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Chapter 44 - A Delicious Treat (?)

As long as the woman continues to obey him, for example, behaving well as she did on the set today, he would not mind giving her another generous sum of money.

He went downstairs and saw that the steamed bun had already climbed to the top of the high chair to the side. The chubby little a.s.s twisted, as he tried to make himself comfortable on his seat and pulled the edge of the table down with his small hand.

Yu Yaoyao then gave him a hand, smiling, while the little steamed bun showed her a shy but bright smile on the spot.

It's as if his gloomy mood from before hadn't occurred at all.

Even the babysitter gave him more vegetables that he normally didn't like, yet he was not the slightest bit picky. Instead, he held his fork, eager to put it inside his mouth.

“Baby, let's see who will eat faster~”

Meanwhile, Yu Yaoyao couldn't wait any longer to eat the mouthwatering meal on the table! As she stared at the juicy steak on the plate, she must have swallowed her saliva at least ten times.

It was not an easy task to wait until both father and son were on the table. But now that they were complete, she hurriedly wanted to devour the delicious meal. But she first raised her hand to ask mama Xu for a second piece of steak.

But mama Xu only said exasperatedly, "Madam, that's more than enough!"

Just as she was about to pick up the fork dejectedly, Shen Yichong's displeased voice rang as if he knew what was about to happen.

“What is the appropriate speed for eating? If you eat fast, you'll have indigestion. Each bite must be chewed at least 20 times before it can be swallowed.”

He looked at Yu Yaoyao who chewed a piece three times and swallowed, his eyebrows a bit wrinkled.

After her she hit her head, her behavior was much worse than before. She used to be brainless, but it seems to have worsen to become a caveman that hasn't eaten meat in years!

“Mommy, eat slowly, or your stomach will ache.” The small steamed bun also anxiously looked over.

Yu Yaoyao sighed and answered, “Okay.”

People are really so troublesome. Don't you feel tired after chewing 20 times?

Well, on this weak stomach, she'll do her best.

But with this delicate chewing, when she tore out the meat, the essence of the sauce and the delicacy of the beef seeped out.

The delicious taste spilled in her mouth and she suddenly wailed out.

This is an experience that she has never had in her past life!

“The smell…excellent! Oh my G.o.d, what a good beef! I've never tasted a quality this tasty before. Is this meat from the heavens?" And with a little voice, she finished, "I'm so happy that I want cry.”

In every scene she was on the set today, she only recalled how many chickens the next-door snake stole from her, and how long she had starved herself!

Now, with the sudden rush of an otherworldly flavor, the satisfaction of high-quality beef filling her mouth—it made her really cry. Only those who had gone through the abuse of being hungry for days would know the happiness eating a delicious meal gives at this very moment!

Yu Yaoyao treasured every bite, her eyes closed as she chewed every piece and her hands over her heart, as if she had eaten a meal worth thousands of dollars.

Shen Yichong was so bothered with this display that the water cup he held in his hand shook!

He had always been a quiet person, never keeping music in this house, and all his employers spoke in whispers. And back then, Yu Yaoyao also never dared to make him angry around other people or engage in shouting arguments.

Later, when he had a son, his temper even improved a little.

But even his five-year-old son knows to eat quietly at the table. But Yu Yaoyao, an adult, would still shed tears for a mere steak?

Shen Yichong's eyebrows met once again in the middle.

Is she not happy with the $10 million breakup fee? Is this another trick?

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Transmigration: Raising The Child Of The Male Lead Boss Chapter 44 - A Delicious Treat (?) summary

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