremely refres.h.i.+ng and wonderful feeling. But what a pity, Qin Yu wasn’t in the mood to feel any of this.

He lightly coughed and said, “Mister, why must you be so cold and aloof, refusing everyone? Also, we didn’t come here with any ill intention in mind. We only thought that this private school has some amazing architectural style and we would like to take a tour. Of course, if mister is willing to explain some things for us, that would be wonderful.”

Tsk tsk, to lie with eyes wide open was a skill that all great people had to possess. In addition to that, a thick facial skin was required and one’s mindset had to be tough. Otherwise, how could a person remain calm even when faced with an expression that looked as if they didn’t believe the other party at all?

For instance, the way that teacher looked at Qin Yu. For instance, the extremely calm and earnest words of Qin Yu.

The teacher coldly said, “If you want to waste your time here then I won’t stop you. If you want to take a look, go ahead. But if you disrupt the students, don’t blame me for kicking you out!”

He left in a huff of anger.

In truth, to a certain degree, this was already favorable treatment. If it were any other cultivator the teacher wouldn’t even have given them the chance to speak before chasing them out.

Of course, even if this was favorable treatment, just like the teacher said, Qin Yu and the others were wasting their time.

At this moment, the teacher wasn’t the only one thinking the same thing. There was also the one who had threatened Qin Yu and was currently sitting at a teahouse not too far away – Shang Lingyu.

The teahouse was outside the alley. From here, one could not only see the exit of the private school but would also have a panoramic view of the majority of the building.

According to the original plan, he should have already obtained that thing and completed the mission given to him by his clan.

But a problem had occurred.

The humans who built this city in the past were truly clever. It was unknown what methods they had used, but even though the power of the abyss had clearly seeped into this land, it wasn’t able to completely control the entire city.

Otherwise, why would he be here doing nothing and wasting his time?

But Shang Lingyu had sensed the fluctuations of the power of the abyss. It would soon be able to repair the accident that occurred, and once that happened he could obtain that thing.

Shang Lingyu took a sip of tea and placed the cup down on the table. He narrowed his eyes, a cold sneer on his lips.

He could feel the hidden auras of Pure Summer and Peaceful Nun beneath their black robes.

Without accident, they should be descendants of those two stupid human cultivators.

Of course, it wasn’t right to call them stupid. Because in a way, the entire abyssal race had to be grateful to them for their deeds in the past.

Even if these things had been arranged under the guidance of the abyss, tempting them little by little until it was all complete.

If it weren’t for this reason, how could the lord who was being suppressed here regain a little of his consciousness and even have some of his strength seep out?

You want to extract the source? Hoho, what a bunch of ridiculous little ants. If it weren’t for the fact that I’m keeping you alive to ensure the channel remains unimpeded for the lord, there would be no reason for your continued existence.

Right now, the lord’s consciousness was seizing control of the city and all entrances into the channel had been temporarily sealed up. Even he couldn’t get close, let alone these people.

So what if they entered the private school? They were just wasting their time!

But at this moment, Shang Lingyu’s eyebrows furrowed together. Qin Yu’s figure appeared in his thoughts.

This human cultivator seemed a bit troublesome. That night inspector had absorbed a considerable amount of abyssal strength, and he even supported it with his will. Yet, it had been slain so easily…it seemed that Qin Yu was hiding a formidable power with him.

Perhaps with this strength there was a chance Qin Yu could create a situation beyond his control. This was the only reason he appeared before and confronted Qin Yu. He asked him not to enter the private school so that he wouldn’t influence the lord’s matters.

As for the promise he offered Qin Yu, that was certainly a lie. Only when facing others of his race did words matter. At all other times, there was no meaning to them.

But Qin Yu had unexpectedly refused…

Thinking of this, Shang Lingyu frowned and a cold light flashed in his eyes. He had already decided that once he completed the mission handed to him by the clan, he would immediately kill Qin Yu. Since he had found the source of his unease, he simply needed to destroy the source and he would be able to relax.

The time was approaching!

Pure Summer and Peaceful Nun led the way. Without stopping, they pa.s.sed through the private school’s front garden and hurried to the back. But soon, they had no choice but to stop. The round black wooden doors connecting the front and back yards were now locked.

Besides Yun Feng, the most disturbed one here was Jiang Yuanyi.

