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How come she is here?

I see her walking past me and stands not far away from me, as if she's looking at the things on the counter. She looks a little nervous, and I judge that she is looking around with the rest of her eyes.

My heart is sinking. What's she doing here? Does she follow me to avenge for Tiger?

But I immediately reject the doubt. She could not have followed me all the time. At least last night, after I killed Tiger, I went back to the nightnightclub and stayed there all night. Then today I went to Ocean's yacht. Such a long time has pa.s.sed, if this woman wanted to do something to me, she would have done it.

Besides, I don't think she's so good at following me for such a long time that I can't find out! She is not that good.

But now, she stands behind me, and she looks so serious and nervous. I motionless move body, pretend to look at other goods on the counter, then move feet, slowly back a little bit from the side, want to go around from her side.

That woman has been alerted. She averts her eyes to my face and finds it's me. There is a strange light s.h.i.+nning from her eyes!

Then I clearly see one of her hands is raising! My eyes are contracting and instinctively head straying.


A cold light is slipping by my cheek, and the gla.s.s behind me makes a crisp sound, and cracked! A small blade falls to the ground. This is a blade on a man's razor!

She sees she has missed, immediately turns around and running away. I catch up without any hesitatation.

In the middle of the night, there are not many people in the airport terminal. One of us is running in front and the other one is in the back, and soon we have run far away. This woman is running so fast. To be honest, I've never seen a woman can run so fast! But I immediately recall the scene of this woman's striptease on the cruise s.h.i.+p. Obviously her body is very flexible, her fighting skill must also be not too bad!

Our pursuit immediately attracts airport staff's attention. I've found a uniformed airport security man is coming towards us. That woman in front is suddenly running to the escalator, then pus.h.i.+ng away the pedestrian in front and rus.h.i.+ng down. I simply hold the handle of the escalator with one hand, and then I sliding down directly from above!

The woman in front is suddenly colliding with a pedestrian and they are both falling to the ground at the same time. But the woman is jumping up at once. At this time, I had rushed to her and reached out to catch her hand. She's shakes my hands off and continueds to run. I'm just about to catch up, but the pedestrian on the ground catches me.

This is a young man with an angry face shouting at me. He thinks I'm with this woman. He's probably upset and angry at me. I don't have time to pay attention to him, so I throw him out on the back and go on chasing that woman.

At this time, there're securities are running from both sides of the airport towards us. I don't stop at my feet, but I can't help regretting, and more anxious. My flight is about to take off now!

The woman in front has rushed to the exit. The railings can't stop her at all. She jumps over with a leap. The airport staffs next her are shouting to try to stop her, but she pushes them away. Then I arrive, the whole body jumps over the railings too. The security guards behind have also rushed up. There is a person even has grabbed my sleeve, I get rid of him with a hard pus.h.!.+

We are running to the outside of the airport, I'm so worried and angry. I see her rus.h.i.+ng to a taxi, reaching out and opened the door, then getting in.

At this time, I finally catch up, and the airport staff and security guards behind me are rus.h.i.+ng with electric sticks and other weapons.

The taxi has already started. I rush to open the door and the woman is kicking me crazy. But I still try my best to get in.

Before I sit down, a cold light flas.h.i.+ng, the woman is holding a blade between her fingers and cut it off to my neck. I hold her wrist and twist her hand hard!

The pursuers in the back have rushed to the back of the car. They are patting the back of the car hard. The taxi driver in front is panicked. I think he is going to stop. I yell at him: "Drive! Drive! Drive!"

h.e.l.l, if I'm caught, there will be more trouble! Seeing that the driver is still hesitating, I take my wallet out of my arms, throw all the cash out, and shouting to the driver: "Drive!"

It seems that the power of money is infinite! As soon as the driver see so many money, his eyes are lighting up, and he steps on the accelerator as hard as he can. The car is immediately running out like an arrow off the string!

