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Lyra had one of her maid show Jonas to a guest room away from hers and Mika's personal s.p.a.ce, allowing her to spend some quality time with her daughter.

Pampering Mika with everything she needed; from helping to prepare her bath, to unpacking her clothes while she bathes, and even to comb her hair and pick out her clothes. Lyra did it all happily.

She had missed and worried about her daughter from the time she left her sight. Her actions were more for herself than for the now thirteen-year-old Mika.

As she brushed out Mika's hair, she looked down at the soon-to-be young woman before her.

Where had the time gone? Lyra sighed as she just realized that Mika was on her way to being on her own.

"Tell me everything, don't leave anything out!" It was a pain not being able to comm Mika every day. Especially when she knew she was in trouble.

"Okay...Where should I start...?"

"At the beginning...right after you left the household."

"Okay..." Mika giggled at her mother's curiosity.

"After me, Saavi and Kaze boarded the air shuttle father provided for us...." Mika told her mother of the whole journey from start to finish with great details.

Not once did Lyra interrupt her daughter, waiting to ask her questions until after Mika was done.

"...and that's how I met up with father at the Udava clan." Mika finished the story there, she figures she'll let her father deal with telling her mother about the whole engagement with Prince Ailwin.

Lyra finished braiding Mika's hair, staring at her daughter's face in the mirror she was glad at least something good came out of this trip.

Mika's face and body had been beautifully healed. Her face even developed a glow that wasn't there before.

Moving to the bed, they both sat down to further chat.

"So this Drako is a spirit from a.n.a.lise...and I wasn't strong enough to hear him..." Lyra looks down at her hands then back at her daughter's small palms.

I wish I didn't have to leave everything on her shoulders. Lyra smiled somberly.

"Mom, it's not that you aren't strong enough, it's that you don't share the same gifts as a.n.a.lise..." Mika told a white lie, wanting to save her mother's self-esteem.

"You and a.n.a.lise have the same gifts...?"


"Elemental...which one?"


Lyra was so stunned by Mika's answer that she stood up only to sit back down again.

"How is this possible...? I know your father is quite powerful and our blood is stronger than others, but there haven't been elementals like that for more than a thousand years..." Lyra looked at Mika in a new light.

Yes, mommy. You and daddy have made a perfect daughter, and that is me! Mika smiled at her mother's stupor face.

"You cannot tell this to anyone!"Snapping out of her astonishment, Lyra couldn't help but stress the importance of secrecy to Mika.

"Don't worry mom, only you and I know, I haven't even told Saavi..."

"Good, until you can control and use your gifts don't tell anyone about them...understand?"

"Yes, Mom." Putting the issue of her daughter's gifts to the side for now; Lyra looked at the door before turning to Mika.

"This Jonas...what are you going to use him for?" Lyra could tell from the way her daughter introduced Jonas, that he wasn't just her friend.

Whatever the h.e.l.l I want. "Mmm...I was thinking of making him into my intelligence gathering agent..." Mika picked something from the top of her head.

"An intelligence agent...Does he know how to interact with others? Is he good at fighting? Can he handle difficult situations?"

No, no, and definitely not. "Yeah, I think so."

"'s good to have more people you can rely on by your side."

Yea...rely. Mika thought back to the stunt Jonas pulled at the Vlacca clan and breathed out her anger.

What my mother doesn't know won't hurt her...hopefully.

"...and will Kaze be okay? What if he flips sides?"

"Blood vow."

"'s unlucky that you had to meet a person from the royal family now, but at least were you able to plant a spy next to him." Lyra didn't think the royal family could be so close to them.

"En." Mika had simply glossed over the fact that she knew Ailwin before meeting him in the Steppes.

Lyra fell silent as she thought about her daughter coming into contact with the royal family. However, just as that thought entered her mind so did another.

Reminded of the two men she encountered at the cave, who were there on behalf of the King's request to seek up a.n.a.lise's legacy.



"Don't tell anyone about you healing the trees...unless there is no other choice!" Lyra grabbed onto Mika's shoulders.

"I know, Mom. I haven't told anyone but you."

"Not even Saavi?"

"Not even Saavi."

Breathing a sigh of relief, Lyra could only shudder from what the royal family would do to Mika if they found out she could cure all the honey trees.
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"Come let's go eat, I'm sure everyone's waiting for us."Mika saves her question about her mother's strange behavior for another time, as her stomach was grumbling for food.

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