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Chapter 1113 The Golden Tower

“That’s where the Yin-Yang Well is located!”

Ding Hao realized something. The water column rising into the sky was from the Yin-Yang Well. There were two of them. One was black, and the other was white. Like two dragons, they rose into the sky. This time, the well water was no longer limited to a certain range. Instead, it burst out in all directions crazily. The water was so majestic that it could be seen with the naked eye that tides were coming from the distant horizon. Some distance away, it had turned into a vast water area.

Everyone looked at each other, not expecting such a thing to happen.

Looking at the boundless water, they found that it wouldn’t be long before the Hungry Ghost Path would be filled with water and become a world of water.

“Let’s go!”

Song Shang, the head of the Blue Cloud Sect, shouted and took the lead in rus.h.i.+ng toward the direction where they came from.

Everyone quickly followed him.

Because the experts found that the surging black and white seawater was filled with strange evil Qi, containing the power of killing, which made their skin hurt. It was definitely not ordinary seawater. If the water splashed on them, they might be killed. It was very likely that the strange power of the rules of the Hungry Ghost Path made it unsuitable for humans to survive here.

It was really hard to believe that there was so much water in the black-and-white well. Once it broke out, it would almost drown the world.

Everyone was flying very fast in the void, but the waves in the distance were not much slower than them. They had been chasing after the crowd. It was incredible.

“Look! What’s that?” Fang Tianyi exclaimed.

Following his gaze, people saw a black behemoth rising from the waves in the distance. It was like a mountain range thousands of meters high, leaping hundreds of meters. Then, with a bang, it fell heavily below the water, causing huge waves thousands of meters high, which were like a group of running giants that had amazing power.

Before the crowd could see the behemoth’s figure clearly, they heard a series of loud bangs. Behemoths jumped up one after another in different shapes. They were as dark as mountains in the dark night. They galloped happily in the water, roaring happily, while the sound waves shook the world.

“What are those monsters?” The chubby guy, Song Que, was also stunned.

Everyone was a top G.o.d Realm Master, but they didn’t dare to approach the black and white waves of Yin and Yang, for fear of being trapped by the power of the rules in the Hungry Ghost Path within. If that happened, they would never be able to leave this deathly silent world again. However, the giant strange fish that had the size of a mountain seemed to have been reborn and rolled freely in the waves.

“Are these creatures natives of the Hungry Ghost Path?”

Ding Hao suddenly had an idea.

He suddenly felt that the mystery of the black-and-white Yin-Yang Well was far beyond everyone’s imagination. It was not simply a well that contained the Reincarnation Power. Maybe it led to a more mysterious place that could accommodate so much water. Moreover, the G.o.d of War of Mysterious Frost in the Northern Region might be having other plans when he rushed to the well before.

Ding Hao suddenly wanted to go back and explore that well again.

However, when he felt the roaring waves and the horrible behemoths, he gave up this idea.

The crowd didn’t stop at all. After flying for a full month, they were both hungry and tired. Finally, they returned to the place where they had come from. A light door opened in the void, which was the Door of Reincarnation of the Hungry Ghost Path they had entered before. Without hesitation, they all rushed in.

The next moment-


The great sound of thunder could be heard.

Tens of millions of heavy waves bombarded the light door. The door instantly turned into fragments and splashed in the void. It was as if there was a kind of power in the unseen world that did not allow the light door to appear in this world. Even the void around the door was directly smashed by the black waves.

It could be imagined that if the waves were to hit everyone, even a one-apertured G.o.d Realm Master would be seriously injured and spit out blood.

That was the power of the rules.

Surging waves of black and white finally filled the entire world of the Hungry Ghost Path.

Huge monsters were surging in the waves.

In addition, there were all kinds of strange creatures rolling in the waves and gradually adapting to this environment. They seemed to have woken up from their deep sleep. They opened their mouths and madly devoured everything around them. As if they had gone crazy from their hunger, they started a crazy ma.s.sacre in the sea.

In the blink of an eye, even several of the enormous mountain-sized behemoths had turned into pale white skeletons.

Suddenly, thunder rumbled in the sky, and tens of millions of silver lightning bolts exploded into the sea.

The world of the Hungry Ghost Path suddenly seemed to be full of vitality. It was as if it had been awakened from a long slumber by some mysterious force. It suddenly became extremely lively from a dead place.

At some point, a sharp tip of a golden pyramid slowly emerged from the sea. Then, the entire tower appeared.

It was a giant tower that was tens of thousands of meters high. Every brick and stone of the giant tower was golden and contained strange divine power. It was floating on the sea, as if it was weightless, undulating with the waves.

Those monsters who were crazily devouring each other in the sea seemed to have encountered something extremely horrifying. In an instant, they stopped devouring and dived into the water like birds startled by the mere tw.a.n.g of a bowstring. They disappeared in an instant.

A golden door soundlessly opened on the pyramid.

Behind the door, dozens of figures slowly came out.

“Which great era is this?” An ancient and obscure voice sounded from one of the figures, full of the vicissitudes of time. He looked at the surging seawater around him, feeling that his body was a bit stiff.

“The Sea Eye has been opened. This day has finally come!”

“Is Reincarnation about to restart?”

