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It must be said that the Hanoi's airport is very beautiful. After all, it is the capital airport of a country. Hanoi airport is said to be able to gallery 4 million tourists, with a cost of up to 100 million US dollars.

We stopped a taxi from Ha Long Bay and went straight to Hanoi airport. It was late at night when we arrived. We bought the nearest flight direct to Canada at the airport. But the plane will not fly until early morning. It's a real "red eye flight".

Silo and I find a coffee shop in the airport and sit down for a rest. I excuse to go to the toilet, I take out the paper ball Ocean gave me.

It's not that I can't trust Silo and keep it from him. I absolutely trust my brother Silo! But Ocean quietly gave it to me. There must be a reason.

I lock the door, sit on the toilet and carefully unfold the paper ball.

This is a letter with some scribbles.

"The current orgnization is not the same as it used to be. Little 5, you just look out for yourself. You can choose your own way, or choose a plane to go as far as you want!"

I froze, silently read again, and then sit there with some unspeakable taste in my heart.

Recall what he has said to me on the deck: "Don't go Tiger's old way." Looking at the note in my hand, the meaning is coming out!

It seems that Ocean is also very dissatisfied with some things of Papa 8. He's not only hate Tiger's betray, but also feel sympathy and grieves with Tiger's death.

He told me not to go back to Canada. While I'm outside now, I can run anywhere and get out of that circle!

I'm about to throw away the note when I see that there's still handwriting on the reverse side, and I glance at it briefly. I find that there are several numbers and a small line below: "Airport storage box"

I stand up, take out the lighter, burn the note to ashes, and then throw it into the toilet, watching the smoke slowly rising, I flush the water, then unlock and push the door out.

Go outside, an airport staff just comes in. He looks at me and seems to smell the smoke in the air. He hesitates for a moment and politely says to me in English, "Sir, please don't smoke here. There is a smoking room not far to the left."

I smile at him and walk out of the toilet.

I'm at a loss, but after thinking about it, I go to the storage box place of the airport.

Following the sign above the head, I quickly walk to the right corner of the airport hall, where are several rows of storage boxes. This kind of storage boxes are specially prepared for some pa.s.sengers. Charge to store a variety of items, can be stored for a long time. As long as you are willing to spend money.

I look at the staff next it. They are two young girls.

A major feature of Hanoi airport is that many airport staff here are wearing Vietnamese national clothing, especially girls, all wearing Vietnamese national long gown, which is a bit like cheongsam, but with a high split until the waist. But unfortunately, their lower bodies are all wearing safety pants.

Generally speaking, this kind of well cut style can reflect people's figure very well. Two young girls are smiling at me, and I smile to them too. Then I go to the row of storage boxes and find the number which Ocean left. I press the code on it. With a p.o.o.p sound, the box opens and inside it is a small leather bag.

I look around, then take out the bag and close the box. Walking to the front, two girls suddenly stops me.

"Sir." One of the girls speaks in English. Although a little stiff, I can still understand: "Please leave the sticker on the bag. We need to register."

I'm stunned for a moment, and see a small sticker on the bag, with a line of code on it. I smile, tear it off and give it to her.

When I go to a place without other people, I pinch the bag. There don't seem to be much things in it. I feel like a pile of things. My heart is beating. I open the zipper slightly, glance at it quickly, and then close it tightly.


There is a pile of dollars in this bag. It should be a full ten thousand dollars by my visual inspection.

Why does Ocean store these cash in the airports?

I know, generally speaking, this kind of storage box in the airport is charged by the number of days. Long term storage requires a fixed fee. Only some tourists with too much luggage will temporarily store things that do not need to be taken at the airport.

But I immediately figure out of the answer: these cash is probably used for in emergency situation!

There will always be a bad time for everyone to meet the unexpected. Especially when walking in the underworld, it is inevitable that people need to run when they are in danger. In many cases, they are in a hurry to escape. It is also very troublesome if they don't have enough money.

Obviously, Ocean is a crafty person has more than one hideout. He is so proficient in how to escape!


Do I really follow his advice not to go back to Canada?

Obviously not!

I know that he's disappointed with some of the practices of Papa 8 through this Tiger's incident. Because of my friends.h.i.+p with him, he also recommended me to Canada at the beginning. Now he has some regrets. So I was advised to leave.
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But can I leave?

I smile and sigh in my heart: Fat fellow, you still don't know me enough.

If... If I am willing to live such a wandering life, why did I take so many risks to go to Canada through thousands of hards.h.i.+ps? If I was willing to find a place to hide like a mouse, and spend the next half of my life, then the oath I made was farted?

Canada is not heaven? It's not! But even if it's the h.e.l.l, isn't it just for me?

I pinch the money in the bag. Naturally, I am grateful for his kindness, but I have to go back to Canada.

Besides, Jojo is still waiting for me! How can I leave her alone and run away myself?

Thinking about it, I'm going to put the money back. But when I go back there, I turn around and leave. Because I see someone is going through the storage procedure. Everything that needs to be stored must be checked! Although the staff won't open your suitcase and look through it, but there is an X-ray detector to check.

If they find out that I have so much cash in the bag. It's bound to cause trouble. Obviously, the airport lockers can't store anything. Otherwise, wouldn't it be too easy for terrorists hide a bomb there?

Ocean could have put these money here, I'm afraid because he has his special way. I don't have that kind of ability. After thinking about it, I can only keep the money.

I walk back to the cafe and see Silo sitting there in a daze.

"How can you go so long?" Silo sees me and relieves, "I thought something happened to you again."

I smile and say: "it's nothing. I went around casually."

We sit for a while and it's almost time. We two get up to go to the security check.

I hesitate a little before the security check. After all, I have ten thousand dollars in the bag. So I bought a few books and magazines and put them in the bag together with the money. So I pa.s.s the security check smoothly.

As for the gun, we've already left on the yacht.

We take a rest in the waiting room and finally start getting on the plane. Silo and I slowly line up in the back. We're taking a North American airline. There aren't many pa.s.sengers to take this midnight flight.

When I am waiting, I suddenly feel a move in my heart. I rember the Vietnamese national costume that I saw on the girls who are working in the airport outside. That kind of dress is pretty nice. Jojo is still waiting for me at home. I decide on the spur of the moment to buy one set for her as a gift.

I go out once to bring her some presents. As soon as Miss Jojo is happy, I would have a better life in the future.

Thinking of this, I look at the time, and there are still ten minutes left. Less than 20 meters to the left, there is a Vietnam folk souvenir shop. It's our turn to board. I tell Silo that I need to buy something as a gift and let him in first. Silo immediately understands, smiles at me, and then takes the boarding pa.s.s to go first.

I turn and walk quickly to the Vietnamese folk souvenir shop. Time is almost running out. I run there quickly and see that the clothes hanging in the shop is the style I want. I point the dress to the staff in it, and then communicat with him in English.

But it's a pity that this staff's English level is very poor. I try my best to gesticulate, and he just understands what I mean. Just as he turns to take the cloth, I'm looking at some handicrafts around at will. I pick up a horn comb to look, whistling in boredom.

Suddenly, a figure is reflected on the counter gla.s.s beside me. The figure is quickly walking past me, and my heart is beating!

I know this woman! She's Tiger's female killer, that stripper!

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