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When the taxi enters the city, I find a place to get off.

"Why are you still following me?" I ca not help frowning when I see the woman following me out of the car.

She takes a look at me: "So many people have seen us to get on the taxi. We had a big fight at the airport. Someone will check the license plate of this taxi. I don't want to stay in it anymore."

When I look at her, I always feel that this misunderstanding is somehow baffling.

Maybe G.o.d don't want me to leave Vietnam so soon? Or maybe G.o.d don't want me back to Canada so soon?

Now I am trying to rember why did I chase this woman? Because she used to work for Tiger, I thought she was following me to kill me, and when at the airport, she was the first to attack. In this case, I immediately fought back and caught up, which was totally natural response!

I don't plan to care much about this woman anymore. Just about to leave, she suddenly yells after me, "h.e.l.lo!"

"What?" I frown, look back at her and say coldly, "Do you want to compete with me again?"

She says with smile reluctantly: "Of course not, you are much better and stronger than me. I have no intention of making trouble for myself. But can you do me a favor?"

I'm so angry that I am starting to laugh. This woman is so bold! She and I were in a hostile position. Under normal circ.u.mstances, I have every reason to kill her. It's only after Tiger's death that my Vietnam mission has been completed and I have no habit of killing that I agree to let her go. Now she refuses to go away and asking me for help?!

"I don't have any money." She sighs, spreads out her hands and looks at me with a wry smile, "When I was at the airport, I had a bag. My money are all in my bag. Now..."

I see what she means. When I met her at the airport, she was carrying a little lady's satchel with her, but after a fall, it was lost.

She looks at me and says slowly: "Although we were enemies, but we are different now. Besides, we all make a living in underworld. Could you please lend me some money?" After a pause, she says, "What I know is kill people only, nothing else." She says with a wry smile.

I don't intend to pay attention to this inexplicable woman, but suddenly, I recall Tiger.

Tiger! Well, just as for Tiger!

She used to work for Tiger. Although Tiger has died in my hand, it was the orderfrom Papa 8. There's no hatred between me and Tiger. Actually, I myself had a respect with him. Now since Tiger is dead, I can help his subordinate a little.

I stare at the woman for a few seconds. Then I slowly take out several bills from my bag and throw them to her without looking at them: "These money should be enough for you."

After the woman takes the money, I immediately turn around and ready to leave, but I just walk two steps, and she is shouting behind: "Wait!"

This time I'm really angry. I look back at her and say in cold: "Do you think I'm in a good mood to spend time with you?"

She takes two steps back. This time, her eyes are sincere and she says with a smile, "What are you going to do?"

I think about it and say: "What else can I do? Find a place to buy a ticket... "

Just now, I was too confused. It's so sudden. Now I've calmed down for a while and think it clearer. Anyway, we didn't do anything special at the airport, but saw us were chasing. As for the chase, it may not so much matter.

I know that this chase must have alerted the airport. When I get back to the airport to take the plane again, I will definitely be stopped. But it doesn't matter. I'll say I was after the thief. I'm in a rush to break through. I'll be fined at most. I don't think it's a big deal now.

In Ocean's words, I am "clean" in Vietnam.

But then this woman's a few words make my heart completely down to the bottom!

"If you're going to buy a ticket and go back to the airport, I suggest you give up the idea." She looks at me and sighs, "For the sake of the money you gave me, I remind you not to go to the airport."


"Because of me!" She smile bitterly, "I'm telling you that I am chasing by the police. I'm in such a hurry to catch the plane, just hope to grab time before the police search to the airport. But we made such a big noice in the airport just now. Now the security inspectors at the airport must be checking the pictures taken in the camera. According to the working practice of the airport, they will certainly report such matters to the police. And the police are tracking me…"

I'm totally stunned.

I was going to turn around and walk away, but now I have to stop, walk to the woman, take her hand, coldly say: "You make it clear! What's going on?"

"I'm a subordinate of Tiger, you know. Tiger has something to do with the Vietnamese, and you also know that."

"Well, so?"

"Last night, Tiger died in your hands." The woman says slowly: "I ran away at that time, but I didn't run far, so I was stopped by the police. I don't have your ability to kill people and run without trace so that the police can't find any of your clues. Last night... "

After Tiger died last night, I took the taxi back to the nightclub under the cover of chaos and mixed-blood beauty. But this woman was not that lucky as me. In fact, where did she know that would happen? At that time, she ran out of the restaurant immediately after the gunshot, but she had bad luck, and met two patrolmen in the face, and there was blood on her cloth!

"Wait! How could you have blood on your cloth?" I squint my eyes, "I remember you didn't have!"

"I ran first, but I went back later." The woman confesses: "it was a mess. You killed Tiger and Ponytail. My first reaction was to run! I know I'm not your opponent. I should not stay there and fight with you. I would die. But I immediately thought that I had to go back, because there was something on Tiger that I had to take away."

"You were back?" I'm surprised. This woman is too bold! Any people with a little common sense. In that case, he have to flee the scene as soon as possible

"What was it?" I ask her.

