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Chapter 1112 The Changes in Hungry Ghost Path

Ding Hao felt cold inside.

Over the years, Li Yiruo had been searching for the news about her cousin, who was a very important relative to her. After she got married, her father also mentioned this matter many times. Li Canyang’s parents had been missing him so much over the years that they fell ill. He was their only son. Originally, the old couple was proud that he entered the Swordsmans.h.i.+p-seeking Sect and brought glory to their ancestors, but later he disappeared. No one knew whether he was alive or dead. The old couple had been worried sick.

Ding Hao had also been looking for Li Canyang.

Because Li Canyang was also an important relative and friend to him.

Many people speculated that Li Canyang might have died, but later, after the incident with Fang Tianyi and Feng Ning, everyone had a glimmer of hope for Lin Xin’s whereabouts. They hoped that he might have got some strange opportunity and maybe he could come back someday.

However, Ding Hao didn’t expect that he would see him in this way.

Ding Hao used his Divine Senses to run the Mind Essential to the peak level, trying to capture the erratic consciousness fluctuation. Since the consciousness had not been completely darkened, there might be a chance of survival, and he could still try to save it.

Gradually, with the cooperation of the Heavenly Wasteland Tactical Deployment, Ding Hao’s Divine Senses were like a net and he finally captured this trace of consciousness fluctuation.

Just like photos or videos, the consciousness fluctuation was broken into pieces. When Ding Hao’s Divine Senses penetrated the consciousness, he vaguely captured a flash of information, but it was not complete. He could only vaguely see the broken images of the Sage Battlefield, the endless void, the darkness like a meteorite belt, and a figure in golden armor sitting high on a floating throne.

Ding Hao did not dare to interpret it too deeply, for fear of making this wisp of consciousness fluctuation, which was already damaged, weaker.

He took the wisp of consciousness out of the dark puppet’s body and carefully kept it.

Then, his eyes fell on another dark figure who had given him a familiar feeling before. He activated the power of the Heavenly Wasteland Tactical Deployment to suppress the dark puppet, making it unable to resist. His Divine Senses penetrated the puppet’s body and searched within, especially the sea of consciousness in its head.

The seas of consciousness of these dark puppets were like a chaotic dark universe. They were completely contaminated by the dark power and contained a terrifying corrosive attack power. If ordinary people’s Divine Senses entered them, they would be devoured and destroyed in an instant. Fortunately, Ding Hao’s Mind Essential was extremely mysterious and extraordinary. He was bold and took the risk of consuming his Divine Senses to observe carefully.

The search was like looking for a needle in a haystack.

After searching for a good 30 minutes, Ding Hao found nothing.

Just as he was about to give up, a faint rice-sized light suddenly flashed in front of him. Ding Hao had an idea and immediately activated his Divine Senses to pursue it. After several attempts, he finally caught the light.

After a brief search, the information was released one piece after another.

Ding Hao was overjoyed and carefully searched for the information.

After a long while, he sighed silently in his heart.

“Sure enough, this is an old friend.”

In the past, this person was the most outstanding disciple in the Northern Academy of yellow s.h.i.+rts of the Swordsmans.h.i.+p-seeking Sect. He was also one of the most outstanding people in the Swordsmans.h.i.+p-seeking Sect of that year. He was Lin Xin, a good friend of Ren Xiaoyao, who was a supreme Fate Cultivator.

This dark puppet expert’s true form was Lin Xin, the elegant, jade-like handsome man.

He was the Swordsmans.h.i.+p-seeking Sect disciple who had gone missing during the expedition in the Sage Battlefield.

Like Li Canyang, Lin Xin’s body had also completely turned darkened. Every cell, bone, blood, and bone marrow in his body had turned into dark matter. He was deathly silent and did not contain any vitality. Only such a cl.u.s.ter of consciousness was left in his sea of consciousness. Perhaps it was because Lin Xin’s strength was a little stronger than Li Canyang’s at that time, so this cl.u.s.ter of consciousness was preserved in a rather complete way, and the information contained was much more than Li Canyang’s.

From this cl.u.s.ter of consciousness, Ding Hao knew that when the Sage Battlefield collapsed, the geniuses who entered it had different encounters. Like Li Canyang, Lin Xin was swept into the s.p.a.ce-time crack. Unfortunately, they did not fall into the Land of Divine Grace. Instead, they were swept into a dark s.p.a.ce and captured by the golden-armored giant sitting on the floating throne. After all kinds of horrible and unimaginable modifications, they finally turned into dark puppets.

When they were darkened, it was as if they had fallen into h.e.l.l. The power of darkness permeated every part of their bodies and turned all their vitality into the power of death and killing. It destroyed their consciousness and Divine Senses, turned them from living ones to the dead, and turned them into complete monsters of fighting and killing.

It was a tragic scene.

There were also many extremely n.o.ble beings who had been turned darkened. In addition to some humans, the top masters of other major clans had been captured by the golden-armored giant on the floating divine throne and were refined and transformed like tools.

Lin Xin and Li Canyang were no exceptions.

However, it was unknown why they had left the last trace of consciousness. Ding Hao guessed that they must have had some special opportunities in the Sage Battlefield, so they could hold on until now. But it was just a trace of consciousness that had lost its independence. After a few more days, it might completely dissipate.

Ding Hao carefully collected the last pieces of their consciousness into his sea of consciousness to warm them up.

