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For the next couple of days, Mika and Drako pour over all her samples to find the answer to the design on the roots.

And before they knew it, it was time for Mika to leave.

"There is nothing left for me to do, but try to gain some information at school." Mika sighed as she dropped the last sample she was a.n.a.lyzing on her desk in frustration.

"Sorry, I couldn't be of better help." Drako never noticed the design himself, and even if he did, he wouldn't know what they meant.

If Mika hadn't carefully explained what they mostly are, Drako would have just overlooked it.

"It's okay, but I think this new discovery puts my hypothesis about the trees in the right direction."

"You don't want to try to heal one of the trees of your clan's?"

"I had thought about it, but I still think it's too early to let the cat out of the bag. Though Lady Jaelah and Lady Delju have received some damage that doesn't mean that they still won't try something. Plus there is also the royal family to worry about..."

"Okay then, I'll keep my focus on a.n.a.lise's tree..."

"And I'll let you know of any changes here." Yumsa chimed in.

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"Okay." Cutting her connection with Drako and Yumsa, Mika collected all her samples and stores them away inside her freeze bin. She will need to take these fresher samples with her to school.

Knocking sounded at her door just as she was packing away her last-minute items.

"Coming." Opening the door, Mika was met with Pia standing in the doorway.

"Miss Mikaela, Lady Lyra is calling for you."

"Okay, I'll be right there."

As the days pa.s.sed leading up to their departure, her mother had been very understanding of her work, but she figures with just one day left her mother could take no more of her tortoise-like behavior.

Mika entered her mother's room just as she was pulling out her jewelry box.

"Mika, come."

Mika looked at the jewelry box and smirked.

Does mom have an OCD of giving me personal items of her's whenever I'm going away?

Sitting down on the bed, Mika watched as her mother pulled out a silver chain.

"This was meant to be given to you on your awakening ceremony, but things didn't go as planned."

Holding the chain out in her hands, Mika could now see that it is a headpiece that young misses wear after successfully making it through their awakening.

"Your father thought to give you a ceremony, but I quickly talked him out of it. Seeing as you will have to showcase your gifts to everyone." Lyra pulling Mika over to her vanity mirror and arranged the headpiece on her hair.

"When you get to school, pick one of your gifts to show and keep the rest hidden, understood?"


"Okay, all done." On Mika's forehead laid a teardrop amethyst of the purest kind.

"It's beautiful, mom. Thank you."

"Your welcome. Now come, I've prepared a special dinner for everyone before you guys leave."

Walking into the dining room, Mika saw her father, Saavi and Jonas all sitting down, waiting for them to arrive.

"About time, Pia was getting worried that we might have to reheat the whole table," Mano mumbled happily at see his two beautiful ladies walking into the room.

"Oh stop, it's not like you will heat it up...Pia, come sit. Let's have a relaxing meal before we send these three off." Lyra patted the seat next to Saavi.


With everyone seated, they wasted no time digging in. Smiles and laughter overflowed in the room as food and drinks filled their stomachs.

When the night was over and sleepiness set in, Mano banished everyone to their room for a good night sleep for the early wake call tomorrow morning.

With only the two of them left in the dining room, Mano hugged Lyra close to his chest.

"Don't be sad, she won't be that far. You can visit her whatever you like." Mano could see the tension in Lyra's eyes whatever she looked Mika's way.

"I know, but I can't help but worry for her. Plus, I'll be stuck with only you the whole school year. How can I not be tense?"

"What!? little minx..." Lyra went running towards her bedroom as Mano wasn't far behind in the chase.

"Ugh!" Mika could understand her parents' love for one another, she just wishes they would learn to keep it down.

Don't they know, hearing that stuff can traumatize their child!

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