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Shriya and her friends looked at the crowd around. There were many people, students, movie crew and actors.

Shriya and her friends panicked and felt nervous as they didn't expect this large crowd. Sony's eyes fell on Abhi and she was frightened to her wits when she saw her man beside him.

Right opposite to the court stood the caravan and the windows were all rolled down. All four members Abhi, Kunal, Garima and Raj sat in the same caravan and watching the game. Shriya immediately showed them to her friends and they became nervous too.

Shriya looked at them and Abhi smiled at her encouragingly. Just then her phone blinked and she understood she got a text message from her man.

"Go girl. We are supporting you."

Then there was another text message saying "I am Kunal. Ask your friend to see her mobile".

"Anyway thank you and all the best."

Shriya showed the text to Sony and the latter immediately pulled her phone from her pockets and saw the mobile was on silent mode.

She opened and saw the text messages "Come on girl. I am here to show you my support. Go girl."

"Don't be nervous and all the best to your friends too".

She smiled at him which he returned with a slight smile.

They were all ready in their dresses and hair tied into a high ponytail. And just like them their opponent team also was ready for the game.

The game started and to everyone's surprise Dhruv's friend stood there to see neither of the teams cheat.

Kiran's group put the ball in the basket first and they won one point. They were celebrating and Naveen said to his group "Okay girls. Don't panic. Do your best."

With that they started and Sony was the first one who placed the ball in the basket and she jumped in joy when she made it.

Abhi looked at his friend and commented "Wow man your girl is impressive." And Kunal gave a prideful smile.

Raj and Garima were dumbstruck with this piece of news as they didn't know about it. They looked at Abhi and he just smiled to confirm their doubt knowing his friend's temper.

Later two goals were done by Kiran's group by the same girl who is a champion and they made three points while Shriya's group only made one.

Naveen called his friends together and they made a serious plan while the other group was busy celebrating.

The game started again and Naveen covered all his members and soon Shriya and Brahmini made another point each and atlast Sony again made a point.

Naveen was playing with only one hand, though he got many chances to put the ball in the basket he never did. He just pa.s.sed the ball to his members and soon they made a total of four points while the opposite group made only three points.

He did that so that the other group won't complain saying they cheated or he is a man and that doesn't count and all stuff.

Soon the game ended and everyone had a great time. Naveen called his members and gave a group hug. He said "Well see girls hard work always pays off and over confidence is not good".

Kunal watched them celebrate and asked Abhi "Is that guy always so close to them". Abhi looked in the direction and saw Naveen hugging Sony.

Abhi smiled and said with a nod "Four days back I saw him hugging Shri right at the front door."

Garima looked at them hearing their conversation and she laughed knowing Kunal's possessive nature.

Abhi smiled and said "Have you ever seen him hugging his woman?" to which the latter shook his head.

Abhi smiled and said "I heard he never does that in public and have never seen him. I heard whenever he does that she will blush so pink that he didn't dare to do it in public afraid to attract attention".

Kunal nodded and asked with curiosity "How do you know that ?" and his friend said with pride "Some insider's information man."

Raj and Garima looked at the friend's duo completely stupefied. She was not so shocked as she saw them together earlier. But Raj, he was completely dumbstruck.

These two men before him are considered as the most sophisticated in the industry with good manners and att.i.tude. But now seeing them gossiping all juicy stuff like women he couldn't help but laugh.

They saw in the direction of the noise and when they spotted Raj trying to control his laugh they shut their mouth with poker faces.

They looked back and saw their women watching them. Abhi and Kunal walked out of the caravan and stood against the caravan and showed them their support by giving a thumbs up.

Everyone saw this and the girls squealed in excitement. Raj also smiled at them and they returned it with grat.i.tude.

Sony looked at the opposite group and they were staring at them with death gazes. They can sense daggers coming in their directions from thier eyes.

Shriya and Sony stepped forward while Brahmini and Naveen stood behind them. Sony said "As we won, we won't apologize to you guys" and Shriya continued "And we are not expecting any apologies from you too. Just don't mess with us again or disturb us".

With that they walked out of the court but just then a man came running towards them and also a man. One is physical education teacher and the in charge of the basket ball court.

While the other is from the disciplinary committee and he said in a loud voice looking at both her groups " sir has asked you guys to bring your guardians tomorrow. And also prepare yourselves for punishment for breaking the rules".

Shriya and her friends sighed in annoyance and held their heads down. Shriya and Sony were not so worried about bringing guardians, but Brahmini was so frightened that she asked her man "What should I do now ?"

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