Although he hadn’t shown much disrespect, none of the people present were stupid. Anyone could naturally detect some things from the way he had looked at East Zhou Duly before.

That would be the true reason for death!

Regardless of strength, there was no man that could withstand such a provocation in this area, let alone the powerful and mysterious Qin Yu.

Although he appeared strong and calm on the surface, the panic and dread within Jiang Yuanyi’s heart didn’t disappear with time. Rather, it gradually became more intense.

Because he put himself in Qin Yu’s shoes and asked himself, if he were in Qin Yu’s position, what would he do next?

As soon as he thought this, Jiang Yuanyi was frightened silly. He thought that the remainder of his life would be short and pitiful.

So in a daze, what Jiang Yuanyi wanted to do the most was to please Qin Yu and extend his life. As they stood in front of the black wooden doors, it was unknown what thought popped into his mind, but he stuttered, “The door is locked. I will open it…”

As he spoke he walked forward. It was only when he was pulled back that he returned to his senses. When he faced everyone’s eyes, his face flushed red.

Just now, he had only subconsciously wanted to show his worth. Because worthless people were the easiest to abandon.

But his actions were too stupid.

Yun Feng and the others all looked at him with inconceivable expressions, as if they couldn’t figure out how they had been travelling with such a stupid person all this time.

If this door and lock was so simple, Qin Yu and the two black-robed lords wouldn’t be standing there.

Pure Summer coughed. His expression darkened and he slowly said, “I’ll give it a try.”

Because of what his ancestors had left behind, he still had a faint connection to the city. Although it wasn’t strong…it should be enough to open a lock on a door.

At this moment, Pure Summer and Jiang Yuanyi’s thoughts were similar. Although he had come to an agreement to cooperate with Qin Yu, since it was a cooperation both sides had to give their best effort. He couldn’t just sit by and do nothing while enjoying the fruits of other people’s labor.

Otherwise, he would lose all rights to speak in the a.s.signment of harvests later.

While Pure Summer had already been mentally prepared for Qin Yu’s dominant position at the end of all of this, that didn’t mean he was going to give up. He and Peaceful would fight for more benefits for themselves.

Like now.

“Be careful. I can feel that this door isn’t easy to solve.” Peaceful Nun slowly said, her eyes nervous and wary.

Pure Summer smiled and didn’t say anything else. He walked up to the black round wooden doors and stared at the lock on it. His expression became more dignified.

He certainly knew that this door wasn’t simple. Although it was in front of him, when he closed his eyes he sensed nothing.

Illusions or whatever certainly didn’t exist. The wooden door was right in front of him. It was black, round…it was a true existence.

The reason it was blank in his senses was because its form of existence surpa.s.sed his scope of perception.

Taking a deep breath, Pure Summer reached out a hand and placed it on the wooden door.

He didn’t move, like a statue. But right now he started to emit an intangible and majestic aura.

It was like mountains and like the sea. Even though he silently stood there and didn’t emit any sound, just by standing near him one would feel the suppression he released.

The complexions of Yun Feng and the others changed. Awe s.h.i.+ned in their eyes.

The black-robed lord’s methods were indeed inconceivable. Ignoring all else, after being covered in just the aftermath of this suppressive aura they still felt a great heaviness on their chests. If it directly landed on them, not even their cultivation would save them.

They naturally didn’t know that what Pure Summer was exuding was the city’s aura. He was borrowing its strength.

No matter how mysterious the private school was, it was also a part of the city. The idea of using the power of the city to open this door was right.

But the problem was that Pure Summer underestimated this door and its status within the city…or to be more precise, its status had been temporarily raised up by some unknown will.

Dark golden light flashed in Qin Yu’s eyes. He knew that in this brief confrontation, Pure Summer would be defeated. If he gave up now he would only receive a small injury. If he continued, he wouldn’t even be able to withdraw.

He stepped forward and arrived in front of Pure Summer. He raised a hand and slapped his shoulder.

Beneath his black robes, Pure Summer’s tightly closed eyes suddenly opened up. All of his pores suddenly started gus.h.i.+ng out sweat, drenching his robes wet.

He looked at Qin Yu with grat.i.tude and fear. He cupped his hands and said, “Thank you fellow daoist Qin Yu.”

While Pure Summer had no idea what his final fate would have been if he continued…that feeling…it absolutely wasn’t something he wanted to face.

Qin Yu nodded, “Step back. This door isn’t something you can open.”

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