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In the book Medical Entry, it mentioned using moxibustion in places where medicine and acupuncture can't reach.

There are two traits of moxibustion, high temperature and focus on acupoints. Even painful spots are also acupoints, pain acupoints.

The commonly seen with examples of fire cupping, warm compression, foot bath. They're all catagorised under moxibustion. In reality, moxibustion is often used in daily life, just that we're unaware about it.

Xiao Jingjing is going to use stick moxibustion on the breast lump's pain acupoints, which also meant tubercle, hyperplasia, and lumps, before the Tiantu, Ganyu, and Sanyinjiao Acupoints.

In the beginning, Gu Rushan was still somewhat worried, but her worries gradually loosen up when she did not feel much pain.

Generally speaking, it will take ten days to treat breast lumps with moxibustion, but to quicken the recovery, Xiao Jingjing used acupuncture on Gu Rushan's conception meridian.

In TCM, the conception meridian regulates the yin energy, and it was also called the Yin Sea by others. It's also related to some special physiology of women.

The healthcare of women can never trail away from the conception meridian, and the Shanzhong Acupoint naturally bears the brunt. Shanzhong Acupoint is located on the chest, right on the centerline located between the fourth ribs. This is an important acupoint that treats illnesses related to the mammary gland, known as one of the Main Gynecology Acupoints.

Roughly an hour later, Xiao Jingjing removed the needles on Gu Rushan as she gently breathed out in relief, “The first treatment session is done. The treatment will go on for three days, and if it goes according to my expectation, it will have a pretty good effect.”

“Thank you.” Gu Rushan smiled as she nodded her head.

“You're welcome. You're my master's friend, and I'm just performing my duty as a physician.” Xiao Jingjing replied courteously.

“I know why you have enmity towards me now!” Gu Rushan smiled as she exposed, “Do you think that I have a complicated relations.h.i.+p with your master and you're jealous of me?”

“What are you talking about?” Xiao Jingjing blushed.

“Your master and I are just ordinary friends, so please don't misunderstand.” Gu Rushan smiled.

“I…” Xiao Jingjing was instantly left at a loss upon being exposed as she no longer has the composure when she was treating earlier.

“Having a crush on someone must be painful, right?” Gu Rushan asked as she seemed to be recalling her memories as she carried on, “Everyone has an experience of having a crush on someone and the pain of not being able to speak your feelings. Su Tao is an outstanding man, and she's also the ideal partner of many women.”

“My master is just my master, and I only have respect for him.” Xiao Jingjing did not imagine that Gu Rushan would talk about this with her as she quickly packed her things and left the room.

“Respect is also part of love. Actually, there's nothing to be bashful about. I will definitely keep your secret safe with me.” Gu Rushan smiled.

When Xiao Jingjing rushed out of the room hastily, she nearly b.u.mped into Su Tao. Knitting his brows, Su Tao noticed that there's something unusual about Xiao Jingjing as she wasn't as composed as her usual self. Entering the room, Su Tao looked at Gu Rushan's smugly smile and locked his brows together, “Did you bully her?”

“Do I seem to be that sort of person?” Gu Rushan flung her lips.

Letting out a heavy sigh, Su Tao replied patiently, “Why is a woman making things difficult for another woman? Actually, I think that you and Xiao Jingjing can get along well. You're both tenacious women with a heart to constantly seek improvements, which is rare in modern society.”

“Oh?” Gu Rushan gave a complicated glance at Su Tao as she never expected that he would have such an evaluation of her.

As Gu Rushan and Xiao Jingjing had to interact with each other for a few more days, he knew that it won't be good if something comes between them. Hence, he began to share Xiao Jingjing's history and family circ.u.mstances with Gu Rushan.

Listening to Su Tao's story, Gu Rushan's heart was moved. Even if she has been drifting in Beijing for years and suffered numerous setbacks, she has a decent family circ.u.mstances and both her parents have a stable income. Since young, she has been provided with the best education, allowing her to be so talented.

“I was too much, and I shouldn't have joked with Xiao Jingjing. I will definitely apologise to her the next time I see her.” Gu Rushan might have a weird personality as she would often do something funny, but she's still kind hearted with high EQ.

She was only joking with Xiao Jingjing earlier because she noticed that the latter was too indifferent and disliked her, so she wanted to take some revenge. But after listening to Su Tao's story, she began to regret it.

“No wonder there's something unusual in her gaze when she looks at you. We both share many resemblances, and you'd changed both of our lives. Because of you, our lives changed drastically.” Gu Rushan sighed.

“It's good that you know how to admit your mistake and change. You're older than Xiao Jingjing, and you should show more tolerance as the elder sister.” Su Tao jokes.

“You're bad at talking!” Gu Rushan glared at Su Tao as she went on, “Don't you know that it's sensitive to talk about a woman's age?”

“Oh?” Su Tao laughed as he went on, “Your temper seems to have grown after becoming a celebrity. If you can't accept truth, be careful that you might become someone like Li Qing'er.”

