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Translator: SumTLMan

Those monsters have no ideas of rest.

After falling from the sky and coming to this world, the countless human beings here were just blood bags and food in these monsters' eyes. Moreover, the strength of these humans are weak, making them easy prey and delicious meals already packaged in front of them. Their eyes, which have long been stimulated by these walking meals, are red like hungry wolves or tigers. When they catch a whiff of a human, they will go past in order to kill them. Even in they are hidden in high-rise buildings, there are still a all kinds of monsters that continue to rush up to in order to consume these humans.

There are just too many monsters.

Although the cracks in the void only appeared for a single moment and disappeared the next, the number of these monsters and beasts which came out from the cracks were already an extraordinary figure. They were so dense when they had landed all over Earth. Not only landing in the cities, but in the suburbs and wilderness as well. The initial number that landed was more in the latter two, but those that landed close to the cities frantically rushed into the city. There are just too many people in the city for them to ignore, it is like a beacon in the dark.

Screams were born and ended almost every moment, happening anywhere and everywhere, all over the place.

Fortunately, the moment the crack appeared, it disappeared immediately soon after, so monsters didn't continue showing up.

“I hope no more monsters arrive. Otherwise, it may not be known how many people in the world can survive such a tragedy.”

Yi Tianxing took a deep breath as he looked out the window.

It is not safe out there.

All kinds of monsters appeared one after another on the surface, and even monstrous birds began to appear everywhere in the skies while hovering above the cities. From time to time, one falls from the sky to single out a human to forcibly seized and became a meal in their beaks.

Every moment, another person dies.

Bang bang!!


Just as they had finished counting the harvest gathered by Yi Tianxing, there was suddenly a fierce burst of gunfire outside.

“Brother, it's gunfire. There were troops stationed near the city of SH. It must be the army finally responding and starting to hunt these monsters.” When Zhao Ziyan heard this, there was a look of joy on her face.

“There is a lot of gunfire close by.” Tang Zitong also stood up as she said excitedly.

During these moments, the army gives the people a strong sense of security.

Yi Tianxing and the three women went to the balcony together to see.

Many other people also expressed excitement when they heard the sound of gunfire. One after another they came to their balconies and windows to look out expectantly.

“Great, the army, it's really the army, the country has finally began sending troops to rescue us. In the face of heavy firepower from the army, those monsters will surely all be killed soon.”

“Kill, kill, kill, we need to kill all these monsters, these cannibalistic monsters, we have to kill them all. Don't leave any alive, they killed and ate my parents!”

“Where are the tanks, fighter planes and helicopters, I haven't seen any sent out.” Many people shouted angrily.

For now, people just appeared with automatic rifles, some heard the thunder coming from pistols and guns, but the roar of tanks and armored vehicles could not be heard at all, not even mentioning helicopters, fighter planes and other big killers. This situation is obviously not normal.

If the army is deployed, it is impossible not to carry such large scale weapons of war.

“No large weapons, no mechanized infantry, it seems that something should have happened.” As Yi Tianxing listened to the gunfire, he drew the same conclusion.

Zhao Ziyan took out her cell phone and shook her head before saying, "My mobile phone is not able to turn on. It was full of power before, but it acts as if it had been damaged by something. With no power available, I am unable to use it.”

Yi Tianxing took a deep breath and said with his deep voice, "It should be during the first cataclysm event that previously happened, there was a mysterious power that destroyed all these smart and electronic devices. The power supply has stopped since the beginning of the catastrophe, and all modern electronics seems to have been completely sc.r.a.pped. Relying solely on firearms, I am afraid that it will be difficult for us to reverse the current situation. These troubled times are doomed to arrive.”

Before that, he had already realized that all electrical equipment have been sc.r.a.pped and all precision instruments could not be used at all. In this situation, the government, in fact, is already in a state of paralysis, and their respective action policies are already placed in front of them.

The sound of gunfire completely attracted the attention of a large number of monsters.

They swept past and headed in the direction of these sounds, making the sounds of gunshots even denser.

This kind of scene also gives people a ray of hope, many people who are trapped in their homes had expected the army to come in, kill all the monsters, and then rescue them.

Obviously however, such expectations are merely extravagant hopes.

But these people, who are always on edge in the suburbs, have no way of getting to the city center.

Moreover, as time went by, the audible sound of gunshots had begun to weaken compared to their previous levels. Overall, the intensity of the gunfire is far less intensive than it was at the beginning.

“It seems that the army is unable to enter the city. Those monsters had come too suddenly, I fear that a batch of soldiers in the barracks have died at the hands of these monsters, this probably could not have been prevented. The catastrophe happened early in the morning, during this time, no one will be too prepared for any sudden events. Even if the soldiers in the barracks were up, they must have just started their days by getting up for breakfast or going for a shower. Being caught off guard without any weapons, there may be a lot of casualties and injuries in the army." Yi Tianxing said while shaking his head slightly as he heard the gunshot slowly begin to fade.

He had no more expectations of the military rescuing them in mind, and was not left too disappointed.

The whole world is going to face more of these grim situations in the future.

The army is the most direct and powerful inst.i.tution of violence in every country, but now it seems that even the army cannot play a decisive role in face of this sudden unexpected disaster.

