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Translator: SumTLMan

Although not as good as the < heavenly="" dragon="" emperor="" sutra="">, to some extent, it is not that much inferior to the < heavenly="" dragon="" emperor="" sutra="">. It can be called the top foundational cultivation method between Heaven and Earth, and the True Qi absorbed is the most suitable for one's own physique. In the future, one can easily complete the cultivation method and transform or change it to another cultivation method more suitable for oneself at any time.

The emergence of this cultivation method at this time is of extraordinary significance to Yi Tianxing's sister.

Yi Tianxing himself has the < heavenly="" dragon="" emperor="" sutra="">, and naturally does not need any other cultivation method, as long as he keeps using it, he can naturally grow in combat power, but this < heavenly="" dragon="" emperor="" sutra=""> is obviously not suitable for Zhao Ziyan and her Qi refining, so this method appeared at just the right moment. She can now head on the path of cultivation.

Invisibly, she has gotten ahead the rest of the pack compared to the majority of people standing in the forefront of cultivation.

In the apocalpyse, strength is the only guarantee.

“Brother, can we refine Qi with the < sit="" and="" forget="" sutra="">?

Zhao Ziyan looked at Yi Tianxing and asked expectantly.

Yi Tianxing nodded and said, "Yes, there is no threshold requirement, this method is suitable for anyone to build a foundation. Both men and women can Qi refine their own True Qi. This method belongs to the top foundational cultivation method, which is just right for you to Qi refine. As long as you can open up the treasure in your body by opening up your Divine Sea, you can even set foot on the path of cultivation. However, whether you can open up the Divine Sea depends on your own qualifications. Whether you can grasp the essence of this diagram, visualize the View of Innate Qi, and finally open up your Divine Sea is up to you."

However, with a cultivation method, whether or not one can get started with Qi refining depends on their own qualifications. No one can help the person at all, some people with qualifications that are not good cannot enter the realm of sitting and forgetting, and make their hearts like water, so they are unable to see and imagine their own Innate Qi, unable to open up their Divine Sea. While other people can complete this step in an instant, this is qualification, these creates mood imbalances and gaps between people.

“This is fantastic, one can actually refine Qi, there are really cultivators in our world, one can truly become strong through Qi refining, becoming immortal fairies, Buddhas or Demons.” At this moment, Tang Zitong showed a look of joy and excitement.

But obviously, now is not the time to start Qi refining right away.

Not to mention that a cultivation method requires insight, they need to visualize it. Even if Qi Refining is done immediately, it is impossible for Qi refining to succeed in an instant. If one can cultivate like that, they're a genius. Besides, there are so many things waiting to be counted right now. Only a part of the inventory has been counted so far.

With the < sit="" and="" forget="" sutra=""> in front of them, the expectations from the three women for the other light b.a.l.l.s has become more intense.


One by one, the light b.a.l.l.s were crushed and opened one after another.

The treasures in them continued to appear.

Most of them are all kinds of materials, from the essence of monsters and beast to all kinds of condensed precious materials.

Not long after, the record appeared in the jade book again. This time, it was not a cultivation method, but a knife skill. It was the combat skill, the Yellow Stage Middle Grade Fighting Skill. It seems that the power of this skill is not weak.

"< overlapping="" wave="" knife="" method="">, Yellow Stage Middle Grade Fighting Skill, the knife method divides into nine types, when displayed, the embodiment of the River Wave Tao appears continuously. If Qi refining is done to the extreme, one can even comprehend knife momentum, outstanding talents can even feel the meaning of the Overlapping Wave Knife. The knife is like a wave, it can be continuously superimposed, the maximum stacked strength is the 9 Cycle knife, making this attack unstoppable.”

Cultivation methods are the foundation of cultivation, but combat skills are the basis for protecting one's body and life.

Of course, both are indispensable.

Zhao Ziyan also found a jade book which records the basic sword method. Moreover, there is no grade.

Chen Xuerou also added what appeared in the jade alb.u.m, "I have it here too, < basic="" sword="" method=""> No Grade Combat Skills, containing the 8 basic sword method techniques: drawing, stabbing, lifting, chopping, cutting, twisting, breaking, and sweeping, which are suitable for beginners to learn swordsmans.h.i.+p. For the foundation of swordsmans.h.i.+p, the more exquisite the basic sword method, the more helpful in understanding the advanced fighting skills that contain swordsmans.h.i.+p.”

These records of cultivation methods in the jade book are not simple, the paper used is not the usual paper, it is especially extraordinary to know that even if there is water or fire, it is very difficult to damage or even destroy it.

This is the third cultivation method skill book that the group has found.

This is a cultivation method combat skill derived from the Heaven and Earth Dao, which is by no means comparable to an ordinary skill book.

Yi Tianxing took it in hand and gave a quick look. This is indeed about the basic sword method. Not to mention now, even if one found a copy casually in the library before, the records in it would differ a lot, these records and descriptions in this method are more detailed so that people can have a clearer understanding of what a basic sword method was, which is very mysterious.

