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Chapter 486B - Cosmic Seacross Bell

Qin Yu remained indifferent. “Answer my question.”

Seeing his stoic and unchanging expression, the little girl seemed a bit discouraged. “Hum hum, you don’t even have this level of eyesight, you really are a fool! This stone is called a heaven mending stone. It is a type of extremely precious and extremely rare stone. It was formed when the world was born. Because of certain reasons, the strength of the rules entangled together with the origin energy of the heavens and earth, and this stone was bred after a long pa.s.sing of years. The Soul Summoning Bell’s main body is severely injured and the heaven mending stone can help it repair itself. This is the reason; do you understand?”

Qin Yu’s eyes flashed. Although this little girl was a bit impatient, she succinctly stated the key point – this stone would help restore the Soul Summoning Bell.

“What relations.h.i.+p do you have with the Soul Summoning Bell? Or, why can a soul of nothingness fuse into the Soul Summoning Bell?”

The little girl seemed annoyed. “I’ve already answered your question!”

Qin Yu waved the heaven mending stone in his hand.

The little girl’s face darkened. “Humph! The Soul Summoning Bell is the holy object of my race!” She coldly looked at him. “As for you, you are just a thief!”

This explanation was too impactful. Qin Yu couldn’t help but be stunned for a moment. But soon, his thoughts began to race. His intuition told him that this little girl wasn’t lying. Right now, this was clearly the best opportunity to uncover the truth. But, he kept a cold sneer on his face, as if he didn’t believe her words at all. “The Soul Summoning Bell has existed in the Land of Divinity and Demons for countless years, and now it has fallen into my hands through a lucky chance. How could this be the holy object of your race? Little child, there is no need to make up stories!”

The little girl was angered. “You are the little child! You are the one making up stories! What Soul Summoning Bell are you talking about? Its true name is the Cosmic Seacross Bell…” She suddenly paused, a wary expression on her face. “Wait, that’s not right, why do I have to explain anything to you?”

Qin Yu’s heart skipped a beat but there was no change in his expression. He intentionally twisted his lips in a jeer and said, “It’s fine if you don’t want to tell me. I’m not in the mood to listen to such ridiculous made up stories.”

The little girl puffed her mouth in anger.

Qin Yu suddenly said, “During this time, have you spent a great deal of energy thinking about how to dissolve the master-servant relation?”

The little girl’s face became like that of a startled little animal. Her eyes widened as if wondering how Qin Yu knew.

He had been right!

Qin Yu’s face darkened. He had only been casually tossing out a possibility, but he never expected for it to be true. “You have really disappointed the trust I had in you.”

The little girl bit her lips. “You…you…what are you being so scary for…I…I never found a way to dissolve the master-servant relation…”

Qin Yu coldly sneered. “You might not be able to find it now, but what about in the future? I cannot keep a hidden danger by my side. Perhaps I should find a way to erase your consciousness.”

The little girl had a panicked expression, “You can give up any idea of that!”

Qin Yu’s gaze was icy cold. “It might be troublesome, but in the end I am the master of the Soul Summoning Bell. If I don’t hesitate to pay any price, I will be able to find the means to do so eventually.”

“If my consciousness dissipates, the Soul Summoning Bell will also vanish. Everything you’ve done will have been for nothing!”

“Even so, it’s better than not knowing if there will be a day when I’ll suddenly suffer some backlash.”

When it came to threats and bluffing, although this little girl was intelligent, how could she compare to the much more experienced Qin Yu?

Her eyes were wet with tears. She looked at him with horrified panic. “No, don’t kill Meimei…I...I can sign a contract with you. As long as it's established, I can never harm you again…”

Qin Yu furrowed his eyebrows. “Your name is Meimei? Are you speaking the truth?”

The little girl nodded. “Meimei is not lying to you!”

“Bring out the contract. If I find out that you’ve done anything to it…hum hum!” At this moment, Qin Yu had the expression of a great and dastardly villain.

The frightened little girl trembled and spat out a sphere of light. Through his connection with the Soul Summoning Bell, Qin Yu could clearly sense the contents within; it really was a contract. The general idea was like this: Qin Yu and the little girl would join together in equal cooperation, sharing glory and losses and so forth in the future. However, because Qin Yu controlled the Soul Summoning Bell, this contract was based on an uneven standing to begin with.

He lifted a hand and the sphere of light sank in between his eyebrows. Within his soul s.p.a.ce, Qin Yu’s soul opened its mouth and swallowed the sphere of light.

The contract had been signed.

Qin Yu smiled. “Alright. Now we can have an open and honest discussion.”

Seeing his hostility disappear like flipping the page of a book, Meimei suddenly screamed, “You tricked me!”

Qin Yu nodded. “You might believe that I did, and that in reality I wouldn’t be willing to destroy you along with the Soul Summoning Bell. But believe me, if you truly chose not to cooperate with me, that is what I would have done.”

