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Chapter 473 Shocking Move (2)

But who let Minister Zuo be blind and make a move towards Gong Yimo? He wondered how he felt after his trusted aides had been eliminated. Did that make him happy?

Minister Zuo was anything but that. He didn’t know, but the common people were really delighted, especially when they saw Official Liu being dragged off. They all cheered. Even such gloomy weather couldn’t suppress their joy!

What could make him more happy than beating and bringing these bad guys to justice?

But this wasn’t the end. Gong Jue slightly tilted his head and glanced towards the first-grade Grand Commandant Zheng!

At this time, it was a completely different scene for Gong Yimo!

The man clad in gray was covered in blood and his clothes were torn just like the ripped clothes on the ground.

He clenched his teeth. If he continued like this, he’d definitely die in Gong Yimo’s hands!

No! He couldn’t die here. He still hadn’t achieved his grand goal, and he wanted to make history!

At this time, it actually started raining! It drizzled and under the contrast of the gloomy sky, it appeared to be extremely silent.

The majority of the common people watched as Gong Yimo engaged in battle. In the beginning, they thought it was her fault for tearing her clothes apart. But she, a woman, was actually able to defeat a man. This made them feel proud! They thought that their Da Yu’s princess should be like this!

The founding empress of Da Yu was a figure that could go on the battlefield and kill enemies with their ancestors as well!

Gong Yimo wasn’t any worse than the founding empress. If anything, she was much better!

As it rained, the wind made people feel colder. However, they acted as if they didn’t feel anything, especially the imperial guards. They all fixated their gazes on the battle and hoped greatly that the princess would crush the enemy!

The rain hit against her long hair, blurring Gong Yimo’s decorative design on her forehead and her blush. Her face was pale like icy snow. Right now, she appeared to be extremely frail and battered!

However, the other party was much worse than her.

The rain fell on Cang Xiu. Mixed with the seeping blood on him, there was a puddle of watery blood on the ground. The street was silent, so his severe panting was extremely clear.

“I’m going to kill you!”

He was pressed against the ground, and he cried out like a trapped beast.

This woman was definitely going to be in the way of his master’s great cause. If he was able to kill her, even if he really died, it’d be gloriful. In the future, he will be remembered by everyone.

It was unclear when Gong Yimo possessed a dagger embedded with diamonds and she was holding it in her left hand. Right now, she held a sword in her right and a dagger in her left. She couldn’t conceal the murderous gaze as she looked at Cang Xiu.

She smiled and slowly said, “I’m going to behead you… to honor my first day of regaining my position!”

It was raining and there was no roof to the Tiantai. But even so, no one dared to go. Even the empress dowager was stunned by Gong Jue’s murderous aura.

She recalled to the day Gong Yimo had burned Long Hanyan alive the other day when she felt the murderous aura. Gong Yimo carried the same aura!

The rain drizzled and dropped on Gong Jue’s face, sliding down his chin and falling on the ground in the end. He glanced at Grand Commandant Zheng kneeling on the ground and coldly said, “Do you still remember how you got from the seventh-grade county magistrate the position today?”

His words made Grand Commandant Zheng tremble. He was able to cry. If they all hoped that Gong Yimo wouldn’t appear back then, he wished so badly for her to appear right now. That way, he’d have an opportunity to live!

What a pity that Gong Yimo didn’t come.

Therefore, when he heard Gong Jue’s question, his fat face was bunched up. He responded lowly, with a crying tone, “It was all due to the benevolence of the emperor…”

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Rebirth of the Tyrant's Pet: Regent Prince is too Fierce Chapter 473 - Shocking Move (2) summary

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