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Chapter 1022 – Wasting Time

Compared to when Qin Yu and the other two first entered the hall, the atmosphere was entirely different when they left. The tenseness in the air had disappeared.

Yun Feng, Jiang Yuanyi, and the others let out a breath of relief. It was good that no genuine conflict took place, otherwise they had no idea what sort of situation they would have ended up in once they were caught up in it.

“I greet the lords…” Yun Feng respectfully bowed. She glanced at Qin Yu and hesitated, not sure what to say.

Luckily, her awkwardness didn’t continue for too long. Pure Summer’s voice came from beneath his black robes, “Lord Qin Yu has decided to work together with us and open up the secret beneath the city. When you face him, simply treat him with the same respect you would treat us with.”

Yun Feng’s heart chilled. She quickly bowed, “I greet Lord Qin Yu. I didn’t know of your status before, so if there was any place in which I offended you, I ask that you not lower yourself to our level.”

She had no choice but to bow her head. It had to be known that even the mysterious and formidable black-robed person had respectfully referred to Qin Yu as a lord.

In addition to what she personally witnessed before, it was clear that this Lord Qin Yu’s status was above that of the two black-robed figures.

Such an existence had to be given due respect. If she didn’t seize this opportunity to beg for forgiveness, was she supposed to wait until he decided to finish her off?

As juniors from respected and powerful families, they had naturally arrogant and prideful dispositions. After all, with their backgrounds, all those experiences that they had lived through over their lives had been left on their bodies.

But when facing an even more formidable existence they would still lower their heads without hesitation to avoid receiving an even greater injury. This was also a part of the education they received since they were children, and it had a much simpler and more pragmatic effect on their personalities. They simply wouldn’t care too much about things like honor.

After all, honor could not be eaten and it absolutely could not save one’s life!

“I ask Lord Qin Yu for forgiveness!” Jiang Yuanyi and the others all bowed in unison, their expressions respectful and cautious, even nervous. From how Qin Yu had dealt with the East Zhou Duly incident, they could see that his methods were grounded and fair. Now it was the time to take the initiative to offer up an apology.

Being active and pa.s.sive in this type of situation was extremely different.

But their worries didn’t come true. Qin Yu was preoccupied thinking about the abyssal being that was lurking in the city and likely figuring out how to dismember him, so how could he have the extra attention to take advantage of these people?

Of course, that didn’t mean that taking advantage of these people wasn’t important. As a person who walked the path of ‘making great gains from others’, he should use this skill well when the situation permitted. But since time was running out, he had to consider the bigger picture first.

Qin Yu nodded at Feng Yun and the others, not saying much else. He turned and glanced at Pure Summer and Peaceful Nun, immediately understanding their thoughts.

“All of you go immediately. No matter what methods you must use, you have to collect 100 silver coins before noon today. Of course, to ensure your success I will summon the city guard to help you.” Pure Summer took a deep breath, his gaze darkening, “But remember, you must finish before noon. If you are delayed, then the previous promise I made to you all will automatically become invalid.”

Yun Feng, Jiang Yuanyi, and the others all respectfully bowed and withdrew from the courtyard. But when they left, they all had bitter expressions.

Those that had the qualifications to obtain silver coins wouldn’t be easy people to deal with. Since East Zhou Duly came from a poor background, they were able to disregard her.

But as for the others, they weren’t in the same situation as her. Some of them were strong enough that even they felt dread.

While stealing silver coins wouldn’t be a problem with the a.s.sistance of the city guards, if they really did this it would lead to trouble.

Even if there was no trouble now, once they left the Path of 10,000 Souls and returned to the outside world, that was when true trouble would arrive.

The question was, would they choose to give up on the promise that the black-robed lords gave them just because of these troubles?

Of course not!

Yun Feng took a deep breath and coldly said, “No matter what, we must obtain enough silver coins. This isn’t just for ourselves but also because of the missions that our families entrusted us with. While there might be trouble later if we steal those silver coins, we don’t know what the end result will be. But, if we were to ruin the lords’ plans, even if we can leave here alive, our families will not let us off!”

Everyone felt a chill in their heart. The hesitation and helplessness in their eyes faded away, replaced with strengthened resolve.

It is either us or them…everyone, I apologize for what we must do!

Shua –

Shua –

The group split off into different directions. Each person was accompanied by two city guards as they rushed off in different directions.

Before noon, a hundred silver coins were placed in front of them. It was unknown what Yun Feng and the others went through, but their complexions were all extremely ugly.

However, no one cared about their complexions right now. Beneath their black robes, Pure Summer and Peaceful Nun both revealed happy looks. They stood up and said, “Fellow daoist Qin Yu, let’s go.”

While they had no idea why Qin Yu had requested that they had to complete the extraction of the source today, after his actions and also after having taken the heart link fruits, they both believed his judgment.

Although it would inevitably bring about trouble, they had already sensed that changes were occurring within the city.

The arrangements that their ancestors worked so hard to lay down in the past might not be able to be used after today. If that were the case, they might as well take this opportunity to use it all up.

Qin Yu stood up, “Lead the way.” He also wanted to know where the key place of this city was.

As the group left, they hurried somewhere deep into the city.

The small city was only several miles wide. Even if they didn’t fly, with a cultivator’s speed they soon arrived at their destination.

According to Pure Summer and Peaceful Nun, in order to extract the evil demon source that was suppressed beneath the city, they had to find the weakest point of the array formation and then open up the channel left behind by their ancestors.

“We’ve arrived. The channel that our ancestors left is inside!” Pure Summer said.