Meimei continued to bite her lips, fear still in her heart. Her intuition told her that this was really what Qin Yu was thinking.


Although she appeared proud and arrogant, the truth was that she had already admitted defeat. Qin Yu smiled. Since he had already gotten what he wanted, there was no need to haggle over surface things like honor.

“You can now tell me what relation your tribe has with the Cosmic Seacross Bell.” His eyes flashed, “If you wish to obtain help, I should be the only person who you can possibly trust. So, it’s best if you don’t lie to me.”

Meimei had a suspicious look. “You will help me?”

Qin Yu smiled. “Of course. From here on out, you and I are contract partners, so it’s natural for us to help each other. Moreover, the stronger you become, the greater a boost you will be to me.”

Meimei wavered for a moment; it was clear her heart had already been moved. She clenched her teeth, “Alright, I will believe you!”

The little girl was silent for a long time. Them, with a look of sadness and anguish on her face, she slowly reiterated her inherited memories.

Every million years, a great change would occur in that terrifying different world. Within this change, an inherently powerful tribe would perish and a new one would be born and take their place.

Souls of nothingness were of a tribe that was newly born while the great change was occurring in that different world. But because of some unknown reason, the holy object of the tribe had been lost, leading to the failure of the tribe to advance to the next step and causing their entire tribe to suffer a cruel and brutal backlash.

The powerful tribes all knew that each one of them had the possibility of becoming the replaced one. So, they worked together to suppress the souls of nothingness.

After that, every million years after, a king would be born amongst the tribe of the souls of nothingness and attempt to complete the final step. But because the tribe was lacking their holy object, the process of advancing to the next level would be incomparably slow. The kings of the other powerful tribes would rush over in the shortest time possible and ruin the advancement process.

Qin Yu had a pensive expression. It seemed that when he entered the different world, what he saw was exactly the process of the tribe of the souls of nothingness trying to advance to the next level. And, the terrifying life forms that caught up to them were the kings of other powerful tribes.

His thoughts turned and a strange light entered his eyes. “So you are the king of the tribe born in this million year period?”

The little girl sneered, “Now that you know, you should understand how great a crime it is to be disrespectful to me!”

Qin Yu completely ignored her prideful complaint. “Hold on. The Cosmic Seacross Bell has been inherited down through the Land of Divinity and Demons for countless years. During this time, there has to have been some people who managed to accomplish the master recognition process. If they were recognized as master, that means they also brought back a soul of nothingness from that world. If so…how does your tribe not know of this?”

The little girl had a sorrowful expression. “Because of the backlash suffered from failing to advance, the entire tribe of the souls of nothingness, besides the king, has no self-awareness.” She looked up, “Qin Yu, would you be willing to become one of my riders and help me return to my world and rescue my subjects?”

Qin Yu dismissively waved his hand. “No. At most we are contract companions; I am not one of your riders. Moreover, the Cosmic Seacross Bell is my treasure. You haven’t even asked if I am willing to give it away.”

The little girl was enraged. “The Cosmic Seacross Bell is the holy object of the tribe of the souls of nothingness!”

Qin Yu slowly said, “Maybe, but now it is mine.” His eyes flashed. “However, like I said before, if there are enough benefits for me, it’s not impossible for me to help you.”

The little girl was too busy to care about how angry she was. “Are you speaking the truth?”

Qin Yu said, “Of course I am speaking the truth. But, this is all based upon the premise that I have sufficient strength. Otherwise, even if I were to bring the Cosmic Seacross Bell and return to your world, there would be nothing but death awaiting us. In fact, there might not even be a way for us to travel to your world.”

The little girl earnestly considered the situation for a long time. She earnestly said, “You’re right.” She glared at him and frowned, “You really are weak!”

Qin Yu nearly choked on himself. He said humorlessly, “Since you’ve thought it through, you should know what to do from now on, right?”

The little girl said, “I will help you to become stronger as much as I can. But, you also need to help me repair the damage suffered by the Cosmic Seacross Bell.”

“Deal!” Qin Yu said, his smile blindingly bright. “Then, you can begin with dispelling that purple mote of light you swallowed. I don’t feel safe keeping it in my body the entire time.”

The little girl coldly sneered, “I really am questioning how you managed to live this long with the intelligence you’ve shown me so far. The existence of the demon seed is proof that one is a Demonic Path cultivator. Ignoring the possibility that others might sense if it is dispelled, even if you were to smoothly accomplish that, if you don’t have the aura of the demon seed in your body, do you think you can still enter the Demonic Path? You would be lucky just not being killed off by others!”

Qin Yu frowned, ignoring her taunting. “Is there really nothing that can be done?”

The little girl said without expression, “Only if you want to die.”

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