Yi Tianxing nodded and said, "Yes, these are all good things. In the future, if you are interested in it, you can practice it. This is a cultivation method skill condensed by Heaven and Earth. It should be engraved on an Avenue of Heaven and Earth. This is the most detailed explanation about basic sword method that I've ever seen. There is no harm in learning.”

A Wish Bead can be condensed from a monster, making wish power quite incredible. Wish power can transform itself or decay into magical power, making the impossible possible. Wish power is so great that even those monsters can be created from nothing, not to mention a cultivation method combat skill. All kinds of various treasures can still be conceived and born from them.

As long as one believes, it will exists!!

This is a foundation.

Before they know it, everything is open and their count is complete.

Last but not least there are the two exotic treasures that Yi Tianxing has acquired before.

“Brother, is this the exotic treasures you were looking for? Open it and see what is in it.”

Zhao Ziyan looked curiously at the two light b.a.l.l.s in front of him, and has already seen the magic of extraordinary treasures from the Wordless Heavenly Book. Naturally, there is a strong curiosity.

“Yes brother Yi, open it, Zitong is curious as well.” Tang Zitong said with a laugh.

“Well, let me see what's in it.” Yi Tianxing nodded his head, he was equally curious about what the two treasures contained.

These two are treasures what have fallen from the Heavens, each of which must be extremely extraordinary. It may even be a completely unique treasure.


Holding the first light ball in hand, the light dissipates.

Suddenly, a lattice appears, and what looks like a rubik's cube is in his hands, and a ray of light went straight into Yi Tianxing's sea of knowledge.

There was a crystal glow around his head for a moment.

Yi Tianxing opened his eyes and looked at the magic cube in hand, frowning slightly and showing a strange look. It was really a cube, and at that very moment, it seemed to be constantly s.h.i.+fting its position and changing randomly. There were many grids on it, each of them the same size, these grids were mutually interacting, moving with each other, and alternating by themselves, but the surface looked exactly the same.

“Different Dimension Killing Matrix Cube!”

Yi Tianxing looked strangely at the crystal cube in his hand.

He knows that it came from a film, and if he remembers correctly, it was a different dimension killing matrix. Inside contains a large number of the same types of rooms, in the rooms there are safe rooms, but also rooms full of dangerous killer traps, once mistakenly entered, they will be instantly killed by the mechanisms or traps inside. It is pretty scary.

But there is also a glimmer of hope in it.

According to the information concerned, the cube in hand is the same as the cube in the different dimension killing matrix, except that this is a Different Dimension Killing Matrix Cube embryo. The mechanisms or traps derived from it are not very strong right now, they are only in their initial state, but it has a supreme potential for continuous growth.

This treasure can grow stronger as it kills.

Moreover, once it recognizes a master, one can easily set the rules for killing, or the rules in the magic cube, and so on.

Now it is only in it's most primitive initial state, which belongs to an embryo that has just been bred. It needs time to grow to constantly change. Moreover, its potential is almost infinite.

Yi Tianxing has also seen the movie, there are different elements used to kill a person in battle. The traps and killing battles inside are really terrible. Only a handful of people who have been sent in can escape from it. Moreover, in the end, this cube even involves the boundaries of time, s.p.a.ce and so on.

Now there are only 126 lattices denoting the rooms, each of which is exactly the same. However, there is no specific mechanism or trap which can be set by Yi Tianxing himself. Once it recognizes a master, in this cube, they will be the complete master, the G.o.d of the cube.

But what's the use of this thing now?

Yi Tianxing frowned slightly and said nothing more. He put this crystal cube aside for now.

“This exotic treasure can't be used for the time being. Let's look at the second one.”

Yi Tianxing looked again at the second light ball.


The light ball was pinched at random and broken, and a treasure had fallen into his hands.

Taking a closer look, it is a city wall, it seems to have been shrunk countless times, showing just a small section, it is snow-white, at a glance, one can feel a kind of immovable, powerful, and everlasting momentum. Standing in front, one can stand alone to defend against thousands of troops, they will have difficulty capturing this insurmountable wall.

“What is this thing.”

Yi Tianxing receives the message from it, digests and absorbs it, but he also shows a touch of eccentricity while looking at it.

However, he did not open his mouth to explain, and just calmly said: “Well, I did not expect these two exotic treasures, none of which can directly increase my strength. I can see it but I can't use it for now. These two are not as important as what has come from the < sit="" and="" forget="" sutra="">.”

With his voice, he also collected and stored these two exotic treasures.

When the three women saw Yi Tianxing do so, they did not seem to have any intention of opening their mouths to ask about it, nor did they intend to delve too deeply into it.

They are not nosy people who blindly pursue problems, sometimes some things are better left unknown and if they knew, it was better not to know. These two extraordinary things, Yi Tianxing apparently didn't want to speak about it, and they will naturally not ask too much about it. Anyways, these are all treasures Yi Tianxing has found himself. Nothing can be heard if he doesn't want to speak.

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