Qin Yu gazed at the familiar private school in front of him and a strange look crossed his face. As he thought, his previous senses had been correct.

But suddenly his complexion changed. He turned around. From a quiet alleyway, the sound of calm footsteps echoed.

Shang Lingyu stepped out. His expression was serene and he had a warm and temperate expression. He glanced at several surrounding people before looking at Qin Yu, “Fellow daoist Qin Yu, we meet again.”

Qin Yu tensed up. Things were just like he thought. This terrifying abyssal being had been paying attention to this private school the entire time. Did he also know there was a channel here that one could use to extract the city’s source?

That wasn’t right. If his guess was correct then what was actually being suppressed here was an incomparably formidable abyssal being. If so, Shang Lingyu’s goal wasn’t so simple.

Qin Yu’s thoughts raced and he smiled and nodded. “Fellow daoist Shang, there seems to be some fate between us.”

Shang Lingyu’s smile widened. “Fate? I like fellow daoist Qin Yu’s phrase. Today, I have a request to make. I hope that you can look at our fate and agree. I would deeply appreciate it.”

Qin Yu said, “Oh? If it doesn’t make things difficult for me then I certainly wouldn’t refuse.”

Shang Lingyu looked at him, “I would like to request fellow daoist Qin Yu to stay away from this private school. Of course, I will compensate you. For instance, as long as you agree, then before leaving the Path of 10,000 Souls I guarantee you that we won’t see each other again. How about it?”

Qin Yu’s eyes flashed. In truth, this agreement was beyond his expectations. Shang Lingyu was even willing to let him live.

But could the words of an abyssal being be trusted? Okay, perhaps they could, but he didn’t want to take the risk and test it out.

So he refused.

“My apologies, but these fellow daoists with me are interested in this private school and have set their eyes on it. I have already agreed that I would enter and retreat with them. If I were to leave now, that would be the same as breaking a promise. That’s not something I am willing to do.”

Shang Lingyu’s smile didn’t fade. He swept over the others, pausing for a moment on Pure Summer and Peaceful Nun. “Fellow daoist Qin Yu, won’t you consider my proposal one more time? I really am being sincere here.”

Although no one knew what sort of game Shang Lingyu and Qin Yu were playing, as long as one wasn’t an idiot they could tell that both sides were facing off against each other.

What left everyone shocked was that the seemingly strong Qin Yu was in a completely defensive position when facing Shang Lingyu. He even had to find a decent reason for refusing his proposal.

In other words, Qin Yu felt extreme dread towards this person.

Pure Summer, Peaceful Nun, and the others were all startled. They thought that this opening of the Path of 10,000 Souls was too out of the ordinary. Too many strong individuals had mixed their way in.

Qin Yu shook his head, “Fellow daoist Shang, I must disappoint you.”

His apologetic expression was impeccable, but all of his attention was locked onto Shang Lingyu. As long as he did anything improper, he would immediately erupt with his greatest strength.

If Qin Yu were facing this abyssal being alone, then he certainly wouldn’t dare to directly reject his proposal. But right now not only did he have Pure Summer and Peaceful Nun, but there were also Yun Feng, Jiang Yuanyi, and the others who had followed them here.

It could be said that Qin Yu was in his strongest position right now. Even if he enraged the abyssal being, he might have the means to fight back.

Moreover, this was daytime. During the attack last night, the abyssal being had only controlled a night inspector to eliminate him. If this city had truly been fully corroded by abyssal energy, then Shang Lingyu wouldn’t have been so cautious.

These were all part of the reason why Qin Yu had the energy to refuse!

Shang Lingyu’s smile disappeared. When he didn’t smile, the deliberately gentle aura he emanated thoroughly vanished. What replaced it was a cold gloominess that chilled the heart.

It was like being locked onto by a terrifying hunter in the dark of night. The beast’s white fangs were revealed as it looked for a turning point to give its prey a fatal strike.

Pure Summer, Peaceful Nun, and the others all felt their hearts skip a beat. As they thought, someone who was able to suppress Qin Yu wasn’t as simple as they appeared on the surface.

“If that’s the case, I won’t disturb you any longer. I wish you all good luck in your harvest.”

When Shang Lingyu finished speaking he turned around and walked away. But as he left, the cold chill that percolated in everyone’s hearts didn’t disappear, but became even richer.

Pure Summer asked in a hushed whisper, “Fellow daoist Qin Yu, who is that person?”

Qin Yu let out a breath, “A terrifying ent.i.ty. And if my hypothesis is correct, he has set his sight on this private school.”

Although he didn’t state things clearly, Pure Summer clearly understood the hidden meaning behind it – Shang Lingyu knew about the existence of the city’s source!


He nearly subconsciously blurted this out before restraining himself. After all, when their ancestors constructed the Path of 10,000 Souls in the past they had managed to leave behind some things, so it made sense for there to be other unknown factors.

“Is he strong?” Peaceful Nun asked.

Qin Yu nodded. “Let’s go in!”

The abyssal being’s appearance had proved the importance of this private school. Although he didn’t attack now, that didn’t mean he wouldn’t attack in the future.

Time was of the essence. No matter what the reason was that the abyssal being had been a patient all this time, Qin Yu had to grasp every second he had.

Otherwise, once both sides had a fall-out, he would have to face that terrifying abyssal being in a city that had likely been corroded by abyssal energy. Even if Qin Yu had gathered a considerable amount of strength on his side, he didn’t have any a.s.surance of victory.

Like the first few times, the private school wasn’t closed and the sounds of children reading out loud could be heard. The group filed their way in.

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