In the aspect of common sense, these two people were dead.

Even if they had any magical elixirs or immortal medicine catalysts, they couldn’t possibly be revived. However, Ding Hao still wanted to keep a glimmer of hope. “If the reincarnation is opened again, there may be a chance to have them reincarnate. Even if it is the last glimmer of hope, I can not give it up.”

Then, Ding Hao thought of something else.

What kind of being was that golden-armored man sitting on the throne in the void?

He could master such horrifying dark power. Combined with the environment of this battle and what the G.o.d of War of Mysterious Frost and the others had said, it was very likely that this man was the legendary Hades True Immortal. This was the first time that Ding Hao had seen the image of Hades True Immortal so clearly. It was different from the image of the ferocious and fierce peerless Demon King in his imagination. Instead, the True Immortal had some unparalleled momentum like that of the War G.o.d.

However, the way he had modified the Puppets of War was truly frightening and tragic.

Ding Hao realized that if Hades True Immortal could make this kind of Puppet of War in batches, his power would be truly too horrifying. Even if Ding Hao refined and destroyed more than a dozen dark Puppets of War in front of him today, it could not change the general trend, because Ding Hao knew from Lin Xin’s consciousness that there were thousands of these puppets transformed by Hades True Immortal at that time.

If those thousands of dark Puppets of War had the same strength as the ones in front of him, they would be powerful enough to wipe out all the forces in the Land of Infinity and the Land of Divine Grace. They were simply invincible, and no one could resist them.

Ding Hao’s heart sank.

A gaze landed on him. It was from the G.o.d of War of Mysterious Frost in the Northern Region.

“Hold your breath and concentrate. Don’t let your mind wander.” The voice of the G.o.d of War of Mysterious Frost came. He was seemingly referring to something.

Ding Hao nodded and didn’t think about other things.

He fully activated the Heavenly Wasteland Tactical Deployment to refine those dark Puppets of War.

Next, he tried to search the sea of consciousness of other dark puppets to see if he could find any information. However, to his disappointment, the sea of consciousness of the other dark puppets had been completely devoured by the dark power, and there were no fragments of their previous lives left.

“I wonder if there is any fatal weakness in these dark Puppets of War? Since they are lifeless, just like some computer robots, they may be eroded by a kind of virus.” An idea flashed through Ding Hao’s mind and he came up with a theoretically feasible way.

However, the Heavenly Wasteland Tactical Deployment was too magical and majestic, and it was not presided over by him alone. With the joint efforts of all the people, the tactical deployment rumbled and was activated, and the general trend was irreversible. Naturally, Ding Hao could not stop this process to study the bodies of these Puppets of War.

Time ticked by.

Three days later, more than a dozen dark Puppets of War finally turned into black mist and dissipated between heaven and earth under the illumination of the golden flames. Everyone breathed a sigh of relief when they saw that the puppets, which contained a terrifying destructive power, disappeared.

These three days were torture for many people. Through the Heavenly Wasteland Tactical Deployment, everyone felt the power of the dark puppets. Had they not been trapped in the tactical deployment, once they were out of it, even the weakest one would be powerful enough to wipe out the crowd. The terrifying dark pressure made it difficult for them to breathe.

As Ding Hao watched the black mist dissipate between heaven and earth, he had an idea.

“Darkness is a part of this world. Without darkness, there will be no light. Therefore, even if these Puppets of War have been refined by the Heavenly Wasteland Tactical Deployment, they can’t be completely eliminated in the end. They can only break down, and the dark element will still exist between heaven and earth!

“I believe that you have all gained something. Next, you can leave Hungry Ghost Path. Some changes will take place here, so it is not appropriate for you to stay here any longer,” the G.o.d of War of Mysterious Frost said.

“Your Highness, aren’t you going to leave with us?” someone asked.

The G.o.d of War of Mysterious Frost glanced at the west in the distance and said, “I still have other things to do, so I don’t have time to be distracted. Everyone, now the situation in the Land of Infinity is complicated, and there are all kinds of forces. Both the Demon Clan and the Human Clan are deeply affected. If this situation continues, the dark power will become stronger. I hope that after you return to the Land of Infinity, you can soon settle the turmoil.”

Everyone nodded their heads and agreed.

This time, in the Heavenly Wasteland Tactical Deployment, although they consumed a lot of mysterious strength, they also gained a lot. Basically, everyone had broken through the bottleneck that troubled them, and their strength had been improved to a higher level, so they also saw the hope of further promotion. Although they had not found the real immortal fate of Reincarnation, they had definitely gained a lot.

While they were talking, the world suddenly rumbled and shook as if an earthquake had occurred.

Everyone’s face changed.

“That is…” Someone looked toward the west with a stupefied expression.

Ding Hao and the others also looked over, only to see a grand water column suddenly rising from nowhere and piercing the void. Then, along with all kinds of roars and surging tides, a moist water vapor spread out, and a large area of the Hungry Ghost Path turned into a pool at a speed visible to the naked eye.

“The change has begun!” The G.o.d of War of Mysterious Frost looked solemn. He rose to the sky and rushed to the west like lightning, leaving a voice transmission. “You’d better leave quickly and turn back. The Door of Reincarnation will close after you return. There’s not much time left. Don’t covet the aura of reincarnation here, or you’ll be left here forever. ”

After that, he disappeared into the sky.

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