“Tsk!” Gu Rushan knitted her brows as she went on, “I will never become someone like her!”

Li Qing'er is in a terrible state right now with her being kicked out from the s...o...b..z industry. Many of her endors.e.m.e.nts were replaced, and generally speaking, Gu Rushan was the first candidate to replace her. However, her management company had rejected those offers as the management company has a complete plan for Gu Rushan. They don't want her to be implicated with Li Qing'er, making others feel that she's the second Li Qing'er.

The management company has already a.n.a.lysed Gu Rushan. With her unique temperament in the s...o...b..z industry, she will definitely be able to make a name for herself as long as she's well groomed.

As Gu Rushan has a tight schedule, she had to rush to Zheyuan Province for shooting at night. So after a brief pondering, Su Tao got Xiao Jingjing to follow Gu Rushan, and at the same time, giving Xiao Jingjing some time off.

In the entire Three Flavour Hall, Xiao Jingjing had worked the hardest. Everyone else has a holiday roster except for her. She would be in her position every single day, and since it's rare for him to be around, he decided to let Xiao Jingjing go on a holiday.

Women are unfathomable animals. He has no idea what Gu Rushan told Xiao Jingjing, but the two of them became best friends after his talk with Gu Rushan. Then again, this can be considered becoming friends after a conflict.

Xiao Jingjing left with Gu Rushan in the afternoon, and before Xiao Jingjing left, Su Tao took out a bottle of medicine ointment as he secretly gave it to her, “This is a prescription from the Imperial Physician Scripture, and it's beneficial for women.” Although he did not explain the benefits, he went on listing out the main herbs.

Listening to his words, Xiao Jingjing's face immediately blushed as she instantly knew the ointment's worth. It has a decent effect for women to become 'bigger' as Xiao Jingjing asked, “Are you giving it to me to test it?”

Su Tao was immediately stunned upon hearing it as he suddenly noticed that he had been too abrupt, causing a misunderstanding. Waving his hand, he replied, “This ointment is Three Flavour Hall's new skincare products as it can tighten the skin, enriching the chest, and making it more tender. You can give it a try if you want, but this is for Gu Rushan. After you've treated her breast lump, you can get her to use this ointment. It will be able to show an effect swiftly.”

There are many beautifying prescriptions in the Imperial Physician Scripture, and a random one has a pretty good effect. It can easily attract female consumers.

Beast Enriching Ointment, this was created by an Imperial Physician back in the Tang Dynasty, entrusted by a concubine in the palace.

In the Tang Dynasty, their aesthetic emphasis was ample, but that concubine was flat, so she has no compet.i.tiveness compared to other concubines.

Then again, the Imperial Physician was really talented as he managed to create this ointment that can show a pretty decent effect in just a few days. In the end, the concubine successfully managed to attract the Emperor's attention. When the concubine received the Emperor's attention, she was afraid that the prescription might be leaked to the other concubines, so she gave a restriction order to the Imperial Physician. However, it still became a familiar prescription to everyone in the harem, until it was reused by the concubines a few hundred years ago during the Song Dynasty.

But after China was reconstructed, TCM was gradually replaced by western medicine, so this prescription was also lost.

“Let her use it then!” Xiao Jingjing immediately took the bottle from Su Tao as she left.

Xiao Jingjing was good in everything, and she's also pa.s.sionate when it comes to her interaction with customers. However, she would always be somewhat restricted whenever she's with him. Could it be that he was too strict with her?

After Xiao Jingjing left the Three Flavour Hall, there's nothing much for Su Tao to be busy with as Xiao Jingjing was responsible and handed her work over to Chen Defeng. As Chen Defeng is experienced and especially serious in his work, nothing much changed in Three Flavour Hall.

In the afternoon, Su Tao went to look for Sun Xuefeng in an internet cafe. This fellow might have a high efficiency ever since he joined the Three Flavour International's technological department, but he would often head to the internet cafe after completing his work, hacking into internet cafes with high security.

He's not like other hackers as those people did it for money, while Sun Xuefeng did it purely for the sake of joy.

It's rare for Su Tao to be in the internet cafe, but seeing Sun Xuefeng having fun, he sat beside the latter and turned on the computer.

Fearing that Su Tao might be bored, Sun Xuefeng opened up a website for Su Tao and whispered, “Use it to kill time. You can find all kinds of 'movies' here.”

Su Tao was instantly left speechless. Although he wasn't against watching those 'movies,' but this is a public venue. Although most internet cafes have an age restriction nowadays, it's still impossible to stop some underaged kids from sneaking their way in.

Wearing a bitter smile, Su Tao restrained the urge as he closed the website and started strolling into the news before chatting with Sun Xuefeng about 'that' place.

Without him realising, it has been a year since it came out of 'that' place. Although it was filled with painful memories of him learning medicine, he still couldn't help missing 'that' place. After all, it was the place he grew up in.

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