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Chapter 644 The Temple

In the blink of an eye, the cold night came.

Her elder brother Li Hong was still busy and didn’t come over. As Uncle Ma’s capable man, he had too many arrangements to make.

She just sat on the steps and waited quietly.

After a while, Wu Rong opened the door of the room and walked to sit next to Li Qingling. There was no happiness in the daytime in her eyes, but thick worries and fears.

“Captain, actually… we haven’t gotten out of the crisis yet, right?”

Li Qingling sighed and hugged Wu Rong in her arms, “Don’t worry. There are so many powerhouses guarding Ma Camp, and we will surely be able to get through the difficulties.”

Wu Rong let out an “um” and closed her eyes.

She was sad. She seemed unconcerned at ordinary times, but nothing escaped her attention.

Even the King Warriors of Ma Camp would fear of the giant corpse they encountered in the camp that day. According to the Captain, it was not the giant corpse that was really powerful, but the small corpse monster hanging by the giant corpse’s mouth?!

In the silence, she opened her eyes and glanced at the closed door of Su Li’s room.

Perhaps, only when Su Li recovered from her injury could there be a glimmer of hope…

“What?! Let me go to the temple? Is Geezer crazy?!”

When Ma Jintian heard these words, he was shocked, and he cursed, “It will take half a month! Half a month! Maybe when I come back, my home is ransacked! I won’t go!”

Li Hong was helpless, “This is your father’s order. You have to go.”

Ma Jintian covered his ears and lay back onto the bed. He was blackguardly and said, “I didn’t hear that. d.a.m.n it! Ma Camp needs me! I shouldn’t leave here!”

“You must go.”

The chubby old man came with a long face, “If no one informs the Master of the circle, maybe there will be an accident. Don’t worry… Even if the corpse demon strikes, I can protect the camp in half a month. You leave for the temple right now. Go and return quickly!”

Ma Jintian looked annoyed and didn’t say anything. He knew that the old man was always cautious and had a lot of cards in his hand, but it was a terrifying corpse demon which could destroy one Thousand Cities Camp overnight!

“It is precisely because the corpse demon is variable. If you don’t go, you will be blamed for the death of everyone in Ma Camp!”

The chubby old man said in a lower tone. Ma Jintian trembled, got up and waved his hand, “Go out! I will go! Such an old fox! You threaten your son every day, and I don’t know if I am your own child.”

The chubby old man was about to hit him when he heard the words. But Li Hong quickly stopped him. Then they left the room and closed the door.

As Ma Jintian changed his clothes, he put on a dignified expression.

He might lose everything during this journey, but…he had to go.

He stretched out his hand to touch his ankle, taking out a black poisonous insect throbbing in his hand.

“The Poisonous Man Hunting Insect was on Qu Qingning back then. Why did it run on me? It’s…so annoying!”

After a short while, a cyan figure quickly disappeared from the secret exit of Ma Camp, bringing a burst of afterimages that were difficult to see. It disappeared on the southern horizon.

The chubby old man saw this scene on the top floor, and he was faintly relieved.

He let Ma Jintian go out with a bit of selfish motive. In case he really couldn’t hold on, at least…

“Uncle Ma!”

Suddenly, Li Hong appeared behind him in a heavy and hushed voice, “The sun…is gone.”

The chubby old man was shocked. He hurriedly walked to the window and saw the dark sky outside with a depressed expression.

The corpse demon was here!

Ma Jintian had just left, which meant that he would have to hold on for half a month! Then they might get a silver lining!

He spoke quickly, “How is the rune tactical matrix?”

“It was just completed yesterday, and it has not been tested yet.”

Li Hong looked worried, and the chubby old man waved his hand, “It’s too late. Just use it! Let the rune artificers continue to prepare for the next one. Its level can be lowered, but at least it should be level seven.

Let all King Warriors come to the War Building. I will wait for them there.”

“Got it!”

Li Hong immediately went down to pa.s.s the order. When he walked to the gate, he saw his younger sister Li Qingling waiting there with an anxious expression. He frowned, “Why aren’t you waiting at the residence? What are you doing here?”

“The disaster is coming, right?!”

Li Qingling wore a nervous expression, but she was extremely calm, “We have to buy time! Is there anything I can help? I… I have learned some runes over the years, so I can set up a seventh-level rune tactical matrix.”

Li Hong brightened his eyes suddenly, “I’ll take you to the Rune Department!”

Although he didn’t know why Li Qingling knew to buy time, he knew his younger sister was really helpful in knowing runes. There were not many rune artificers in Ma Camp. In addition, they were preparing the eighth-level big tactical matrix these days. So, they haven’t had a rest and they were exhausted. With the help of his younger sister, maybe they could have a respite.

After Li Qingling was called up, only Wu Rong and Li Dazhuang were left in the courtyard, waiting.

“The color of the sky is exactly the same as before.”

Li Dazhuang looked up and stared blankly, recalling the frightening morning, “There are countless powerhouses in the Thousand Cities Camp. Maybe they can protect the camp?”

“Who knows?”

Dai Hechun peeled off the nuts and said indifferently, “Anyway, we can help little with our low power. We are courting death.”

“We are too weak.”