"Money." She replies simply, "it's a lot of money. I work for Tiger just for money. If I don't, why should I? It turned out that after such a long time of hard work, Tiger died and I couldn't get any money. I still have to worry about being chased and killed in the future. Isn't it a great loss for me?"

She gestures: "There's a key around Tiger's neck. He's used to wearing it close to his body. This key is used to open a small locker in Citibank of New York, which contains a sum of money. Tiger is a very strange person. He doesn't believe in bank accounts, because accounts can be trased. If Papa 8 knows that there are so many deposits in his account, he will be exposed. So that bank locker is full of cas.h.!.+ And it's anonymous."

"And then?" I smile and looking at the woman with some mockery.

"Then I ran back and got the key." The woman raises her face and looks at me, "But when I wanted to run out again, the patrol had arrived at the door. I thought I could get out, but I had blood on my cloth, so they stopped me."

She says with a wry smile: "At that time, they were suspicious and wanted to take me back to the police station. I dare not go with them at all."

"Why?" I frown, "You didn't kill them."

"But the waiter in that restaurant saw me went there with Tiger and Ponytail. Now Tiger was dead, the waiter's confession would prove that I am a friend of the dead. In that case, I'll be in trouble. Although I didn't kill them, in that case, I can't go to the police station. If I go with them, I'll be finished."


"Please, use your brain..." The woman says helplessly, "Everywhere, the relations.h.i.+p between the police and the underworld is closely intertwined, you mix in me, me mix with you! Who is Tiger? He has business with the Vietnamese gangs! And he came to Vietnam to break the deal between the Vietnamese and that fat man. Now that he's suddenly dead, the Vietnamese gangs will get the news soon! After all, it's a homicide. And I was taken to the police station as Tiger's companion. Do you think the Vietnamese gangs will let me go? If I fall into the Vietnamese hands, I will die!" She says bitterly

"Well," I nod, "Yes, it's true! You could not go to the police station with them."

"So I resisted." The woman sighs, "At that time, the situation was very chaotic. I soon knocked down a policeman, you know person like us that hands are all very heavy. I was eager to get away, so I was more ruthlessly. I cut one of the policemen's neck and injured the other. I don't know if the policeman I cut his neck is dead. Then after thinking about it, I think the police will definitely draw my portrait according to the description of the witness, and then search for me everywhere. But it must take a long time. Vietnam's police is very inefficient, so if I move fast, I can catch the earliest plane to leave before my portrait is pasted all over the city. As long as I leave, no one can find me any more!"

Now I know the situation and sigh. It's a bit complicated, really troublesome.

After our big fight at the airport, the airport will definitely check the video, and then once it is reported to the police, the police have the portrait of this woman there. After all, she is now suspected of being involved in the murder, and has wounded two police officers.

Well, with the portraits drawn by the police and the video of the airport, this woman can't leave Vietnam through legal channels any more. She must be wanted!

About me…

I have a dull headache. If I go to the airport, I would be stopped to ask for an explanation. What's your ident.i.ty when you've been running for so long at the airport after a "murder suspect" and a "female criminal who hurt the police"? What's your relations.h.i.+p with her? Why were you after her?

If the police ask that, how can I answer? How can I explain that?

Meanwhile, I entered the restaurant last night. The waiter in the restaurant saw me! Now I'm connected with this woman. If the police hold me up, then they'll find the witness on the spot last night to confirm. If the witness in the restaurant recognizes that I went to the restaurant last night, I went there to see the "dead".

I feel my head hurt more and more.

I didn't intend to kill her before, but now I really want to send her to the h.e.l.l!

If I didn't meet her at the airport, and then pursue her in a muddle, if I didn't have all this, I would have been sitting on the plane home, chatting and joking with Silo, and enjoying the beautiful stewardess at the same time!

Aware of the anger on my face, the woman quickly takes a step back: "Don't get angry first. You need to know. If I didn't tell you just now and you really buy a ticket to go back to the airport, you're going to be caught! I'm totally grateful that you gave me the money. We have no grudge now! Otherwise, what does it have to do with me?"

I laugh at her angrily, look up at her and say: "Ha! So I should thank you, too?"

The woman steps back under my angry gazing, retreats to the corner of the wall, and looks at me carefully.

Although I am very angry, but I also know that she is telling the truth. It's true that if she didn't tell me, I would be dying to go back to the airport so rashly.

But I soon come up with another question. I look at the woman coldly: "You said so many to me, I don't believe you are completely kind! Hum, tell me what you want?"

The woman sighs: "in the bag I lost at the airport, the key also inside, which is the one to open Citibank's coffer! Now that bag is mostly picked up by people of the airport. It won't be long before they confirm my ident.i.ty and hand over the bag to the police. I don't have the ability to get it back, but I know you're good. You killed Tiger last night in such a situation that was even impossible. You're so good. I want you to help me. Let's find a way to get my bag and the key back. About the money, How about sharing the money equally?"