After the taxi, the pursuers are trying to pull the door. As a result, the car is speeding up and they fall down. I'm sitting in the back seat with that woman, and both of us stumble together.

The woman and I are stunned for a moment, and then we continued to fight. The narrow s.p.a.ce in the back of the car limits our movements, but I succefully grasp her arm smoothly. She tries to lift her leg and kicking me. I hold her leg down. Finally, there's a trace of despair coming from the woman's eyes. She finally gives up her struggle and realize that she can not defeat me.

Both of us are exhausted. After all, we have been running and wrestling for so long.

I hold her wrist, two people are staring at each other with faces of anger.

Then, almost at the same time, we open our mouth and say: "Why are you following me?"

We are stunned.

Then at the same time, we ask together again: "You are not following me?"

Then we are stunned again.

We continue to ask at the same time: "Did you just meet me at the airport by accident?"

We are still in a daze now.

At last, we are all shouting at the same time: "s.h.i.+t! My flight!"

Just then, a plane is taking off from the airport, and quickly flying across the sky above us.

The car is running on the road to the city. In the back, the woman and I have let go of each other. We are sitting side by sides of the back row, separate by a distance, staring at each other.


Inside my heart is full of the fury.

It turns out that it is such a coincidence! This woman didn't plan to follow me at all, just because she was going to leave Vietnam by plane too, and we happened to meet at the airport.

What's more, when I first saw her, I thought she was stalking me secretly to avenge for Tiger. And when she saw me, it was the same, she thought that I was deliberately following her all the way to get rid of her.

We both misunderstood each other!

As a result, we not only hit and collided by mistake all the way from the airport to the outside, but also delayed our flights! I have no choice but to look at the plane pa.s.sing by the window. Now, Silo must be in great anxiety on the plane.
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I look at this woman. In fact, I don't care about her life or death. In the western restaurant, I had the chance to chase and kill her, but I gave up myself. She's not my target, my target is Tiger only. This woman's life is none of my business!

Now, I'm sitting in a taxi with her. What's more, both of us are stranded in Vietnam!

d.a.m.n! d.a.m.n! d.a.m.n it!

I murmur the curses and a heavy blow on the top of the car, which causes the driver in front to look sideways. But he sees me in angry, doesn't dare to speak anything.

At this moment, the women next me have stopped gasping and looking at me.

"Well, to be frank." I say with anger, "it was a misunderstanding. I don't want to kill you. You ran into me yourself." I say slowly, "My target is Tiger only, as for you, you are not in my plan, understand?"

The woman looks at me warily, looks very scared of me. Maybe that night, I went to see them with my bare hands, and killed Tiger and Ponytail magically, which probably shocked her too much?

"You really don't kill me?" The woman is obviously relieved.

"You delayed my flight!" I say coldly, "I wish I could kill you now."

The woman immediately shrinks back and says with her teeth closely: "I... I have nothing to do with Tiger. I was just working for him. Now that he's dead, I can only find a safe place."

"I know, and I don't have any interest in stamp out the root of trouble." I sigh, "So that's it. We get off at the front and go our separate ways. I'm afraid we won't see each other again in this life, which is the best!"

To be honest, I will not relax my vigilance. After all, this woman is not a weak people! When we were on the yacht, if it wasn't for the staff to die for us, she would have poisoned all of us!

I'm not interested in her. I'm not a dacnomania. And for her, in fact, is also very poor now. She is a soldier who has lost her master. What she can do next is to run away.

Just let her to be.

My biggest headache now is: how can I find a way to leave Vietnam?

I am very clear that I can no longer leave Vietnam through open legal channels! Just now we had a big fight at the airport. There must be taken pictures! It's easy for them to extract my portrait and find my ident.i.ty against the airport access records.

Then, my photos and information will be sent to the ticket offices of various stations, docks, airports and other places! Once they find me, they will call the police immediately!

It's really so… d.a.m.n it!

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