Wu Rong sighed. At this moment, the door on the left was suddenly pushed open. Su Li walked out of it and saw the three people sitting on the steps. She smiled,

“I have a request. Would you like to help?”

Wu Rong was agitated and stood up immediately, “Su Li, do your end your practice in isolation? How is your injury?”

Su Li shook her head, “I have not recovered completely. I want you to buy time.”


Wu Rong pointed to her nose confusedly, “Can we also buy time?”

Su Li smiled faintly, “Can you finish what I say?”


Wu Rong patted her own chest, and light of infinite enthusiasm glinted in her eyes. “I wouldn’t hesitate to go through fire and water for our camp!”

Li Dazhuang scratched his head. He still didn’t understand.

Dai Hechun looked thoughtful. He had long suspected that the three people including the captain could escape from the giant corpse last time was not a coincidence. Seeing Wu Rong’s reaction, he understood somewhat.

“Then, come and hold my hand.”

Wu Rong was the first to hold Su Li’s palm, and in the next instant she heard a voice in her mind.

“This voice will guide you how to do it. Dazhuang, come over.”

“Huh? Oh!”

Li Dazhuang stepped forward stupidly. Although he didn’t understand, he just had to follow.

Dai Hechun came forward to receive a ghost possession. These ghosts were naturally provided by the First Elder of Ling Family. They were low-level ghosts without intelligence. After Su Li pa.s.sed the instructions inside, it could be used as a carrier rune.

The three people received their tasks and went out soon.

Su Li returned to her room and seized the time to break through. It took her a lot of time to make the ghost curb. This curb matrix was the only killing matrix among the ghost curbs. She used a lot of time to depict all the curb patterns and a.s.signed them to three ghosts.

This ghost curb was called Purgatory Red Lotus. Although it was not comparable to that one which was used as a trump card by Senior Master Qingshui in Ciyun Building, there wasn’t many differences between them, and it did not need to sacrifice anyone’s life. The worst situation was that the rune tactical matrix couldn’t bear the heavy load and was destroyed.

Wu Rong walked on the edge of the mountain city and followed the instructions of the voice in her mind to carefully send the curb patterns onto the ground. She found that other people did not seem to see the flas.h.i.+ng curb patterns. At most, they felt that her behavior was a little weird. Then she was a little relieved.

She arrived at the gate of the city. At the moment, the s.p.a.ce in front of the gate was packed with warriors. She finally squeezed to the designated place to bury the curb patterns. She straightened and looked up, only to find the sky was covered with dark clouds.

Everyone looked serious. The depressed and dull pneuma made Wu Rong a little breathless.

“There is the last place…”

Wu Rong squeezed into the warriors, and set off a burst of verbal abuse at her. She apologized again and again, and finally came to the last place where a King Warrior in red stood.

She swallowed, braced herself and leaned forward, “Lord, what’s going on here…?”

As she asked, she buried the last curb pattern secretly.

Although the King Warrior in red heard the sound, he didn’t see what she was doing. He stared at the dark clouds with scorching eyes and said coldly, “Ma Camp is facing a crisis! This place is dangerous. You are just a sixth-cla.s.s warrior. You shouldn’t be here. Either you retreat to the warrior group as a backup or you provide some logistic support.”

Although his voice was cold, Wu Rong felt warm. At the same time, the curb pattern completely integrated into the ground. She nodded and was about to leave. Suddenly—


The earth was shaking!

Ordinary people who were still asleep in the morning were immediately awakened by the bang, and the entire Ma Camp was into chaos suddenly.

Wu Rong was unstable and almost fell, but she didn’t care about herself. She quickly observed the place where the curb pattern had just been planted. After finding that it wasn’t shaken out, she felt a little relieved.

From her perspective, she naturally couldn’t understand that the place where she planted the curb pattern was not a real thing.

The King Warrior in red had jumped on the city wall to wait and see. Naturally, he hadn’t seen her unusual behavior. Then Wu Rong immediately rushed into the warriors and went back to inform Su Li.

There were more than twenty people on the city wall.

Seeing the King Warrior in red coming up, the others cast their eyes on him and nodded to say h.e.l.lo.

The King Warrior in red walked to the chubby old man standing by the tower just above the city gate. He lowered his head slightly, “Chief Ma, is everything OK?”


The chubby old man stared at the outline of the giant corpse slowly appearing in the distance, “Only one giant corpse was observed. Three giant corpses appeared in Li Camp back then. At this moment, there are twenty warriors including the King Warriors who guards the camp and you. The number of warriors increased by twelve, compared to that of Li Camp. Even if you can’t kill the giant corpse, you can pin down it. The eighth-level rune tactical matrix has been completed. You can freely form a team, go to work in s.h.i.+fts to pin down the giant corpse, and leave enough time for rest to maintain physical strength.”

When the King Warrior in red heard this, he couldn’t help showing his admiration, “You deserve to be called Chief Ma. You are so thoughtful that you can make a perfect plan. Maybe we can split the warriors into groups of five. With the foreign King Warriors who come to help, we can make groups, one of which has five people…”

As soon as the King Warrior in red finished speaking, he saw a tall and thin warrior dressed as a scout hurriedly rus.h.i.+ng forward. Then man said loudly, “Chief, we find another giant corpse! The second one!!”

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