I take a look at her and say, "Are you crazy? Where do you think the police station is? Is it a restaurant or a teahouse? Do you think I can just go in for a walk and come out with your bag?" I look at her and say, "Look for someone else. I'm not interested."

It's almost early morning, and it's beginning to light up. I ignore the woman and walk to the other side of the street.

It seems that the woman behind me is still not going to give up and following me far away. I don't care about her, just thinking about my plan.

The question I'm facing now is: how can I leave Vietnam?

Taking a plane in Hanoi is now out of the option, the airport security checks are the most stringent of all means of transportation.

Then maybe I can take a car to other cities and see if I can take a boat from Ha Long Bay, or go to the northern border city, where I can take a tourist bus to cross the border.

After all, the police in Hanoi may have noticed me, but other cities are still safe. And I don't have a lot of leads in police's hands. Now they are looking for that woman. As long as I move faster, I just need to rush to other cities before the police find me or take any action.
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There are three ways in front of me,

The first way, take a bus to Saigon immediately. Saigon is the largest city in the south of Vietnam. I can buy a ticket from Saigon, and then leave Vietnam by plane.

The second way, go to Ha Long Bay at once, and take the luxury cruise s.h.i.+p to leave.

The third way is to go to the northern border city, and then take the bus out of the country.

Having figured out these problems, I feel a little relieved. The key factor is to be quick!

Because I'm not sure what will happen when the incident at the airport is reported to the police. Maybe the police simply deal with it as a small matter or leave it aside. But it can also be taken seriously. After all, because of the existence of that woman! I have a relations.h.i.+p with her now and the police will probably notice me.

I finally decide to follow the second way and take a cruise! At least for now, this is the fastest way. Looking at the time, it's hard to stop a taxi on the road at this point. I look at the empty street and feel hungry. Across the street, there seems to be a market. There are already some breakfast stalls on the side of the road ready to open. I sit down at a roadside stall and order a bowl of rice noodles. And just as I am carrying the bowl to eat, the woman comes to me and sits down too.

"The last time I warn you, don't follow me." I take a sip of rice noodles and say slowly, "My patience is limited. Now I'm going to let you go is for Tiger's sake. If you continue to trouble me... "

"30% for me, 70% for you." The woman seems to bite her teeth, and then makes a big decision: "That money you take 70%. Is that all right?"

I smile and look at her. "No interest."

"But I only need 30%! If it wasn't for me, you wouldn't know these money!" The woman is a little worried.

"It's not about money." I say lightly, "I just don't have interest, and I also don't have that ability."

"I need the money very much." The woman sighs, "You know, I'm Tiger's people. Now Tiger is dead. Next, all the people who have relations with him will be cleaned up. I can only leave and find a safe place to live in seclusion. But before that. I must get a sum of money, which enough for my living!"

"That's your problem." I continue to eat rice noodles.

"OK..." There's a flash of determination on her face, as if she has determined, "I only want 20%, you take 80%, plus me!"

"What?" I'm stunned.

"I'm just a woman." She seems to smile bitterly, "Except for money, all I can give you is myself. I am pretty, maybe you are interested in me... "

As soon as she is saying, she is pursing her lips and deliberately raising her chest. In the hot weather of Vietnam, the clothes she wears are very thin, and the two b.u.t.tons on the top of the coat are deliberately not tied, exposing a white skin.

I sigh, put down the bowl, and look at the woman in front of me in silence. In a sense, she is actually my same profession.

"You are not a prost.i.tute." I say coldly, "Only prost.i.tutes will sell themselves at a clear price."

"I need that money very much." The woman is almost begging.

I turn my face and say: "I'm going to leave Hanoi in a moment. You can do it for yourself. I just want to say one thing to you: no matter how good money is, you have to live to spend it!"

After finished all the rice noodles, I take out a bill and press it under the bowl, stand up and walk to the side of the road to stop the taxi.

At this moment, it's already light. I can see the dim sunlight coming from the distant buildings, and the sun will come out soon.

I stand there for two minutes and don't see any taxi pa.s.sing by. By the way of feeling, I know that the woman behind me has still been staring at me. But at this time, where can I spare the energy to help her? It's very kind of me not to kill her.

Finally, I see a motorcycle which is specially designed to carry pa.s.sengers. It's very popular on the streets of Vietnam.

I frown. But I think to take a motorcycle is also fine. As long as can take me to leave, a motorcycle is OK.

There are three or four more motorcycles coming from the street corner. When I'm raising my hand, it might be probably to grab business. They are all speeding up to drive here a rush.

I didn't feel anything wrong at first, but when the first one stops at the side of the road in front of me, I just want to talk to the rider and see that he doesn't take his helmet off.


I know right away that things are going wrong!

There are a lot of motorcycles in the streets and lanes in Vietnam, but people here don't need helmets to ride motorcycles! But the riders of these motorcycles in front of me are all wearing helmets

I'm just in doubt, suddenly see the first driver has stopped, and then he suddenly pulls out a gun from his arms!

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