Losing their most sophisticated modern equipment and large-scale weapons of ma.s.s destruction, the army's strength can be said to have been weakened to the extreme.

All missiles and nuclear weapons are have been sc.r.a.pped, all electronic systems have been destroyed, and without automation, it can be said that they have returned to the pre-liberation period. The strength of guns alone in the face of these ma.s.sive numbers of monsters is simply not enough to see.

Not to mention that some monsters are not afraid of bullets at all.

Just like that walking corpse, a bullet hitting it's body is no different from a tickle or a scratch.

There are also those giant green wolves that can shoot wind blades out of their mouths, and there are not a few giant birds in the air which are also a huge threat. Before, Yi Tianxing had seen a dense amount of giant vultures circling in the air. Those vultures are huge and incomparable, they are absolutely not a good stumbling block. He just saw these group of murderers rush towards the sounds of gunfire.

Obviously, they are definitely not going there to sightsee.

It can be seen that even the army cannot play a decisive role as a deterrent or achieve fruitful results. The whole world order will collapse in just a few days.

This situation can no longer be changed.

Unless electricity comes back and restores electronics, communications, and weapons of ma.s.s destruction, otherwise this situation is absolutely impossible to salvage.

Heaven and Earth had changed when the catastrophe occurred.

The most direct thing is that it destroyed all electronic devices, including all kinds of precision eqipment as well. What exactly is the purpose, Yi Tianxing has no way of knowing, he's afraid that this change is the result of the Dao of Heaven.

“Now what can we do?” Zhao Ziyan grabbed Yi Tianxing's arm, apparently distressed at what was happening.

“Now that the world has changed, n.o.body knows what will happen next, but the order of modern civilization being completely destroyed is irreversible. We have to plan ahead, Heaven and Earth has changed, and cultivation may be the right path to travel down. With the < sit="" and="" forget="" sutra="">, the three of you can now start thinking about Qi refining, we can now see if each of you can get started. If you can walk the path of cultivation, it will certainly be of great benefit to you in the future.” Yi Tianxing has sensed that this is the end result from beginning to present of the cataclysm.

The Origin Qi between Heaven and Earth seems to be recovering and increasing. The speed is quite astonis.h.i.+ng, although others can't feel it, he can. When he started Qi refining and opened up his Divine Sea, his body had condensed True Dragon Qi, at that point, he has an extensive feel for Heaven and Earth Origin Qi. He can clearly feel the changes happening between Heaven and Earth.

The changes are that the Heaven and Earth Origin Qi is recovering quickly.

The recovery of Origin Qi, that is truly the beginning of the era of Qi refining civilization.

This kind of Origin Qi recovery process coupled with Qi refining is bound to bring great benefits. It is of great help to gain Qi sense as an introduction to Heaven and Earth Origin Qi because the concentration of Heaven and Earth Origin Qi is constantly increasing and changing. As long as one's qualifications are not bad, it is possible to easily feel the Qi introduction, allowing one to condense their own True Qi, open up their Divine Sea, and step on path of cultivation.

“Brother, how do I Qi refine with the < sit="" and="" forget="" sutra="">?” Zhao Ziyan asked while looking at him in expectation.

Yi Tianxing took out the Sit and Forget Sutra, put it in front of the three women and said, “The most important thing to do with the < sit="" and="" forget="" sutra=""> is to visualize. Immediately use your imagination, and eliminate all of your own thoughts while putting your complete focus on the < view="" of="" innate="" qi="" diagram="">, constantly doing so will help you realize the concept of Innate Qi.”

“En! Zitong, Xuerou, let's Qi refine and see who gets introduced to Qi first.” Zhao Ziyan said with a smile.

“Yes, brother Yi, this is the Wordless Heavenly Book, I thought you would want to read what's in this Heavenly Book, here you go.” Chen Xuerou took out a sparkling Heavenly Book, which looked as if it was made of smooth jade, and handed it directly to Yi Tianxing in front of her as she spoke softly, fulfilling her promise from before.

“Thank you, let me take a look at what the book displays inside, I want to see if it can show me anything else.” Yi Tianxing nodded without any pretension, and took over the Wordless Heavenly Book held in her hand.

A kind of warm and cold sensation pa.s.sed from the Heavenly Book into his mind as he held it in hand, it seems to make a person's thoughts become clearer.

Immediately, the three women then sat cross-legged on the floor. In front of them was the mysterious < view="" of="" innate="" qi="" diagram=""> that appeared on the open page of the < sit="" and="" forget="" sutra="">. The Innate Qi in the diagram was constantly changing and swimming around, as if it were a real depiction of Innate Qi, it was truly fascinating to look at.

As the three pairs of eyes fell on the diagram, the three women's' minds seem to immerse completely in it.

As for the outside world, they began to turn a blind eye and deaf ear. Leaving no thought, and no feelings.

“It's time to see what mysteries this Wordless Heavenly Book hides.”

Yi Tianxing stroked the Wordless Heavenly Book, as for the three women, he was not too concerned, this simple view is not dangerous at all. This is especially true of a mild cultivation method such as the < sit="" and="" forget="" sutra="">.

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