“The Hungry Ghost Path is awakening. I can feel this world shouting and roaring. This is another Reincarnation. Can we win this time? Or will we cut ourselves again and seal ourselves in the Source of Yin and Yang like before?”

“No matter what price we have to pay, we can’t give in again!”

The ancient figures were all whispering.

Their clothes seemed to have decayed, but the auras in them were extremely weak at first, and then they soared wildly. In an instant, they broke through to the G.o.d Realm. Their powerful power stirred up the surging seawater around them, making the surface of the sea more violent.

The giant golden tower directly flew up into the air.

It turned out that below it, there was a giant bird whose whole body could not be seen clearly. It was carrying the entire giant tower. The giant bird flapped its wings, and in an instant, a large area of the whole sea collapsed. The horrifying power shattered countless huge sea beasts and monsters.

In the west.

The Yin-Yang Well was still spraying out black and white seawater. At this time, it was already tens of thousands of meters under the water, like a Sea Eye. Surprisingly, there was no seawater within a kilometer around it, but a vacuum area. The dark tactical deployment outside had been immersed in the black and white seawater. The tactical deployment composed of thousands of black-armored experts of G.o.d’s Palace was still running silently.

There were ten figures standing beside the well.

They were the G.o.d of War of Mysterious Frost in the Northern Region and the rest of the Five Human Supremesfive as well as the five supreme Demon G.o.ds of the Demon Clan.

On the edge of the well, there were ten strange ancient runes that contained profound mysteries. Each rune happened to match a supreme expert, and they resonated with them.

The G.o.d of War of Mysterious Frost in the Northern Region said, “The seal on the Source of Yin and Yang has been lifted. I believe it’s time for the experts of the Hungry Ghost Path to revive!”

“In the past, when Hades True Immortal wiped out the Hungry Ghost Path, the n.o.ble Majestic King joined forces with the eight devil G.o.ds and sealed all the high-level creatures of the Hungry Ghost Path in the Source of Yin and Yang to preserve the combat capability of the Hungry Ghost Path. After so many years, I don’t know how much combat strength the Hungry Ghost Path has left. Can it still fight against Hades True Immortal?” a supreme master of the Demon Clan said thoughtfully.

“We can’t pin our hopes on these ghostly beings. Back then, when the Hungry Ghost Path was at its peak, it was unable to resist Hades True Immortal, let alone these defeated troops!” The Central Region Supreme G.o.d of War snorted coldly.

“There’s not much time left before Hades True Immortal eats again. I hope it’s really as the rumors say that he’s at his weakest now!”

“It is time for us to leave.”

“Among the six paths, the Hungry Ghost Path has been opened. The h.e.l.l Path and the Asura Path seem to show signs of revival. Unfortunately, we can’t find any traces of them. The Heaven Path is not visible, and the Human Path is remote. Next, our attention can only be focused on the Beast Path. This is the only one of the six paths that we can find at present.”

“I hope everything on that immortal ancient scroll is real. The Beast Path will be as easy to open as the Hungry Ghost Path.”

“It’s useless to think too much about it. There’s no time to lose. Let’s take a rest here. After we recover our full combat strength, we’ll immediately rush to the Beast Path.”

“Then what about the matter of the Land of Infinity?”

“Leave it to others. We can only do what we can and resign ourselves to our fate.”

After a discussion, the ten supreme masters sat cross-legged beside the black-and-white well, adjusting their breathing. Recovering their strength, they guided the suspected Reincarnation Power into their bodies. Each of them had unfathomable power and aura, which flowed like a nebula and was incredibly powerful.

In the blink of an eye, a day had pa.s.sed.

After adjusting their breaths, the top ten masters looked at each other, their bodies surging with brilliance. They threw themselves into the black-and-white well one after another, forcefully diving down, and finally disappeared.

Ding Hao and the others had finally returned to the Land of Infinity.

The place where they first went to was the Guo City of the Northern Region.

The Door of Reincarnation in the void alerted the guards as soon as it opened. When Ding Hao and the others came out, the high-level officials of Guo City and the experts of the various sects stationed here arrived immediately.

“Brother Ding, you guys are finally back!”

Gu Shaochu was overjoyed and came up to them.

But people quickly realized that compared to the number of people who had left, the number of people that had returned this time was much smaller. Some of the experts had disappeared, and that made people realize that the trial in the Reincarnation Region wasn’t as smooth as they had imagined. It was very likely that something had happened. Those experts who hadn’t appeared might never get to return.

The news of the group’s return was carefully blocked, and only a few people knew.

The crowd stayed in Guo City for one night and got a rough idea of the current situation in the Northern Region and the entire Land of Divine Grace. Then, they left one after another. Ding Hao and the other two met up with the disciples of the Swordsmans.h.i.+p-seeking Sect in the city and rushed back to the Swordsmans.h.i.+p-seeking Mountain in Snow Province as soon as possible.

The next thing Ding Hao needed to do was to stabilize the situation in the Northern Region and even the entire Land of Infinity.

It would be a severe test, which was a.s.signed to Ding Hao by the G.o.d of War of Mysterious Frost in the Northern Region.

Before he started working on that, he had to take in all the gains he had gained from the Hungry Ghost Path and strengthen his martial arts cultivation.

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